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    Icon4 Family Members...??

    im playing as albion now and since Arthur came of age, all my new family members are appearing on kydonia, which is the other side of the world at the moment. Is this sopposed to happen.?
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    As far as i know this is hard coded, but they do start to even out after awhile..

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    Depending on circumstances family members either appear where their dad is or where the faction leader is.

    The leader that starts in kydonia, hasn't got any children pre-defined in descr_strat and he's actually quite low on influence to end up as faction leader - unless of course you've been killing off your better leaders in Britain?

    You could build up an army there and use them to do some raiding against the Satanae to stop them getting too strong.
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    i didnt think of that, i will look into it, and i have already taken out several of their armys,but i now have spain to deal with as they have turned on me, the greasy swines.!!!
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