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    I saw another post mentioning that switching back to DX9 fixed this kind of problem, but I've been running RTR Plat with DX10 for a while without issue, but I've just now reached a point where I can no longer enter battle without a CTD during the loading screen. Just before, however, I tried playing a few of the historical battles, so I figure this was some sort of trigger. Is there a setting I can change or a file I can delete to revert the game?

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    Try and delete the map.rwm file again to let it regenerate the next time you start the game. Other than this, have you done any modding to the files, enabled game editors, movie cam and so on via the desktop shortcut? Do you have the show_err implemented on the desktop shortcut? If you have it and you start the game via this shortcut, do you get any error message when the game crushes?
    Also, try and remember if you have changed some video/audio settings lately(before the problems began) for the game.

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    Actually, I just went to a system restore point a few days old and that took care of it... still don't know what the problem was. Yeah, I have show_err in the shortcut, but it doesn't seem to do much.

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