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  1. Re: How can I productively use "ambusher" style units?

    It's simple. Cover the siege tower in a massive, white cloth. The archers on the wall will assume it's a cloud.
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    Re: New update

    That's... Not even correct at all. Not only are there more than two social classes in a medieval society, but it becomes even more segregated when you take into account the differences between the...
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    Re: Understanding Pikes in DeI

    Also, I haven't gotten far in my Roman campaign just yet, but it seems you can recruit a few units of pikes as the Romans. Whiteshields, even, in Southern Italy at a level 3 building.

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    Re: When does the game end?

    Yes, but your finger will likely fall off from clicking "End Turn" so many times.
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    Re: When does the game end?

    That depends on what you mean. There is a limit for completing your objectives, wherein if you don't complete your objectives before that turn is reached, you 'lose.'

    But it's not an ending. You...
  6. Re: Historical background and other things regarding Carthage units

    I don't think "What-If" units are implausible or silly, though. If Carthage were to expand like in the fashion of a military culture like Rome, I doubt they would do it with entirely mercenary...
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    Re: Confederation and Unique units

    That would be really cool though. Perhaps just expanding the AOR units, maybe? I noticed that you can't, for instance, recruit Syracuse Hoplites as Sparta if you confederate with Syracuse, but you...
  8. Re: Can Navy Units Not Disembark On to Land?

    You can't disembark on the campaign map and use your naval units as a land army, no. You can use them as reinforcements for land battles if they are close enough to a friendly land army, however, and...
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    Sticky: Re: Screenshot Thread

    Hmm, I haven't noticed any issues with that, but the increased unit size definitely breaks naval invasions. Can't fit anything over 200 men on a ship, I think, or else things break when they...
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    Sticky: Re: Screenshot Thread

    Oh, you like numbers? I play with 41 unit stacks. I can't recall exact numbers for this one, but I was playing as the Bosporan Kingdom. I had an army of about 8,000, fighting an Armenian force of...
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    Re: Supply System

    Do multiple baggage trains or supply ships make a difference?
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    Re: Better with or without them?

    If you added actual time changing, and the ability for major heroes to die, you would have the exact opposite thread coming up.

    "I've never fought Karl Franz because he always dies clearing out...
  13. Re: Beastman DLC is a complete ravesty. Worst release of content by CA in 20 years, including Rome 2.

    Yes, why would you do those two things? Those both sound like incredibly boring ways to play the game in a single player game. -

    With Warriors of the Chaos, you can go out into the Chaos Wastes...
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    Re: Better with or without them?

    Some of these would be great. Naval battles, loyalty, upgrades, destruction, disease.

    But others wouldn't really work. Seasons and family trees both would require there to be actual passage of...
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    Re: New player questions

    From what I understand, DEI is not balanced for anything over normal difficulty, at least for battles, so I would recommend playing those on normal.

    Campaign might work on Hard, but honestly I've...
  16. Re: I wish this game had real ragdoll physics.

    Company of Heroes is a great example of an RTS that makes good use of Ragdolls. It's squad based, so there will never be hundreds and hundreds of units on screen at one time. (Well, until I mod them...
  17. Re: I wish this game had real ragdoll physics.

    I loved the part where a line two men deep somehow stopped a giant by poking him with what was basically toothpicks.

    On topic, though, ragdoll physics for eight thousand men on screen at once...

    Yes, it's kind of expensive and I'll be waiting for a sale for sure, but it's not oppressively overpriced. It's a new faction, with new voice acting, new animations, new battle maps, a complete new...
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    Re: Cities in Warhammer

    How is that even possible?

    Where do they get the population for these incessant wars that beset them from all sides, all the time?
  20. Re: A Philosophical question to "God haters"

    There are a number of reasons I could argue against that, but suffice to say, "Im not going to present facts because you are magically disinclined to believe them" is not a very convincing argument....
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    Re: Killing baby Hitler or his parents ?

    Perhaps Im just a cautious person at heart, but given the ability to change anything in the past, I would change nothing. Especially not something so important.

    WWII was a monumental event in...
  22. Re: Eden. Original Sin or Original Virtue?

    Fear rather goes against the idea of an omipotent being, doesn't it?

