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Thread: -- Preview of Elves --

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    allright! thanks for the answer and good luck

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    I am just wondering cause i have been playing third age total war 3.2, or even baron samedi mod compilation i couldn't figure it out
    on how to upgrade the Ost-in-edhil into large city and recruit eregion smith. I cant count how many times i tried it but still i fail.

    Is there any one out there who already tried restoring the ancient kingdom of High Elves and make elrond king help i love this game and i like playing as high elves. please help.. T_T

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    You probably shouldn't publicly divulge your e-mail. It's a guild so you have to gather guild points by building lots of blacksmiths.

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    Post containing e-mail adress has been deleted due to LL's sound advice.
    If you [jaynewel] really want to restore that post just say so
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