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    Default Extended Realism Mod for RTR Platinum

    Ave, RTR Player!

    The Extended Realism Mod (download instructions here) is based on Rome Total Realism Platinum Edition v1.9, but it's a totally new gaming experience.

    First, we'd like to introduce three new factions. In the far north, the Celtic Britons now sail the seas in search of plunder and new areas to conquer, making the northern flank of Europe no longer safe from invasion. In Asia Minor, the King of Bithynia has foolishly invited another group of Celts to help him secure his throne. Click the "end turn" button 2-3 times and you'll see how that turns out for him. (Hint: Worst. Houseguests. Ever.) And from the pieces of the Greek faction in RTR comes the Kingdom of Epirus, which Pyrrhus is attempting to lead to glory.

    If you're new to the Extended Realism Mod, it heavily alters the Italian AoR. Here's how Candelarius, who created the ExRM, described it:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Based on the discussion we had in my Ultimate Guide to Playing RTR Historically as the Romans thread at the RTR forums, I decided to put together this mod for RTRPE that more accurately reflects the historical composition and recruitment methods used by the Romans in the Early, Middle, and Late Republic. Currently in RTRPE, as the Roman player you can recruit Roman Infantry (hastati, principes, and triarii) from any province that has a Provincial Barracks, in or out of Italy. However, historically, during the time of the Middle Republic (prior to 95 BC), only Romans (re: citizens of Rome) were eligible for service in the legions. The Romans would conscript soldiers into their armies from their Latin allies, but these military contributions initially waged war in their native fashion (Italic Swordsmen and Spearmen). Later, as the Latin allies became more integrated into the Roman methodologies and gained greater access to Roman arms and armor, the Latin allies began to closer and closer resemble their Roman counterparts. However, there was a very distinct difference between Romans and Italian allies. This modification of RTRPE simulates that difference and more historically represents the composition of a Republican Army. In addition, when you use the optional Promethean Legion addon pack, you'll have Augustan reform Roman units. Finally, this mod introduces a number of other mods created by myself and other community members to enhance the realism of the gaming experience.

    - Three additional Mid-Republic units available for recruitment: Italic Hastati, Italian Principes, and Italian Triarii. These represent the later Romanized Italic legions that were levied from the Latin allies. The Italic Infantry will be recruitable only in Italy and only once you have completed the Provincial Barracks. Until you complete the Provincial Barracks, your allies will submit native Italic levies (see next point).

    - Seven new Early Republican allied Italic troops units and the existing two units in RTR have been reskinned. All Italic units are broken into four defined Areas of Recruitment (AOR). As this chart illustrates, instead of general Italian spearman and swordsmen, you'll now have Etrurian, Marsi, and Samnite spearmen and swordsman, as well as Greek skirmishers and hoplites in the south.

    - Roman Infantry (Hastati, Principes, and Triarii) are only recruitable in Roma and Capua. Historically, the Roman Infantry were only recruitable in Rome (levies from the landed citizenship of the city), but, later, Capua became a major Roman training center. I have made the Roman Infantry recruitable in both cities at the start of the game. This is a minor concession to gameplay, to better enable the player to build appropriate armies as represented in my guide.

    - Both Roman and Italic Infantry are only recruitable in Italy. It wasn't until all of Italy received the Roman citizenship that Romans began to recruit for their legions outside Rome. Italic Infantry are obviously not recruitable outside Italy. You will need to maintain careful lines of supply and be careful with your expansion, as you will have to ship Roman and Italic troops from Italy to your front lines. You're going to become very dependent on mercenaries and diplomats when far from home, as was historically true at this time.

    - The standard version of this mod does not effect the Marius event and does not effect post-Marius legions or recruitment, with the exception of the Roman First Cohort. I increased the unit size as was historical and increased the unit's cost accordingly. For info on the new Marius and Augustan units in the optional Promethean addon pack, see below.

    - The Mid-Republican Italic Infantry have the same costs and stats as their Roman counterparts, but, suffer from slightly less morale (since they are fighting as conscripts and not for the glory of Rome!).

    - This mod includes the correct triarii unit size (half from vanilla RTR). See Quintus' Guide to Conduct Becoming of a True Roman or my own guide for details on historical Republican army formations and unit compositions.