    Also you must question the logic of creating a tree that turns humans into gods, then telling humans that they aren't allowed...
  23. Re: Britain allows boys to wear skirts as part of new gender-neutral school uniform

    Once again, completely ignoring my questions.

    How is allowing boys to wear skirts any different than allowing them to do any other "feminine" things, like reading romance novels, or painting...
  24. Re: A Philosophical question to "God haters"

    But the problem is, if the boy did just find glass, he's condemning a bunch of naive, easily-convinced people to spend their lives toiling for something that he promised was valuable, but turns out...
  25. Re: SUBMOD: Estalia, Tilea, Border princes units!

    Definitely, no worry, take your time.
  26. Re: Britain allows boys to wear skirts as part of new gender-neutral school uniform

    Yeah, I read it. It's another post where you say, "We shouldn't have abolished slavery because some white people didn't want to at the time."

    It's a baffling viewpoint.

    Your premise is...
  27. Re: Are all believers in God automatically idol worshipers?

    You never choose what you believe in, unless you're lying to yourself. You either believe something or you do not believe something. There is no middle ground, there is no going back and forth unless...
  28. Re: SUBMOD: Estalia, Tilea, Border princes units!

    I didn't really play any with it, but Cataph's units are, so far as I know, balanced towards vanilla, so they'll all be unbalanced with Radious.

    I did play a custom battle with BP's shield...
  29. Sticky: Re: [WARHAMMER] Radious Total Units Mod (Released - 08.07.2016)

    Yes, I agree. But I don't think Radious' new troops are elites, are they? I mean, elite for Bretonnia, but can they stand toe-to-toe with, say, Nurgle Choosen, or Knights of Morr?
  30. Re: Britain allows boys to wear skirts as part of new gender-neutral school uniform


    I legitimately had to stare at this for several minutes. Either you are for slavery, or this is the most poorly written post I have ever come across.

    Im not sure what sort of...
  31. Sticky: Re: [WARHAMMER] Radious Total Units Mod (Released - 08.07.2016)

    I don't see how removing an entire unit type makes a faction more unique.

    The Macedonians are supposed to be "Those Pike-Dudes" but that doesn't mean they're physically incapable of using...
  32. Re: SUBMOD: Estalia, Tilea, Border princes units!

    This is a great start, but I definitely think the units need to be rebalanced for Radious beyond just unit costs.

    For instance, Border Princes' Knight unit has less health than an average unit of...
  33. Sticky: Re: [WARHAMMER] Radious Total Units Mod (Released - 01.07.2016)

    I definitely think Vampire Counts could have been done in a more interesting way. They shouldn't be able to recruit at all, and should only have the "Raise the Dead" thing. It should have different...
  34. Re: Fundamental quirks present in TW:W mechanics

    I agree with most of your points, but I don't think the one about monster troops is a 'quirk' so much as it is just a feature of the troops. Of course they have to be used with support or they'll be...
  35. Re: Very Hard/Legendary Is not challenging: it is excruciatingly annoying

    I've never understood the appeal. It doesn't make the AI more intelligent, it just gives them a ton of buffs. It's incredibly boring.
  36. Sticky: Re: [WARHAMMER] Feedback, Suggestions and Requests

    The Boshin was wasn't about using Western equipment. Both sides used Western equipment, firearms and artillery and such. The war was about political control of Japan, and xenophobia more than it was...
  37. Sticky: Re: [WARHAMMER] Feedback, Suggestions and Requests

    Yeah, I gotta agree, Vampire Counts seem OP. Also, I agree with the lore reasons why that particular archer unit shouldn't be for Vampire Counts. Now, Radious, you know me, I don't care about some of...
  38. Sticky: Re: [WARHAMMER] Radious Total War Mod (Updated 01.07.2016)

    They were nerfed in the official patch, I believe.
  39. Re: CA going to announce something at 2.30PM BST

    Kind of underwhelming, honestly, they barely look any better than the modded ones. I mean, I don't want to complain, because it is free stuff and they didn't have to make it free, but still, it's...
  40. Re: Dwarf pike and shot tactics are VERY STRONG.

    I've had a lot of success with checkerboarding myself, using 40 unit armies.

    Ideally in the perfect battle, I put a first line of thunderers, with large gaps between them. Second line of...
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