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Thread: Not makin' with the babies.

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    Default Not makin' with the babies.

    Just lost my second campaign so far..
    Not for a series of military blunders, I own half of England, conquered all of France, and moved into Italy out of necessity,.
    Not for lack of money, I never went into debt although money was tight. (It takes some away from me, outside of the budget panel)

    I keep losing because the third generation never gets married, all dieing of old age or falling to an assassin. No babies, no heirs, not even any generals to be recruited so I'm a little strapped here..
    I don't know if you have to keep the family members holed up in cities for them to marry, (I always have every single able-bodied man out leading an army or with one), but if it is, then perhaps we should be able to recruit generals to make up for the lack of available commanders.

    At first I associated this with the number of daughters I kept having, out of three sons each would have 3 daughters, one son. 9 useless princess's that I end up loading onto a ship..
    I admit that I did not take every available option to get more heirs, IE adopting or marrying off a daughter.. or.. egh chase after enemy family members. I make it a point to try and preserve the original dynasty, but they sure don't help me much..

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    Default Re: Not makin' with the babies.

    With 10 princesses you could colonize Australia.

    When very short on generals go for "man of the hour" event by winning battles with a general that has no army. Those tend to be among the best young generals that one can get.
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    Default Re: Not makin' with the babies.

    Oh yes, the men of the hours.. heh. I do go for those, but it makes the horrible decision for me to include them in the family. It's ridiculous at best, a meager captain gets promoted to general, then one day becomes King. Oh well.

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    Default Re: Not makin' with the babies.

    The making of legends.

    No really the family tree wasn't made up to be very interesting in this game. I'd love it if they made the family line mean more to the next game. A structure to the heir status and perhaps opening up for male heirs to become something else than generals, like maybe a priest or diplomat. Or why not a purely civilian magistrate title. There's so much that could be done there without having to change the rest of the game for it to work.
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