    - I changed the initial buildings in Italy. In vanilla RTRPE you start with Provincial Barracks in Ancona. I changed the starting buildings to Phase III Auxilia. This was done to simulate that you need to invest in your allies (build Provincial Barracks) to get access to better Italic Infantry troops. Capua starts with a Provincial barracks like normal, but can recruit Roman Infantry, to simulate the fact that Capua was a major training center and, in game terms, to give the player one more city from which to recruit Roman legions.

    I've included Candel's guide in this patch (with his permission), and I encourage everyone to read it if they're interested in playing Rome. It's an excellent update of Quintus Sertorius's work.

    Candelarius also included a number of other changes in the original ExRM:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Includes Stuie's AI Command Bonus trait.

    - Includes the Cognomen Mod.

    - Includes the Naval Reskin Mod.

    - Includes Marcus Camillus' Player Formation Mod (with Typhoon's and my manipular formation tweaks).

    - Includes Marcus Camillus' 4tpyr Mod (see note below).

    - Included Florin80 and Sleepysmoo's tower and wall settings to eliminate the "seige tower bug".

    - Added Briton AOR for all factions and made a Galatian Imitation Legionary AOR unit.

    - Translated proto-Germanic unit names into English for clarification purposes. The proto-Germanic name is still in the unit description.

    - Added recruitable Generals for all factions. Generals are very expensive and take two turns to recruit (except Armenian generals, which take three), and requires a stable and faction barracks building (non-auxilia, except for Parthia and Scythia, which only require auxilia3 barracks). New Roman generals are military tribunes.

    - Includes new 3rd Century BC Spartan Hoplite, Hellenic Officer, pre-Marius General, and Italian Skirmisher models and skins by Caius Brittanicus.

    - Includes more realistic Roman fort by lt1956.

    - Added optional Promethean Roman Legions skin pack. I feel that the Promethean skins are highly historically accurate, if not more-so than the standard RTRPE ones, but, I feel that not everyone may agree, so, they are optional. Note that when you use the Promethean skins pack that my Romanized Italic skins will be replaced with Promethean ones. Every Roman unit except the slingers and velites have been replaced with Promethean models and skins. Also, new officers and generals for the Romans are included. And finally, I have included five new units, to represent the Augustan military reform of 27bc. You have three auxilia units available outside Italy and Augustan Late Republican Legionaries, available after the Marius reform. Note the Augustan Legionaries can for the testudo formation. For realism, I suggest waiting until 27bc before you begin using the Augustan units.

    - Changed campaign end date to 14 AD, the death of Augustus.

    - Added Pinarius' Horse Mod, which includes new highly detailed horse models and skins for all factions.

    Since our team took over the ExRM, we've made a number of additional changes (long list follows):
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    First, several factions have been streamlined. Byzantion and the mountains of Athamania are no longer part of the Greek alliance, leaving only mainland Greece and Syracuse. Greece does control Elis now, though, instead of Macedon. The Celtiberians no longer rule over the Lusitanni. The Gauls are now a substantially smaller confederacy of tribes, and Illyria and Thrace are likewise smaller at the start. There weren't any large barbarian kingdoms at the time, and we're trying to reflect that. Rebel garrisons have also been increased by 50%, to force all factions to exercise more care when expanding.

    Speaking of maps, this also incorporates Marcus Camillus's special map tile mix, which is a collection of his favorite tiles from past RTR versions. I think it makes the strategic map look much better.

    Since this mod incorporates 4 turns per year mod (with movement bonuses slightly reduced a la TIC), building times and costs have been substantially increased. You won't be able to build four shrines in a year any more. This makes rebellions more likely, but the updated revolt CTD fix by Salvor Hardin and Florin80 is also included. Since this makes pacification of newly-conquered territories more difficult, I gave the Sarmatians a small happiness bonus to all of their settlements. The combination of relatively small unit sizes and large distances was killing the AI's expansion attempts. The 4tpy mod also includes MC's Roman Leadership Mod, so now you can guide your characters through the Cursus Honorum. (Short explanation here, longer one in the game documents.)

    Troop recruitment has been heavily altered. All units have had their costs increase by 20%, then doubled (except for cavalry units), and "civilized" units cost an additional 10% more. Upkeep has been increased across the board by 50%. This makes full stacks a much rarer occurrence and encourages the computer to build the right proportion of cavalry in its armies. It also gives barbarians a much-needed bonus against civilized factions, who otherwise steamroll them. I've also limited the building of higher-level barracks to larger settlements (an idea I stole from TIC). This forces the computer to rely more on AoR units and prevents all-agema stacks. (I knew there was a problem when I once conquered Side and found, in a 2000-person village, a Ptolemaic Royal Barracks and a Seleucid Provincial Barracks. Something just wasn't right about that.)

