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    Hey I finished this game in 1142 with poland. no one attacked/backstabbed my low guarded citys in Central Europe while I whiped Russia, Turkey, Denmark and the Byzantine Empire of the map. I maintanned Bulgaria as a defensive buffer to the south and retook 3 settlements for them on the Byzantines and the HRE(who where assasinated out of the game by Milan.. very cool) while they(Bulgaria) waged war on almost everyone.

    First turns I took Prague, Magdenburgh, Stettin, Thorn and that little motte and baily in the middle of these. After that I started taking over the east 1 or 2 settlements a turn with 2/3 spies and 2 mercenary+cavalry armys. Converted the whole region and got alot of credit with the pope. For this I had him declare a crusade on Jerusalem and I started moving into Turkey from the east with 2 armies while my western army man handled the Byzantine Empire(declared war on Bulgaria) and after that Turkey. Soon I dominated the entire eastern part of the map and The victory message appeared. Oh also destroyed Denmark with 2 generals and 12 spear milita.

    Every turn infiltrate with spies > attack > sack > convert to town and build anything that improves economy starting with roads so reinforcements will reach you in time. Money stays around +1000 every turn and sacking adds the rest, remember to destroy buildings before converting a castle into a town.

    I must admit I was lucky that the HRE didnt attack me because they where at war with everyone + I got alot of good council bonusses but still.. I havent even lost a battle

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    My guess is if it's still too easy, start limiting yourself in some way (perhaps army make up or whatever)...

    For me, I build up my empires and a select few others that will be a good fight later in the game, I gift cities to hre, france etc - especially if they're allies (can break this later for a huge all out war).

    Beyond nerfing yourself and throwing more money at the enemy, not really alot you do I think.

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    I dont want to have to give my captured citys back... As for army make up i beat half a stack( sergeants + hobilars + general + peasants ) with 3 town milita and one general.. I mean come on

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    What is the hardest mod out there? Or atleast most enjoyable.

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    Knivez what difficulty level are you playing?
    I got the game last month and played 3 games,didn't finish them.Setting campaign difficulty:hard,Battle:very hard,with the same results, 0 Defeats and absolute campaign control.So i have started a new long campaign with France setting both campaign and battle at the highest difficulty.By now i control 19 regions,never lost a battle and the only part that makes the game "hard" is the backstabing declarations of war.By the way sould it be like this? i mean a fanction with whom i have good relations and a common enemy and without any provocations (walking my army in it's land) declares war at me.I don't get this...

    But i have to say that GrandVIZ's work is great,you managed to make a joke of a game (at the begging i tried to play a couple of games only with the patch 1.2...rediculus) into something that can be played,and for that since it is my first post i thank you.

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    Play Russia OR better yet play Byzantium. Good luck keeping someone from attacking you and Russia has smaller city's. Plus no super chivalry from crusades or jehad's. You will have to spare your enemy allot to get merciful chivalry up. Just wait till Milan conquers 35+ territory's or something then declares war. Nonstop waves. Iv been stuck in the same position for like 200 years cause i can't make headway and need every dime to defend my borders. If somthing doesn't happen before the pleage or timrads I'm screwed.

    Also if you load the game allot if things go bad makes a big difference no loading. Also generals make the world of difference. I often have them pulling 150+ kills and 100 or more captured units. There overpowered particularly in the early games before Mongols.
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    I played with poland.. they start with 2 cities and nothing but little places to the east. Oh btw I just finished a game with France, I took all the rebel cities on the west coast, the 2 islands in the mediteranean sea, brugges, antwerp, and the 3 rebbel cities to the east.. so everyone else in the area was pretty pissed about me leaving nothing for them. First England attacked and in the same turn Miland and Portugal besieged my southern cities... fended all of them off and in the next turn I took my revenge.. First Caen then the rest to the south. HRE attacked and even Denmark tried to take my cities in Belgium. Everyone failed and without reloading or losing any battles I started my sacking and looting trip through Europe and won the game after I captured Jerusalem after a short boattrip...

    It has gotten better with Ultimate AI but still the battles are so simple... strong front with footsoldiers and flanking with cavalry and its over... kill the general and everyone routs. Not to mention sieges.. 2/3 Spear militia in an open box en or V behind the gate and a general.. for charges. On the campaign map just build things that further economy especially roads because they also help with faster army logistics which we all know are the key to any great victory.

    vh/vh difficulty but I read that campaign dif doesnt matter in UAI it just gives you the normal handicap that TW2 does.

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    The Sicilian Vespers Mod. It has a garrison script ensuring the defender gets free 'levied' units when besieged, and a script designed to simulate logistics; it costs 500 gold to have an army in the field on your own territory, and 1000 in enemy territory. Add some house rules and you have a good challenge, or at least a good game.

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