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Thread: Will this work with Mongols added

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    Default Will this work with Mongols added


    I've added mongols as a playable faction (every thing works OK) and was hoping to add the Campaign AI files from this mod. Would there be any problems in doing that. I realise that I would have to transfer any changes I have made in my existing files to the new ones but is there anything else I should be aware of.

    The goal here is mongols against the world. If I was to add mongols to the faction standing (bottom of descr_strat) to include:

    faction_standings byzantium, -0.85 mongols ...etc
    faction_relationships england, at_war_with slave, mongols ...etc

    Would this work OK?

    many thanks

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    Default Re: Will this work with Mongols added

    It should be no problem to add the mongols as a playable faction.
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    thanks i'll give it a whirl!!!

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