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Thread: Time for me to bow out.......

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    Default Time for me to bow out.......

    Lands to Conquer Gold will be the last version of Lands to Conquer, and the last mod I will make for the Total War series. I've been modding for over 3 years now, I think i've done a fair amount in that time, but it's time for me to call it quits.

    Modding has for along time taken up far too much of my time, and since starting work at CA, time I really don't have anymore. My time will be better spent elsewhere.

    It's definitely been fun, going from my first forays into text editing, to my time on the Fall of Rome, Fourth Age Total War, Imperium Total War and Paeninsula Italica mod teams. Then it was the release of my mod for Rome: Total War, Terrae Expugnandae in early 2006. I was also disappointed when a fatal computer problem wiped out my work for TE Gold, and for my mod i was working on for Rome: Alexander which led to semi-retirement from modding for a while.

    But Medieval II bought me back into the mod scene, and led to Lands to Conquer. And it was thanks to that, and my continued involvement in the community, that helped get me my job at CA. Lands to Conquer Gold is as polished as I can get it and I'm proud of it.

    I would like to say thanks to the many modders who've helped me throughout my modding career, and those include(though I cannot hope to remember all of them as there are so many of you): Fatsheep, Palantir, Apoc, Balbor, Prof420, Razor, Spirt of Rob, SignifierOne, PROMETHEUS ts, webbird, alpaca, King Kong, Jambo, lawngnome and many others.

    I would also like to say a big thank you to the many fans of my mods who with their feedback have ensured that my mods have continually improved.

    It's been fun.
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    Proud ex-Moderator and ex-Administrator of TWC from Jan 06 to June 07
    Awarded the Rank of Opifex for outstanding contributions to the TW mod community.
    Awarded the Rank of Divus for oustanding work during my times as Administrator.

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Hi Lusted,

    I'm sad to read this retirement but I wish you the best for the future, especially for your private life.

    I understand that it's time for you to turn this page of your life.

    I hope_ and I'm sure_that your work for CA will make better EMPIRE TW.

    Thanks for all.

    You already miss us...

    Good bye and good luck.


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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    You'll be missed! Thanks for all your mods and modding contributions, and I hope your job at CA goes well.

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Goodbye Lusted

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    What!? I'm gone for a little while and this is what I read! Son of a....

    Lusted, I will miss your mods. I cant play a CA game without them! Hopefully, empires will stoke your creative fires once more.

    Good luck to you!


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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    50 Basilik-Gun Salute for Lusted!!!

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    sad new but hey its good for you
    BIG Thanks for all you did to the game and playability

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    The Spamurai is not pleased . But Hopefully with you working for CA, we'll only need TCs. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Quite frankly you are one of the best among us.
    Knowing the good you did on the modding front, I am pretty sure you will do wonders for the next TW games.
    Kudos and +rep!

    One final thing, If I may...
    Having been a modder yourself, I don't imagine we can have a better representative of the community to CA, to let them know the "DO's" and "DON'Ts" that should be in each game for the modders.

    Each and every game has been ages ahead of the previous one, but it is the mods that keep it playable for way longer than it was supposed to be and prolongue its shelf life.

    RTW has been enhanced by the likes of EB, RTR, RS, Fourth age, your own creations and so many others'... People are still playing modded RTW and keep buying it.

    M2TW+Kingdoms will be played for ages more, with Lands to conquer, Deus Vult, Stainless Steel, Broken Crescent, The Hyborian Total war, and so many others... We will be playing it for so much more time than its shelf life would imply.

    CA has been very kind to us modders but a lot more can be done. You are the perfect liaison between us and them, because having been "in the trenches" of modding you can understand first hand what needs to be done and how.

    Thank you for all the hard work, present and future.
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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Sad too hear that, I like your mods alot, and I do still play TE from time to time

    but hey its good to hear that you have a life (real life) something some of us could use aswell

    But we will se how serius you are when ETW comes out
    some ppl arent ment for early retirement (joke)

    Thanks for all your hard work

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......


    Thats sad to hear, but you've been a veteran for so long its not surprising. We're all growing up and getting older and life must go on, thats for sure.

