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Thread: The Elitist Chat Thread

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    Default Re: The Elitist Chat Thread

    Its getting difficult to distinguish these days, take the S.A.S and U.K. police armed response units for instance, (S.W.A.T. units in America!...G.S.G.9 etc )

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    Default Re: The Elitist Chat Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Adrian View Post
    Court systems and legislative bodies which do almost nothing to prevent incidents like that from happening and fail to punish cops guilty of abusing their station, need I remind you of the LA riots? How many of the cops involved in killing innocent has been convicted lately?
    Its cute that you think you have any clue what happens in the US . You still sure about the Gendarmiere not being police? I mean, I get the fact that you loathe the US but I don't really get where it comes from
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    That doesn't answer my question.

    I don't loathe the us, if I did i wouldn't be on an American website and my friends list wouldn't be filled with americans. I do however hate what the US government has been doing for the past 10 years with the patriot act, increased presidential powers and the increasing militarization of the police force becuase it will all trickle down to the rest of the world and while Obama my be sensible enough not to utilize his power to have anyone in the country assassinated or indefinitely detained, how long is it before a bunch of oligarchs in Eastern Europe start thimking that might not be a bad idea. Or worse yet, what if Chris Christie becomes president.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Adrian View Post
    I'm curious to see what the US has in regards to limiting the powers of the police, besides Copwatch
    A few points:
    The United States does not have a national or federal police.
    There are a few federal agency that do investigations however, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firemarm), Federal Wildlife and Fishery Gents, and US Marshals. There is also US Border Patrol as well.

    Most state laws are actually enforced by municipal or country police. State Police do very little enforcement. I grew up in an unincorporated area of outside of New Orleans. The county (in Louisiana they are called Parishes) actually enforced the laws. New Orleans is incorporated, so the NOPD is the enforcer.

    Law enforcement officers are issues .38 unless they prove they can shoot a higher calibre weapon. Many do carry 9mm weapons. Their unit (car) would be equipped with a shotgun and I think an assault wespon (but I am not sure). There are procedure to the use of the weapon.

    To your question,...
    Each time a firearm is discharge there is an internal investigation to ensure the officer followed the proper procedure. Contrary to belief the use of deadly force is only allowed in specific situations. Each police department as an INTERNAL AFFAIRS department that handles these situations.

    In years pass internal investigation was hampered by the "blue line" where police officers would "cover" a fellow police officer. I do not believe this is issue is as "bad" as it once was. Despite all of this, police corruption do exist.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a police officer. This is just information I have learned over the years. Much of what I wrote may be an over generalization.

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    Default Re: The Elitist Chat Thread

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