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Thread: Wallachia and Moldavia ?

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    Default Wallachia and Moldavia ?

    Hey all.

    I saw there are two free factions slots and i was thinking of that, maybe you'll add Wallachia and Moldavia.
    It will be great.

    Btw i can code them for you and may i can code more things if you will accept that.

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    The 'free' faction slots are already filled, but are being kept a secret... In the area near Wallachia and Moldavia we have added new factions anyway.

    If you want to help PM tzar or Ataegina.
    in vita mea

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    Default Re: Wallachia and Moldavia ?

    Wallachia or Moldavia please.

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    Default Re: Wallachia and Moldavia ?

    well like i said before this factions ill only be featured in future provincial campaigns, but you guys can start/continue discussion on this
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