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  1. Re: UPDATE: Torches Where we're going we don't need torches!

    Wow, that is quite the extended list of updates! I like what I see, especially the improvement of performance for AMD cards, the game has been rather rough on my computer. Looking forward to this...
  2. Re: Buying and Selling Region/Cities must be back

    Uhhhhhhhhhhh.... Yeah it did. It absolutely did.
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    Sticky: Re: Total War: Karling - HoG evolving!

    Sweet! You know if you need any help, I'm around. Just shoot me a message! (Remember, I'm Húskarlar on Steam :P)
  4. Re: Total War: ATTILA - The White Horse (Official Trailer)

    Probably the best trailer CA has ever done. I'm thinking this must be the faction intro for the ERE. Let's hope all of them are as good as this!
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    Re: Some questions regarding Atilla.

    From what we saw of the gameplay videos there weren't really any unit abilities (minus the basics like shield wall), though of course that's subject to change I'm sure.

    I would be severely...
  6. Re: The White Horse, or ERE thriller and nothing about Hun invasion of 395. Should it be included in the game???

    Since the game starts in 395 (right? Or am I remembering incorrectly?) so I think it should either be a possibility - since they said the huns won't really be scripted - or it should be in at the...
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    Re: Release date announced

    Or, you know... The devs gave them an earlier build to preview at EGX.
  8. Re: Sassanian empire elite units

    AFAIK putting up scans of a book or magazine is copyright infringement and against the TOS, so you might want to delete that picture.
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    Re: When will start faction previews?

    Umm.... No.... They said there will be about the same amount as in R2.
  10. Re: so, will we be able to enter diplomacy with the huns or are we screwed no matter what we do?

    I think we will see the whole map at war with Attila and his horde but only because he is super aggressive. I doubt CA would really lock diplomacy with him to force him to attack everyone and...
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    Re: Total War: ATTILA - Developer Blog #1

    They confirmed that in the EGX videos, I think.
  12. Poll: Re: An Interactive/Sensible Approach to Siege Escalation

    My dear friend, I must say this idea is quite good! Have some rep, dear sir +rep

    Sadly we know next to nothing about the siege escalation feature so we don't know if they have something more...
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    Re: Total War: ATTILA - Developer Blog #1

    Same thing I thought. I sure hope so!
  14. Re: I dont really get the new raze city feature

    I'm pretty sure that's what I saw in the video, but I suppose I could be wrong.
  15. Re: I dont really get the new raze city feature

    Not the entire province, just one of its regions. In order to rebuild it you have to sacrifice something like half of your army and a lot of money in order to rebuild the settlement, which will take...
  16. Re: I dont really get the new raze city feature

    Tactically, I can see it being useful while playing the Romans. Stretched too thin, with too few armies to fend off the incoming hordes it could be kind of a "if I can't have it, neither can they"...
  17. Re: Will the slavs come up as an emerging faction ?

    From what I can think of are the Sclaveni and the Antae. They both came into conflict with the Eastern Empire in the late 6th century so I don't believe they'll make an appearance. Would be...
  18. Re: 2 desperately needed battlemode commands

    Push forward. Ability for solid masses of units (shield walls, fulcrums, boar-snouts etc) to push against the enemy unit maybe causing them to suffer morale or something similar.
  19. Sticky: Re: Official praise thread for Total War : Attila

    They said each playable faction would have unique starting vids
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    Re: Climate change in Attila

    Probably this. Let's be honest here, this isn't a feature for strictly historical accuracy, this is a late-game challenge. I welcome that.
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    Re: No Paris/Lutetia Parisiorum ?

    Honestly I'd say that we do not have enough to go off of when it comes to the campaign map. We really only got a quick glimpse. I'm hoping they release an official city map
  22. Re: Some more features/reveals

    You are correct, and I'm hoping that CA follows that. However any of the units with Vendel helms (except perhaps the hearth guard, don't remember seeing that one up close) are called "Nordic" units,...
  23. Re: Need help on which gaming laptop to get for Rome 2/Attila!

    Hey Helm, here's the standard specs of mine (though mine is not a touchscreen)...
  24. Re: Need help on which gaming laptop to get for Rome 2/Attila!

    Well mate, here's what I can tell you;

    I bought an HP Envy m6 sleekbook, with an AMD A10 processor. I can play R2 on Ultra settings. The main problem R2 has is overheating the laptop if your fan...
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    Re: Total War™: ATTILA Announced

    If I remember correctly, the Helvetii did when they left their homes to migrate further into Gaul.
  26. Re: Some more features/reveals

    No. They said it would take several turns to damage the walls enough to cause breaches. Your settlement will be progressively damaged as the siege goes on.
  27. Re: Some more features/reveals

    Easy there friend, I'm not saying you are wrong I'm just saying we do not know, and they have not officially said it or not. When they officially announce the factions we will know :thumbsup2 Thank...
  28. Re: Some more features/reveals

    I honestly do not trust IGN nor will believe them until we get an official announcement. And when he replies, he doesn't explicitly say the Huns would not be playable. Just that they had not said if...
  29. Re: Some more features/reveals

    No, they have not yet officially announced whether we can play as them or not. In the video a user asked,
    "What factions are going to be playable?" To which he replied;
    "Besides what we've...
  30. Re: Some more features/reveals

    Is it just me, or did he let slip the Huns are playable at about 22 minutes?
  31. Re: Some more features/reveals

    Two things; in the battle video the Saxons with Jute-style helmets were called "Nordic-" so I'm assuming they are northern mercenaries. Also, those aren't 8th century helmets. the Vendel culture in...
  32. Re: Limes (Germanicus, Britannicus, Arabicus and others)

    I would absolutely love to see these in game (Hadrian's wall too). It's hard to say whether CA will implement this or not, as it is a fairly complicated feature. It wasn't even in RTW: BI so who knows
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    Poll: Re: Are you going to pre-order it ?

    Think I'm going with this. While I do want to pre-order, since I've been waiting for an updated BI2 for years, I will wait till we have some more information, previews and reveals before I do.
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    Re: The Huns are not going to be playable

    From wiki;

    "The Huns first appeared in Europe in the 4th century. They show up north of the Black Sea around 370. The Huns crossed the Volga river and attacked the Alans, whom they subjugated."
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    Re: Barbarian Invasion 2/Atilla leaked?

    You would see neither. The gladius was replaced with the Spatha, and the lorica segmentata fell out of favour for hamata, if any armor was used. Barbarian foederati were used as the main...
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    Sticky: Re: The History Thread

    Great to see you again mate! Your help is most anticipated :thumbsup2
  37. Re: Can you raid enemy naval trade routes like in Empire?

    I believe so? IIRC you can park your army on top of a trade route (on land or sea) and it will automatically raid it/blockade it though i'm not sure
  38. Re: So The AI just nearly wiped me out...military alliance saved me

    I also have been saved a few times so far. The Marcomanni campaign has been brutal, and my war against the Belgae and their Roman protectors has brought in a few of my Germanic allies. There've been...
  39. Sticky: Re: Constantine: Rise of Christianity - Future Plans, Previews and Historical Discussions

    Beautiful! The helmets are a touch too big but the textures are wonderful
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    Re: Emperor Edition player reviews!

    I'm enjoying it so far. The Marcomanni campaign is pretty tough! Currently at war with 5 factions atm and I'm less than 50 turns in
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