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Thread: RTR compatible with Steam?

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    Default RTR compatible with Steam?

    Alright, I just downloaded Gold Edition earlier tonight off of Steam, and went to install RTR PE, but every time I try and run the program, an error window pops up, saying "Cannot find Steam", and then an Explorer window opens bringing me to Steams website.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated, as I know the Rome: Total War has not been available for purchase off of Steam for very long.

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    Never mind, I just had to play around with creating new shortcuts and changing the targets.

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    How did you make RTR: PE run with the Steam version of of RTW Gold?

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    Same exact issue after purchasing RTW Gold via steam. Everything works fine for RTW and BI but when I installed NTW2 I get the "unable to find steam" message as well.

    Could you post the changes you made to your shortcut to point to the mod please?

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