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Thread: Error in platinum mode

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    Default Error in platinum mode

    I have RTW with both alexander and barbarian invasion,so i got the platinum 1.9 RTR,but i didnt get BI 1.6 patch (i dont know if i need it)
    So i get in the game,single player (its well do by the way) and choose imperial campaign,and a box sayslease select item from list,so i chose a battle and when i click start it just closes the game and says:
    script error data/world/maps/campaign/descr.strat.txt line 31 column 1

    I dont know what to do!!

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    Default Re: Error in platinum mode

    Moved to RTR Platinum support.

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    Default Re: Error in platinum mode

    ok, i installed RTW 1.0 (from the 3 cd's) and then RTW-BI and after that the BI 1.6 patch... then i installed RTR PE... tried the game and i get the exact same problem...

    EDIT: hehe... just realised that i had the wrong version of the cracked exe files after updating to 1.6 patch so i just installed the right versions and now it works fine...
    maby you have the wrong cracked exe files too max?
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