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    greetings im a new member. could someone please explain the steps to install Platinum 1.9?

    I did a fresh install and am waiting to install the Patches and RTR PE 1.9 untill I have a conformation on what all I need to install.

    Does offical patch 1.2 need to be installed or just 1.3 and 1.5?

    also I have seen some posts sayin sound dosesnt come on will I need to install another mod to get any sound ingame?

    lots of questions I know lol. a quick reply Would be much appreciated. I cant wait to get into RTR. thanks!

    Also do I need to install the settlement revolt hotfix? was just reading about that on here
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    Welcome torril

    1.install RTW
    2.patch to 1.3 or skip this is you are installing BI
    3.patch to 1.5 or to 1.6 if you have BI instaled
    4.finaly install RTRPE

    You can read all better here and you will find download links for music addon

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