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Thread: >>> Download <<< - Diadochi - TW v1.20 Full RTW/BI/ALX + Patches + FAQs

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    Default >>> Download <<< - Diadochi - TW v1.20 Full RTW/BI/ALX + Patches + FAQs

    >> DOWNLOAD v1.20 FULL RTW\BI\ALX <<!QA0GnJJS!kj9ihmpCx7DwvgRqLzf4KNcZ6EPr2oaLxtkX-t395FQ

    >> DOWNLOAD PATCH v1.23 <<!kF9xCAxa!4XFHza5Zo...OwORoJ_jfyr--s



    -) I have troubles with the background scripts. Sometimes they don't start, or they mess up. How do they work?

    Scripts are enabled as soon as the campaign starts, or a savegame is reloaded at the beginning of a game session. Each campaign has its own script with its own triggers, to be absolutely sure you must check that the advisor message says that the correct script for your current campaign has been initiated.

    Two very important thing: DO NOT load a savegame during a game session, or the scripts will most likely get confused and mess up. If you lost a battle or made something wrong and want to go back earlier in your campaign, then exit the game, restart it and reload that savegame again.

    And do not start different campaigns during the same gaming session. For example, if you start the Imperial Campaign, quit and start the Pyrrhic Wars, quit and start the Sons of Mars, there might be troubles with the scripts. If you try a campaign, it is advisable to exit and restart the game before trying another one.

    There is also the possibility to manually terminate the background script: to do this, press ESC in the campaign map, then on the ? button and the advisor will pop up.

    -) Sometimes the Save\Load game buttons in the campaign map menu are greyed.

    Exit the game and delete your RTW\DTW\preferences folder.

    -) I have problems downloading the mod. I get corrupt installers, the download dies before completion or goes incredibly slow.

    In case you experience incomplete or corrupt downloads, you should try a download manager such as FlashGet. Other good free download managers are Orbit or Jdownloader. The downloads will be faster and they won't die.
    Cleaning up temporary internet cache and cookies from your browser, and windows temporary files can also help to fix the problem.

    -) What version of RTW do I need to play this mod?

    This mod was developed on ALX 1.9 for its great stability and improvements on the AI. Playing on RTW 1.5 or BI 1.6 is possible, although you may encounter stability issues and crashes.

    -) I have problems getting this mod working with Steam.

    Have a look at these posts. None of our developers has a Steam version, so we are not sure on how to fix this. You might want to try the Steam Launcher. Useful links are HERE, HERE and HERE.

    -) I have problems reinstalling\uninstalling the mod. The installer says something about a possible corruption of the mod, or that the version I am installing is older than the one already present.

    You have to uninstall the mod running its own uninstaller. This will clean all registry entries related to DTW. After, that you should be able to install DTW without troubles.

    -) Is DTW mod-foldered?

    Yes, it uses its own mod folder (DTW).

    -) Does this mod have a readme?

    Yes, although it is quite outdated. Official Readme (outdated).

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    -) Minor balance issues fixed
    -) Added unit cards for all units that were still without proper cards

    -) New aor units: Eastern Spearmen Archers, Iberian Infantry, Iberian Cavalry, Indian Cavalry, Italian Velites, Tarantine Cavalry, Nubian Spearmen, Nubian Cavalry, Ethiopian Axemen, Barbarian Archers, Eastern Archers
    -) All units now have sprites
    -) Bactria can now recruit Archers, Slingers and Thureophoroi
    -) Basilikon Agema use Hypaspist model instead of Thureophoroi
    -) Greek Cataphracts now use Hetairoi horsemen and armoured horse
    -) Parthian Immortals replaced by Companion Cavalry (elite cataphracts)
    -) Changed skin of Spartan Royal Guard, less anachronistic and similar to normal Spartiates
    -) Campaign map expanded a little north.
    -) Added Red Sea channel.
    -) Fixed ground types in North Italy.
    -) Four more regions: Dura Europos, Pelusium, Malaca*, Saldae*, Sabratha* (*=removed regions from germania).
    -) New eastern and barbarian settlement strat models (thanks to Suppanaut).
    -) Patavium now has a port in Pyrrhic Wars campaign.
    -) Drilling Fields converted to Local Garrisons.
    -) Ports no longer give experience bonus (cause of an evil CTD).
    -) New hinterland building, Town Square. It should guarantee recruitment. of basic levy units, to prevent the revolt CTD.
    -) Fixed barbarian music.
    -) Pyrrhus and Decius Mus engage automatically at the start of Pyrrhic Wars campaign.
    -) Population growth option during installation works properly and now gives a much more reasonable bonus.

