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    Icon4 Stainless Steel 6.1 FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I install this mod?

    1. Requirement is the official M2 Kingdoms Expansion.
    2. Install Stainless Steel 6.0 Part1 & Part2
    3. Install Stainless Steel 6.1 Patch

    Note: It is very important that you install both parts of the mod into the correct directory.
    Normally this is ".../Program Files/SEGA/Medieval II Total War".
    When you have installed the mod in another directory, just point it manually to the correct directory.

    How do I launch this mod?

    - Double-click the "Stainless Steel 6.0" icon on your desktop
    (or double-click "Stainless_Steel_Kingdoms.bat" in your default "medieval II Total War\mods\Stainless_Steel_6" directory)

    How can I disable the "supply traits"?

    - Stainless Steel Patch 6.1 has an option to disable the supply traits.

    Why are not all factions playable in custom battles?

    The game has a limited number for factions in custom battles. Therefore some factions had to be disabled for custom battles.
    You can re-enable a missing faction in the descr_sm_facctions.txt (Stainless_Steel_6/data) file. Search for the faction that is missing, look for "custom_battle_availability no" and change it to "custom_battle_availability yes". Then you have to change any other faction to "custom_battle_availability no", otherwise the game will crash.

    Problems & Solutions:

    Expanded FAQ here:

    Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Russia and Kievan Rus have no sounds on the campaign map. How can I solve this problem?.

    1. download this file
    2. put it into Stainless_Steel_6/data and overwrite the existing file.
    3. go into Stainless_Steel_6/data/sounds and delete the events.dat and event.idx files
    4. start the game

    What can I do when a crash to desktops happens?

    - IF you have one, please look into your system.log file (In "Medieval II Total War/logs" folder) and paste the last 5 lines in the bug thread. This will help me to find the problem faster.
    It would be even better if you would upload a save-game before this crash happened. This helps a lot to find the problem easier.
    You could easily upload one at
    Just select your file, make any description, accept the "terms" and click on "send".
    Thanks in advance!

    What are the known bugs?
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