    Phalanx recruitment for the Diadochi was changed substantially in v3.2 in consultation with Wien1938, and those changes remain. Phalanx units are now divided into younger units that must be trained and older, recalled units. The latter don't take as long to train, but cost vastly more in upkeep because you're taking highly productive kleroi away from their farms. This change has the side effect of forcing phalanx factions to make more realistic army stacks.

    Troops have also been rebalanced. This mod incorporates all the changes from my old MightyMiniMod (mercenary pool rebalancing and reordering and cavalry stat tweaking to emphasize the difference between sword, spear, and lance cavalry). The MightyMiniMod 2hp unit rebalancing is not included, as I think RTR-PE's work on that front was superior. I've also (on V.T. Marvin's suggestion) incorporated the newest work on the stat_health unit statistic, hopefully making auto-resolve battles work better. (See here: ) This change will be especially noticeable for cavalry units.

    The martime economy has been heavily altered, too. Any region with shoreline can still build a port, but only regions that have many trade goods (or were historically major trading areas) can build higher port levels for additional trade fleets. Regions with coastal forests can also build shipyards, but only for a mild trade boost and building higher-level ships. {I stole this idea from the Naval mod. I think I did, anyway. I've never played that mod. Too busy modding.} Naval trade has also been significantly reduced in value relative to land trade, since it was too easy to accumulate vast wealth before.

    Greece now has a variety of new skins courtesy of King Louise Asshurbannipal and some scavenging on my part. The plain old hoplite and aor hoplite skins are not used anymore. Greeks also have a foot general's bodyguard instead of a mounted one. Athens, Corinth, and Syracuse all have unique hoplites. Sparta has its own AoR now, with Spartiatai hoplitai, Peroikoi hoplitai, and helots available there.

    Caldarium stepped up and wrote a nifty colonization micromod, which we've combined with new Greek colonial AoRs to give players a real sense of the variety of the Greek world at the time. As Greece, you can create new colonies from Elis, Athens, Syracuse, and Corinth in any port that Greeks haven't already colonized. Those places will simply allow you access to your regular troops more quickly. Other factions will have the opportunity to recruit Hellenized local troops from some of the further Greek settlements, places that weren't full-fledged Greek poleis yet.

    Win conditions have been carefully rebalanced for several factions, especially Macedon. This results in Macedon now (usually) focusing more of its energies on Asia Minor instead of the Baltic, which seems more reasonable.

    I've gone through the EDB and made sure all of the AoR recruitment availabilities made sense, and I've also regularized treatment of the stat_heat level in the EDU. All mercenary morale levels have been reduced (unless I missed them) to reflect the fact that mercenaries aren't as likely to fight to the death for you as your own men.

    The Persian Royal Road and the Appian Way are now on the map. By this, I mean that the relevant provinces have paved roads now. The Royal Road uses the southern way through Anatolia, since the main leg is currently occupied by the aforementioned Galatians.

    There are huge changes to the map. The northern Black Sea area has one new region (at the expense of the Sahara) and is slightly realigned. I've also changed a few city names on the Black Sea and added land bridges on the Straits of Kerch and the Pillars of Hercules. In my test games, I noticed the AI consistently behaved as if they existed, so I put them in. The Sarmatian landblock has been removed, since they don't seem to need it anymore. Almost every square of the map east of the east end of the Black Sea and north of the Persian Gulf has been redone. The map there is entirely different, and hopefully now entirely accurate.

    Last, but not least, we have some substantial new scripting. Several of the weaker computer factions get regular fund boosts if they run low, and a few factions get emergency army boosts if they appear to be facing certain ahistorical threats. (In particular, this was the only way I could figure out to save Rome in the early game. It just gets hammered by Carthage, and the AI isn't smart enough to have a reserve army to deal with it.) Most importantly, though, this version includes V.T. Marvin's fantastic "Spoils of War" Micromod. If an army smashes its opponents in the field, it receives a monetary bonus to represent being able to loot the opponent's camp. It's an elegant piece of scripting, and I'm pleased to be able to include it in the ExRM.

