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    Hi from Russia!!! First of all: big thanks for the mod, i'we always wanted Total War games to be fixed and improved, but I never thought that a modder could make that much. Now about my question. Although the mod is nearly perfect one thing really bothers me: How much your reputation affect the diplomacy (from my experience it does) and how can I maintain good reputation during a long campain? I mean that I can't simply release prisoners all the time cuz thus i will be forced to fight them again and again while suffering loses. And if I ransom them, they will almost always pay and return their soldiers, cuz factions constantly get their money from the script you made. So the one thing that is left is to execute them, but thus my rep suffers a lot. And when my rep becomes bad, the factions wont agree to almost any of my proposals and demands (for example protectorate or even simple ceasefire). Futhermore, my allies stop trust me, I can no longer get military acsess, map info etc. Occupaing cities help but not too much, cuz of constant battles and prisoners problem...
    I'we never seen this question on forums so i'we decided to ask your advice on this matter...
    Hope for your soon reply...
    By the way everyone is welcomed to post their opinion
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    Have you applied the latest bugfix for the mod - it balances reputation loss to some extent.

    Here the link:
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    yes i applied it before i started a campaing, but thx anyway. by the way, is your rep connected to the pope? i mean will it suffer if i will get excominated (hope my spelling is right)? And is your rep so important for diplomacy?

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