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  • Kalos - For God and Glory

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  • Andy B - Freedom

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  • ST0MPA - PIKEt fence

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  • Argent Usher - TW Mixed up - "CS_CASTLE - ...NEED BACKUP..."

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  • Armatus - Ride them Down...

    5 15.15%
  • Kaiser_Invictus - El Nuevo Mundo

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  • bdotward - This Land We Defend

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  • RomanKnight990 - Unamed

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  • marine513 - Death from Above

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Thread: PotW 81 - The Vote

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    Default PotW 81 - The Vote

    Submissions here
    Good luck to everybody who submitted pictures
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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Well, instead of voting for my own entry, I shall vote for Armatus' entry. I liked it. Not too much editing done on it, but its a good clean pic. Great angle and action. Good job!

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    CS_Castle is hilarious; it gets my vote with ease!

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Argent Usher's got mine

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Cs Castle FTW.
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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Yeah. It owns.

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Voted for the CS Castle, it's really funny.

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Argent's for me. i love his work, especially that one - class

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Yeah I agree with the majority. Argent Usher's it is nice one

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    he got mine

    i wonder who vote for me....
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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Argent's is pretty cool even though I hate CS.

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Ride them down for me

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Does this forum follow Daylight Savings? Because then we'd have an extra hour to vote

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Argent Usher has a unique style which he follows with great inspiration. And it is annoying that I can't vote yet.

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    Default Re: Potw 81 - The Vote

    Good one argent

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    all the entrys including mine with one point must of been owners votes. I see kalos has zero which means he voted for someone else, in my books that deserves a rep for being honorable. wish i could say the same for myself, in future I will follow the same honorable code.
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