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    Re: Request: 12 Turns per Year

    Great! I'll wait for that update!
    Thanks! :)
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    Request: 12 Turns per Year

    First, great job with the mod. Artwork and factions are very nice! :)
    However, one thing that I miss is a 12 turns/ year submod compatible with IeB.

    As I'm not a modder of the latest TW...
  3. Re: Syracuse Expanded (Finally updated for patch 7)

    You're going pretty well for a "beginner" - if I really can say that :laughter: Keep it up! Work is very fine.

    About the Magnar version, after you make the historically accurate Syracuse, could...
  4. Re: Syracuse Expanded (Finally updated for patch 7)

    First of all, great work!
    But do you plan to make the Syracuse mod only to the Magnar mod or will you allow other mods to use it?
    It's a great progress you've made here mate! First new faction! And...
  5. Re: It's a Small World After All (small AI faction army limit reduction)

    Nice picture there.. lol
    You're a tireless modding machine! Nice work

    Sorry, i'd +rep you again, but have already done so
  6. Re: STELLover's MORE TOWNS AND CITIES ON CAMPAIGN MAP MOD=============[UPDATED VERSION 3: 11/13/2013][New Screens] UPLOADED to Steam Workshop

    I've been watching that thread for a while. Is it possible to create battlemaps so you can add them to these minor city/towns on the campaign map?
    I believe that way we can make them much more than...
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    Sticky: Re: Titanium Suggestions & Complaints

    I'm not an expert in modding, but isn't there any way to make AI a little bit smarter like in Rome?
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