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Thread: Quick tutorial for cool maps (Photoshop)

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    Default Quick tutorial for cool maps (Photoshop)

    Can be used to replace radar maps, or just for Backdrops, loading screens and other graphical bit and bobs..

    Program used; Photoshop, though any image editing program will do.

    I'll use the vanilla map for the paths to make life easier..

    Go to your RTW/Data/world/maps/base folder and open the map_heights.tga

    Open this file in Photo shop, then open a new canvas (file/new) I'm using 640x480.

    1; chose color range, when the box pops up use settings; sampled colors, fuzziness 154, Image. Use the cursor to click on the area covered by the sea (blue)

    2; Select the bounding box tool, right click over the map and 'select inverse', you now should have the land mass selected so you can move it to your new canvas..

    Crop the image, pull a bounding box around your image and select ''edit image/crop'' at the top of the PS window.

    You can at this point resize the map for backdrops, splash screens ect...
    use the bounding box, free transform..

    Complicated bit..

    3;Now go to the layers box and double click on it, a new window will open with a bunch of effects options, chose color overlay and select a nice olde map type colour..

    4;This will add effects to the stack of your layers box which stops you editing the surface of the image, add another layer on top by clicking here.

    5; Click here and select merge visible, now the effect is squashed back into your image and you can edit the surface with it's new color.

    Add another layer on top (see 4 ) then drag that underneath your map in the layers box, this is going to be the sea, with this layer selected you can drop a color in using the bucket tool, it looks like a bucket.

    You should have something like this..with the sea and land as seperate layers..

    Fun bit..

    One technique at this stage is to add a stroke to your land mass, go to the layers box and double click the land layer, select stroke, mess about with the color and settings, it can be anything form a defined dark line to a inland shadow..

    Another way of doing this is to use the burn tool to create a shadow around the coast, this is much more controled and can give you a better over all result, you can also use the dodge tool to make the inland areas a touch lighter.

    while the land and sea are still seperated you can also try useing outer glow, change the colour slightly so it blends with your map and it wil help make your coast line look pretty cool.

    Also try out different textures for your map, Filter/Texture/Texturizer, I used sandstone in the example below..

    experiment with different filters textures ect, and see what you come up with..

    When your happy with your work simply merge the land and sea layers (5)..

    That's it.


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    Default Re: Quick tutorial for cool maps..(photo shop)

    Thank you Halie!!

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