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Thread: Convert txt files to cfg

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    Default Convert txt files to cfg

    Absolutely basic question.

    In RTW the preferences file was a .txt file that could be simply edited and saved.

    in MTW2 its a .cfg file.

    I can open it using notepad but when I hit save it save it saves as a .txt file - and there is no option for saving it as a .cfg file in Vista.

    Just renaming it by adding .cfg on the end creates a file called medieval2preferences.cfg.txt

    Thus I'm stuck with irritating arrow markers, banners etc

    There must be a really obvious way around this but I can't see it.
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    Default Re: Convert txt files to cfg

    In explorer:

    (hit alt) > tools > folder options > view > uncheck 'hide file extensions for known file types'

    Rename the file to .cfg instead of .cfg.txt

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