    Late addition: Bactrian players--please don't invade Massagetae. You'll ruin the scripted attacks and it's pretty ahistorical. This was necessary for the new raiding script, which sends small (and sometimes medium) armies of Sarmatians to attack Bactria. Oh, and, do I put this...don't be anywhere near Transoxiana in the mid-100s B.C. Trust me on this one.

    Later addition: By popular demand and the grace of DimeBagHo, we now have Forced Diplomacy. This allows the player to force the AI to accept a diplomatic proposal...useful for factions that don't know when to quit, or for when you want to help the AI out and it's too stupid to accept. Here's how to use it.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1. Press Esc
    2. Go to Game Options
    3. Check the "Reset Advisor" box
    4. Return to the campaign map.
    5. Use a diplomat to engage in diplomatic relations with another faction (that sounds a little dirty...)
    6. Click the "?" in the top right hand corner of the diplomacy window
    7. The advisor pops up. Follow the instructions by clicking "show me"
    8. Click the advisor's face to make it go away.
    9. Select the offers/demands you wish to make.
    10. Make the offer/demand. The AI will (grudgingly) accept them...if it has the ability to do so.

    This only works for one offer or set of offers, so you must repeat this process every time that you would like to force the AI to accept an offer/demand.

    HouseOfHam has outdone himself and scripted a way to run the 4tpy script without requiring the user to click on anything. How cool is that?

    Known Issues:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    -The Epirote pre-battle images don't work. Not sure why, or how to fix this. Seems to have no effect beyond looking weird.
    -The Sarmatian raiding script doesn't always have the desired results. It works well enough to bother including, though. If you see Captain Kurdurmabug wandering around the Caucasus looking lost, please be kind.
    -Various units cost 30,000+ denarii, and you'll find a rather odd set of units at the governor's house. I recommend ignoring them. This is a feature (of the revolt CTD fix), not a bug. Same with practice ranges and stables--just ignore them, please.
    -All bugs of RTR-PE are incorporated herein by reference.
    --This includes the building browser unit selection CTD. Feel free to open the building browser, but I recommend against clicking on a unit from one of the building descriptions in there. Due to the RTR recruitment system not getting along with the RTW 1.5 patch, this will cause a CTD. (as of v3.5, I think this has been fixed)
    -Can you not save the game because the button is greyed out? That's a rare, but known, bug. If so, hit Escape, click the question mark on the scroll, hit Escape again, and then click on one of your cities. That should reinitialize the script and let you save again. (See HoH's script termination below.)
    -Is your game not letting you save and starting in 182 B.C.? If so, read this post:
    and this one, too:

    Another script issue and fix for it:
    Quote Originally Posted by bladerunner900 View Post
    I have found that when re-loading a campaign, the best thing to do if the advisor does not appear or makes a fleeting appearance, is to click on a city to make her appear. Then keep clicking on her portrait until she disappears. This seems to kick-start the script if it hasn’t loaded properly and switches from 180AD back to the correct date if it has gone wrong.

    Yet another script issue:
    Normally, you have to exit out of the game entirely if you start a campaign and then wish to start a new one or load a new game. This is a function of the way the game handles the scripts, and we didn't think there was any way to fix it. So, of course, HouseOfHam came up with a way to fix it. He's good like that. Here's his description of how it works:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ;;; --- Forced shutdown ---
    ;;; Press 'Esc' on the campaign map, then click on the '?' button in the
    ;;; menu scroll to terminate the script.
    ;;; When would this be useful? -- When you are already in a game and
    ;;; exit back to the main menu to restart the campaign, or reload a saved
    ;;; game, RTW does not automatically terminate the script, so you have
    ;;; to do it yourself. If you leave the old script running, you'll have all
    ;;; sorts of weird problems with the script in the new game.