    While I didn't get to play LTC (or any M2TW mods) much. I have to say that I probably ended up logging more hours of my TW life in Terrae Expugnandae than any other mods. Lets face it, we tell our TW buddies that we're heavy into EB and RTR... but really we were all just playing TE.

    I just feel bad more of the new players coming into the TW genre didn't get to know you as well as we RTW players did. The first time I actually every modded was with TE when I dug myself into the EDU, EDB and remapped portions of the east. And it needs to be said that without modders like yourself we modders of M2TW would not have as easy of time. After all it was you guys you helped pave the way and beat the path in RTW and create a knowledge database which M2TW modders could exploit. So really we've been exploiting the fruits of your and others work and I cannot thank you enough for it.

    Anyways, I know you'll rock in whatever you do in the future with CA and other gaming companies. I wish you the best of luck and a thousand thanks for all the great modding work you've done over these three really fantastic years.


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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    i've always loved strategy games...i remember when i was a 13 year old boy spending most of my nights playing the old dear age of empires...but i've always dreamed of a game where i could get real medieval one day an old friend of mine came to me:"hey i've been at the store and found this awsome game,it's called Shogun:Total War".That day changed my life(as a gamer)...after shogun i was unable to play any other "RTS"...till Medieval.i liked all the total war games(true...none of theme were like shogun but such things you could only do once in a life time)till i bought Med2...i was REALLY disappointed with this game!!!
    played it for half an hour and then i was tempted to throw it outside the window...then i phoned another old friend of mine to ask him what he tought of the game:"yes it sucks...but you know there's this forum,i think it's called TWC,where you can get tons of really good mods".at first i was a bit sceptical,but i wanted to give Med2 another chance,so i spent the entire afternoon searching on TWC for the mod that i've wanted...and found was just what i was looking for:REALLY improved vanilla version!!!after i've tried it i felt that i've lost so much discovering TWC so late that i immediatly signed to finish this huge post...thanks Lusted,because of you i've discovered and entire new world and thounsands of new ways to play my beloved total war in my experience you're not only the creator of LTC or're the entire TWC...and last but not least it's thanks to you that my childhood dream didn't die with vanilla Med2...
    and once again i apologize for my bad english

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......


    I salute you Sir!

    Thanks for all the hard work and good luck in all your endeavours.



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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    I am a happy man, to see one of the communities finest become an employee of the Creative Assembly. I wish you the best and ask that you give them hell at CA, not enough to get fired but enough to get some more detail in ETW.


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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Hi Lusted

    it's really sad that you quit the modding
    you did a really great work with LTC and the AI of SS

    so i really hope you'll enjoy your new life without modding here

    bye Lusted

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Your skills are great and, like Darth retirement, Yours will be a fatal blow for modding community... In one word... Or more...
    Have a good life Lusted.
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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Thanks for all you have done for the modding community Lusted, its really been great man. I played all of your mods and they were all very well made mods. In your last mod (Lands to Conquer gold) you left us with a completely new AI that kicks more ass than any other AI before.

    I must admit I am very surprised by this announcement and I was not expecting this at all. Your mods will be greatly missed when Empire finally comes out. First we lose Darth and now you but at least you will be working for CA. And I am sure that you will do a good job at CA. Thanks again for your modding and I hope you will still be around on these forums. Best of luck!


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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Does this mean you are going to leave the community for good or just stop modding? Either way, you will be sorely missed by not only TWC, but the entire modding communtiy.

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Excellent work on both TE and LTC. Spent more hours with them than with any other mod, or vanilla. The changes you make are so closely aligned with what I myself would do if I knew how it's scary.

    Congrats on the job! I always figured that would happen for you, seems that many enterprising individuals get their foot in by creating a mod nowadays. But truly, what better way to demonstrate your aptitude and utility to a company than to produce something as polished and well made as LTC.

    To be honest, when you first got the job I thought it confirmed the fact that they were paying you to do LTC. Haha, cheers mate.

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    Default Re: Time for me to bow out.......

    Lusted, thank you for making M2TW a lot more playable. I don't know if I would play it at all without LTC.

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