    - Increased all unit costs 1.5x
    - Added 4tpy support
    - Fixed all campaign script triggers
    - Minor stat adjustments
    - Arabia crash fixed
    - Polybian reforms work
    - Other minor bugfixes
    - Reworked Gaesatae stats and cost. They can also go Berserk.
    - Reworked Generals Bodyguard unit stats. Also increased hitpoints to 2.
    - Reworked Spartiate Hoplite and Spartan Roayl Guard stats (increased slightly).
    - Made Independent Greek City States playable in all campaigns
    - All factions in the Sons of Mars campaign now have proper winning conditions.
    - Reworked unit stats - *0.66
    - A slight cosmetic touch to battlefield
    - Unit stats make more sense, higher lethality
    - Fixed crash regarding RTW 1.5 version
    - Pikes now more effective against cavalry
    - Added installer log: DTW\install.log
    - Improved installer code, hopefully fixing some bugs
    - Crashing campaigns on BI fixed
    - Fixed a serious bug in the installer (should not crash anymore).
    - Tweaked AI experience bonus to account for recent stat changes
    - Added new installer option: Insanse AI Exp bonus (+5 exp)
    - Installer now properly detects your installation folder and version
    - Increased all stats: *1,5 + 4; If you loved old stats, check export_descr_unit_OLD.txt
    - Missile units aren't super deadly with high experience now
    - Decreased AI money bonus, hopefully less stacks now
    - Fixed background script: Roman Polybian reforms now trigger properly
    - Major improvement to maps: Imperial Campaign, Wars of the Diadochi, Pyrrhic Wars
    - Fixed a few missing textures
    - A bunch of Minor bugfixes
    - New unit models with unit cards:

    - Custom battles allow all siege equipment built for Wooden Walls (DTW)
    - Custom battles allow siege towers and rams for Stone Walls
    - All problems with walls in Campaign mode fixed
    - Siege equipment now works flawlessly with all wall types (no more ladder units!)
    - Other minor balances to campaigns
    - Improved stability on BI
    - Wooden Walls in Campaign and Custom battles should get siege towers, ladders and sapping points (untested)
    - Celtic Tribes are now less powerful
    - Added Parthia in WotD campaign, maybe this can make Seleucid’s life in the east a little more difficult
    - Added Celtic Tribes in Pyrrhich Wars campaign
    - Fixed some errors in the BK_Script and in the Campaign_Scripts
    - Renamed Beneventum back to Capua.
    - Thrace and Egypt can now choose between 2 barracks and have both colonies
    - Colonies have 4 levels, with a fourth unreachable Native level
    - Changed the location of some settlements in the Iranian\Afghan area
    - Culture bonus errors in EDB fixed
    - Other minor bugfixes
    - Fixed bad river placement in Pontus
    - Fixed incorrect chariot model reference
    - Minor bugfixes
    - Fixed missing textures bug.
    - Movement point bugs for characters fixed.
    - Fixed an odd Hoplite animation.
    - Visual artefact with Wooden Walls fixed.
    - Fixed Polybian units appearing in Camillan era.
    - Added new Thureophoroi models and Unit Cards.
    - Added new Thorakitai models and Unit Cards.
    - Removed lvl 5 Barracks, since they are useless.
    - Other minor fixes of bugs and annoyances.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Please respect the hard work that has gone into making this mod into reality and don't abuse it!
    If you wish to use something from this mod, you can PM RedFox or Maraxus on

    Diadochi - TW Design & Concept:

    Diadochi - TW Development Perpetuator:
    Spartan 666

    Unit Design & Concept:

    Unit cards:

    Scripting & Bughunting:
    Magister Equitum

    Additional Scripting Help & Traits:
    & XGM Post Marian Project Team

    Texture Rework & Other Design:

    Help with the Read-Me:

    UI Card Design & Rendering:

    With help from The XGM Team:

    Based on XGM 3 by:

    Special Thanks to:
    Creative Assembly & CA Oz
    All the beta-testers
    DimeBagHo for XGM 3

    Maraxus for being so awesome! Great 2D
    Artist indeed Awesome work on all
    DTW units, helping to forge the unique
    Diadochi unit design and feel.

    Spartan 666 for keeping DTW alive after
    RedFox's decision to stop official development,
    making DTW a more finished product of what
    it might have been left.

    Magister Equitum for fixing all the
    minor but annoying bugs! He really
    deserves an extra cookie for his help!

    Suppanut and the PMP Team for their
    amazing work on new Traits and Ancillaries!
    It would not be quite the same without the
    hundreds of new traits he added.

    Zarax for his help with scripting & ideas,
    also for helping squash annoying bugs!

    Debux for giving me some clues on how to make
    the unit sprites, they wouldn't have been done
    without his advice.

    NoLifeKing for some betatesting on early
    1.17\1.20 builds.

    unDa for finally completing all the missing unit cards

    for coming up with such an
    amazing mod. Scripting into despair,
    completely disregarding sanity and RL™!

    Historical Data:
    Europa Barbarorum

    Gladiator | Alexander
    Medieval 1 | Medieval 2
    E.S. Posthumus: Unearthed
    Europa Univeralis: Rome

    The Post Marian Project Team:
    Project Lead


    Kara Kolyo|Archbaker
    The Sloth|

    Sorry if we forgot someone here,
    but we still appreciate all of your
    help on Diadochi - TW!

    And we will never forget how it
    all began as a minor sub-mod
    for XGM before surpassing it
    in both ideas and content!

    Thanks to everyone who kept
    believing in our efforts to
    create the ultimate RTW mod.

    Thanks everyone,
    - RedFox
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    Default Re: XGM - Diadochi: Download Beta - v0.8b + Patch 1 / Patch 2

    Want your very own Diadochi - TW signature? Just pick one and copy paste the corresponding code to your signature:

    HTML Code:

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    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:
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    Default Re: >>>>>>> Download Beta <<<<<<< - v0.8b + Patch v0.85b

    - Reserved -
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