    v3.3.4 Changelog:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Changed Sveaby boundaries to avoid (hopefully) AI pathfinding dilemmas
    Removed sword hypaspists (after a debate with Wien1938)
    Added new Bactrian spear hypaspist
    Reshuffled models and textures for Etruscan and Marsi/Picene units
    Changed geography of Rhodes
    Slight script changes
    Fixed one of the temple costs
    Removed several duplicate names
    Redid AP for javelin units
    Changed nature of Greece/Macedonia nerf
    Increased German starting town size slightly
    Added dharos's temple mod (with Vequor's Parthian temples) (fixed by Jamey)
    Added Samnite AoR units to Rome for non-Roman factions
    Changed German AoR slightly to give it more personality
    Made Tarentine Light Cav recruitable again
    Nerfed a couple of rebel cities in Britain to give the Brits a boost
    Standardized unit mass, hopefully made it more relevant. (Work done by Caldarium.)
    New art for Thessalian Cav cards (by Bladerunner900)
    Fixed Chaeonian Agema skeletons
    Fixed Elis hidden resource
    Now more factions can build the siege engineer, e.g. Bactria. (Florin80 caught that.)
    Added new models for most of KLA's hoplites with doru instead of sarissas, courtesy of Bladerunner900.
    Income reduction nerf to Cyprus (temporary measure pending removal of a territory from Cyprus in the next version)
    Rebalanced Roman aux. spearmen (Pannonian reminded me, but I forget who noticed this in the first place)
    Redid AI formations with guidance from Aradan. Enemy generals should be slightly less suicidal now.

    New for v3.4:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Lots of bug fixes (see the full changelog)
    Substantially altered map
    New Macedonian start position
    New script shutoff feature from HouseOfHam
    Improved Sarmatia balancing

    Changelog summary for v3.5
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I've been working on this for awhile, and I'm not sure I entirely remember what I did. Fortunately, I kept a good changelog.

    Let's see, the first big thing was remapping the Caucasus and Hyrcania areas. Those are much closer to reality now. I also moved a few provinces out of the northwest and into more populated areas. The Transoxiana landblock is now gone, too, since it's not really needed anymore.

    A lot of the big changes in this version are under the hood. Stat_heat values, stat_ground values, morale values for barb units, and lethality numbers have all been regularized. The lethality may be a substantial change, but it's necessary to compensate for differences caused by skeletons. Let me know if things seem out of whack now.

    Horse archer range has been reduced a lot to reflect the fact that, although their bows had range, they weren't really effective at long ranges. Oh, and speaking of mounted units, no more recruiting camels in Africa! There weren't any there yet.

    By popular demand, I got rid of the landbridges and all but one of the garrison scripts. Also used most of Iskandar's suggestions from his mini-mod because, well, he was right.

    Sea trading powers (and particularly the Levant) were massively overpowered, so I nerfed them. No, really, you have no idea how much I nerfed sea trade. The balance between land and sea powers should be materially affected by this. Land trade has gotten a relative boost, though.

    I added a bunch of units and changed a few things to improve historical accuracy. Gauls and Britons can no longer recruit spear warbands. They don't seem to have relied heavily on them, but the AI couldn't be convinced to build much else (I've been trying for the last two major versions, too). I got sick of the AI throwing around nothing but crap armies, so I wanted to force it to build better ones. It's a tough balance...we don't want crap armies, but we don't want armies of just uber-units, either. Let me know what you think of this. The skeletons and units are still active in the EDU and DMB, they're just not recruitable or in descr_strat.txt.

    Mighty Zeus himself {pay no attention to RedFox behind the curtain! } smote a number of bugs for me, including some old ones.

    Most of the major unit changes are being saved for the next version, but I did Dacia in this version. It's now completely unrecognizable--I think the only unit that's the same is the archer.


    Quinn Inuit, Carados, BladeRunner900, and Caldarium

    Thank yous (there were so many I had to use a spoiler tag)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    v3.5 Credits:
    Carac Caratacus--for his British Isles changes and bug hunting
    aqd and Spirit of Rob--I'm not using any of their units yet, but they said I could and I do appreciate that
    The RTR VII team for assistance and advice. And units, which I'm going to be stealing in ridiculous numbers shortly.
    KLA--non-stop unit awesomeness
    The Variagmod Team--awesome Thracians and Dacians, of which I'm using many
    Arbaces--Dacian units and info
    LaCa--some great units
    Seasoned Alcoholic--instructions on how to do different battering rams for everyone
    Iskandar--Not only showing me what I should be doing, but doing it himself while I was gone
    Caligula Caesar--mapping, units, and general good modding advice
    Antonov--hard work and good modding advice
    Pannonian--for helping with some tech support issues in an expert manner and convincing me that the Levantine economy was seriously overpowered
    Forum regulars--good discussion
    Everyone who helped people in the ExRM forum with their bugs and questions--this community wouldn't be much of anything without you

