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    I was always fascinated by the end of days theories due to my christian background, so decided to give a try to this mod. I also liked very much the concept behind it.

    Played campaing with most of the nations (more or less), custom battled also a little.

    Balance is very good, you start easily, but than later thing start to became complicated, and the game transforms itself into a hard one. I would give for the balance a deffinite 10 out of 10.

    Graphics are also great, the unit skins are amazing, some of them look extremely real. The Nephilim skins are some of the best i`ve seen so farr in any RTW mod. Again 10 out of 10.

    Campaign map is again good, it is wide, and you get the chance to expand well before the real fighing begins. Again i would give it a 10 out of 10.

    I feel the lack of a christian - orthodox faction to stand in the first line against the satanae. Byzantine Empire could have been (altough the Satanae start on their teritory), or Russia, or maybe Walachia. It could have been a viable option, but anyway, it works fine even without one.

    Regarding music howewer, there are some issues of conception , wich i believe that depends personally on what each of us feels to be "good" or "evil". I personally found the Satanae campaign music, with its strong arabic-influence quite unsuited for the respective faction. On the contrary, the Shambhala campaign music sounds and voices are almost identicall to the mumblings and sounds made by demons wich one can hear when performing an exorcism, if you ever had the chance (or mischance) to assist live at one The Catholic faction music is simply great, and i listen alot to it on my Winamp.

    Anyway, a great mod, 9,85 out of 10 for it, deffinetly worth downloading !

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    Yeah its a great mod, Hey lets start a cult around it!

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    Hey Rex, thanks for the feedback, it's always nice to know what people think. As for an Orthodox faction, it was a option but to be honest the Satanae kind of fill that area. The deciding factor I think was that they would have been another faction with similar units as the other Christian factions and I wanted to keep the wide gaps between factions, in the east especially..

    depends personally on what each of us feels to be "good" or "evil".
    A'yup..I went more by geographical positions than religious influence.

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    Ive just completed a campaign on this mod.

    I thought it was great.

    I have made an AAR. Screenshots. That can serve as my detail review.

    Did my part in a Franks BI Succession campaign:
    Played a Mod called "End of Days" Picture based AAR is here:
    From last year. Final turn of vh/vh Egyptian campaign

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