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    awesome guys thanks so much

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    A much simpler way would be to download the Retrofit mod, then in the Mods folders rename "retrofit" to "retrofit1" and "Stainless_steel" to "retrofit," the of course run the Retrofit Mod from the Launcher.

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    Sure wish, I would have had this info before I ended up buying the CD's. However, I like having the Bat files much better. Steam needs to be way less intrusive!!
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    Cant get the retrofit mod to run, Get a message saying it can't find a valid Kingdoms install?!?? anyone else have this trouble??
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    Saw this in other thread and it worked great for me.

    Make this into a .reg file from notepad

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\Mods\Unofficial\0001Stainless_Steel]
    "Author"="King Kong"
    "DisplayName"="Stainless Steel"
    "FullName"="Stainless Steel"

    then run it and say yes, and it seems to work fine.

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    Didn't work Still get the same message
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    simpler way for steam (i have steam version and I'm playing SS5.1 fine, BUT DLV doesnt seem to work X_X )

    install the retrofit mod.
    (choose install path to c:\Steam\steamapps\common\medieval ii total war or wherever your steam installation is)

    install SS5.0 + SS5.1 and patches (if you want to)
    (choose install path to c:\Steam\steamapps\common\medieval ii total war)

    After the installation:

    rename the 'retrofit mod' folder into something else
    (located in: c:\Steam\steamapps\common\medieval ii total war\mods)

    rename Stainless Steel mod folder to retrofit
    (also found in: c:\Steam\steamapps\common\medieval ii total war\mods)

    open steam's M2 or kingdoms launcher and run retrofit mod, and stainless steel will run instead.
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    install the retrofit mod.
    (choose install path to c:\Steam\steamapps\common\medieval ii total war or wherever your steam installation is)

    Can't get the Retrofit mod to run!! When i run it I get the message :-

    ERROR: Stepup was unable to find a valid MTWII:Kingdoms installation blahblah...
    I don't even get to the part when i can pick the install path
    (My install is c:\Valve\Steam\steamapps\common\medieval ii total war )
    I tried to rename the SS as the Teutonic campaign and the i ran the teutonic game and I got the see the SS 5.1 loading screen but it just dropped to desktop Log seems to indicate that alot of stuff is missing so I am going to try reinstalling

    Edit: Good old reinstalling!! whattya know! didn't even need retrofit!
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    I need simplicity please...

    I can't run any mod on medieval through steam.

    I put all files into the little thing at steam, the @______.cfg

    I've tried bat fiels and cfg files of 2 different mods. I jsut want this to work, can someone please just give an example that works, adn always works.

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    I know i'm ten years to late, but after Attila and Warhammer i want play medieval II again, so i bought medival II + kingdoms on steam.

    To make stainless steel steam compatible, followed this: Steam library > right click on "Medieval II: TW" > properties > launch options > input this: "@mods\SS6.3\default.cfg" or whatever you have for a Mod or Modversion...

    Enjoy the game... regards from switzerland

    hope iSteam librarySteam librarySteam libraryI bought today Medieval II + Kingdoms on Steam to make Stainless Steel Steam compatible, followed dies:

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    Here's what i did, worked for me. I'm using Win 7;
    1. DL SS6.3 and ptch 6.4, torrent versions
    2. make sure to have a clean instal of medieval II and Kingdoms expansion, both steam
    3. Make a copy of medieval2.exe (on my computer it's located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War"), paste the copy in the same folder and rename it kingdoms.exe
    4. Install SS6.3 and run the setup exe as admin
    5. After the installaion is complete don't choose a campaign, just exit the dialog
    6. Run with patch 6.4 exe as admin
    7. After the 6.4 installation is done, choose campaign settings (i chose Lusted AI) and start the game.

    I have not experianced any problems so far, i'm a few turns in playing as england.

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