    v3.3 Credits:
    We'd like to thank...
    -V.T. Marvin for the Spoils of War Micromod. It's a great addition to the ExRM.
    -Caldarium for his text editing in general and the the Greek Colonies Micromod in particular. Now Greeks can properly colonize stuff.
    -Arnold Legion, V.T. Marvin, Solaris, Caldarium, Grythius Avalorius, and Emperor Domitianus for beta testing.
    -DimeBagHo (of the XGM) for his forced diplomacy script
    -the EB Team for letting us steal their "Unit Size Script" idea.
    -Marcus Camillus (and, indirectly, the RTR Dev Team) for the new strat map tiles
    -BladeRunner900 for the great new loading screens and the Tarentine cavalry info pic
    -King Louise Asshurbannibal for even more really cool units
    -Florin80 and Salvor Hardin for the new revolt CTD fix
    -Monkwarrior, MMF, and the ITW team, for the Tarentine Leukaspides.
    -HouseofHam, for streamlining the 4tpy script
    -Everyone in the forum thread for great discussion and ideas
    And, of course:
    Thank you to the RTR-PE 1.9 team for the excellent new release.

    v3.2 Credits:
    -Wien1938, whose work on phalanx units was the backbone of the phalanx updates in this release.
    -Sinhuet contributed his excellent formations.
    -Thanks to the people who worked on a now-lost RTR Forum thread about the behavior of General's cavalry with varying numbers of HP...I'd cite you if I could find you, guys.

    v3.0 Credits:
    -This update was a team effort start to finish.
    -Quinn Inuit organized it and replaced the Senate faction with Epirus, refusing to let his complete lack of modding ability get in the way of finally getting to play as Epirus.
    -Iamphet stepped up and did most of the actual hard modding work, integrating the ExRM Promethean edition with RTR-PE v1.8 and consistently meeting any problem with skillful coding and clear thought.
    -AndarielHalo, Goddess of Absolute Physical Perfection, channeled the ancients of Epirus to do a lot of great unit R&D. The Epirote Faction is much more well-developed for her work, and any weakness in it should be laid solely at the feet of Quinn (who wasn't always able to implement her unit ideas).
    -Sheep came in and did stand-out beta testing (which mostly consisted of chasing down Quinn's screwups), and then went above and beyond in his impressive rewrites of several key files, notably Export_Units. He also slightly altered the 4tpy mod to allow Romans to continure building military experience while consul.

    Special Thanks:
    To CA for making a great game.
    To the RTR team, for making a great mod. They did and continue to do truly trailblazing work.
    To the RTR-PE team, for taking that mod to the next level.
    To Candelarius (Yakaspat), for making the Extended Realism mod. It really fulfills the promise of RTRE.
    To Marcus Camillus, for the 4tpy mod and his continued contributions to the RTR community
    To tQst, for making Epirus a possibility.
    To King Louise Asshurbanipal, for a bunch of great skins.
    To everyone who pitched in advice and suggestions, or who wrote great modding guides (too many to list)

    Original thanks, by Candel:
    Immitation legionary models and skins are by Prometheus. The shield designs of the Armenian, Pontic, and Numidian units are by the RTR Team. All skins are used with permission. Thanks to Prometheus for making the Promethean Legions pack available for this mod.

    Thanks to Quintus Sertorius and DaVinci for their excellent gameplay guides and historical research. Thanks to Crymson for brainstorming ideas and suggestions. Special thanks to Marcus Camillus for his 4tpyr Mod. Also, thanks to the RTR Team for the unit models and skins. Thanks to Dark89 for his permission to use the RTR files for this mod. Additional thanks to Dominus for his historical advice on early Republican army compositions. And thanks to Cheexsta, Ryman, Macedonn, and Stuie for all their modding advice. Thanks to Darth for his AI formations mod. Thanks also to lt1956 for his Roman fort. Additional credit to Caius Britannicus and Warspite for the new Spartan and eastern officer unit models and skins. Thank you very much to Prometheus for his Promethean Roman Legion skins pack, which is used here with permission. Thanks to Pinarius for his excellent horse models and skins. Also thank you to AngryTitusPullo and Salvor Hardin for their help with the "add money script". And finally thank you to the rest of the fan community, and those I forgot, that have made this mod possible.[/quote](btw, for anyone keeping score, this is the same post that starts out the old omnibus thread from the pre-forum days)
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