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    Re: TotalWarCast Season 4 - Episode 01

    I found this somewhere on the web
    Galatian legionaries were developed by the Romans when Galatia was absorbed by Rome in 25 BC. Two legions enrolled as Legio XXII Deitariana The Galatian Legion...
  2. Re: Meneros’ Overhaul Mod (Greeks, Thracians & Illyrians) [08-11-2013]

    OH MY GOD THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Illyrians are my favorite:thumbsup2 Thy are my ancient people but even though this might not be historic it gives me a chance to fight against...
  3. Re: MASSALIA - Faction Unit Pack - Updated 22/09/2013 to v3

    can you please modify Illyrian roaster :) It would be nice if they had better peltasts
  4. Re: Playable Factions and Custom Battle (Updated 22.9.2013)

    THANK YOU BOTH!!!! I followed *Killergold88 instructions and it worked like a charm. I Thank you both. I think mod manager is so simple to use. Woooohhohoho!!!!!!!! "I am Bardelys The Illyrian. My...
  5. Re: Playable Factions and Custom Battle (Updated 22.9.2013)

    Wow people read over my post and it's like whatever this faction is pretty cool. WTF???
  6. Re: Playable Factions and Custom Battle (Updated 22.9.2013)

    When I select campaign tab from main menu my game freezes???

    **my steam Rome 2 is V1.3.0 Build 7129.456750

    **I placed downloaded files

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