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Thread: CTD winter 223bc

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    playing a roman campaign, rtrpe 1.9 with the 4tpy mod... game crashes as soon as I hit the "end turn" button. At the moment, I have 3 cities that are about to rebel, my own doing since I took these cities, demolished some buildings and took my army out. But I've done this before but no crash ever occured.

    I tried reseting the map file thing, but that didn't help either. This is actually the first CTD I've experienced with this game.

    I've attached (hopefully) a save game so if anyone wants to take a look at it

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    You have the revolt ctd hotfix already installed?

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    yeah, every town has the indestructible town center already built. It seemed to come already installed in 1.9 because I don't remember installing it, unless I am thinking about something different

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    No, that`s another thing. I meant this one:
    From what people say it`s saved game compatible so you can try it out. Just to be sure make a backup of your own files first.

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    ok, I've installed it and it seems to be working so far, no crash after hiting next turn.

    I've had cities revolt before and kick my troops out without any CTD, so I can't seem to figure out why it happened this time, even though I had 2 cities on the verge of revolt

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