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Yeah well, the game does allow the CS to recruit western style heavy troops in the Levant, is that historical?
Would have been more realistic IMO, if such troops were only available as mission rewards and the only recruitable troop types were local levies (of low loyalty and morale) and mercenaries.
(On the other hand Egypt and Mesopotamia provided a near endless supply of jihadists-still do).

And the mod does make CS a single faction with a unified sense of purpose, is that historical?
Was it not the reality of the day that the CS were independent principalities, only forming ad hoc alliances, even -sometimes- with Muslim princes against Christian rivals?

From the above unhistoricities grow the rest.

The two examples you presented are actually pretty historically accurate. The influx of European troops into the Holy Land is one of the main reasons the Crusader States were even able to survive for as long as they did and were a key factor in keeping the territories conquered by the original Crusader armies.

While Crusader States were independent governments, and they often formed alliances with Muslim forces, as far as I know, they never warred with one another. There was much more political tension and rivalry between the Crusader states than there was outright fighting between them.