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    I have installed according to your instructions and I thought it was ok because the original starting screen of BI came up but them the EOD intro movie came up so I thought it was installed ok but the menus don't seem to have changed at all and all the factions are still the same as BI. I cannot figure out where I went wrong in the installation.

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    our intro movie overwrites the BI one (there was warning about that and how to undo instructions in read-me) so you will see that even if you're playing vanilla BI which it sounds like you still are!

    Check the shortcut you are launching the game from - it sounds like that is the stage you are missing. You needed to make a new shortcut to the BI.exe and add
    to the target line in the shortcut's properties so target line with -show_err as well looks like:

    "C:\....\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-BI.exe" -mod:BI\eod -show_err
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    it sounds like the shortcut is wrong... that happened to me at first... make sure you check the spaces after the " and make sure the -mod:bi\eod matches the name of the folder you created... if you renamed it EndOfDays Like I stupidly did the -mod:BI\Eod obviously won't work lol

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