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    Sticky: Re: GaW - Persia Preview

    I just noticed, the Greek Koine nominative (plural) for Lydians is Lydoi not Lydioi and the Greek for Phrygians is Phryges not Phrygioi. Also the Greek nominative plural for the Cilicians is Kilikes...
  2. Re: Which unit do you choose for your general & why

    With heavy infantry, generals can get stuck in a fight and unable to disengage and may get encircled. Also because of the number of men in that unit, they gain experience very slowly. They can also...
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    Sticky: Re: GaW - Persia Preview

    Justice to Persia! Wonderful units. They make the vanilla units loom even more plain and drab. It must have taken you a ton of work to make these but well done! The Karians and Phoenicians may look a...
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    Sticky: Re: Athenian Preview

    The units are nice but I also like the faces, they look more appropriate than the vanilla faces. Well done. +rep.

    Edit: I have the impression most Greek helmets found in excavations could not ...
  5. Re: [WIP] Wrath of Sparta Persia Roster Mod - Thousand Nations Pack

    Great units, justice to the Persians. How easy will it be to replace the vanilla units with some of these? Would you be able to release a plug-and play unit pack?
  6. Sticky: Re: Official TW: Rome II Praise Thread

    I find Rome II reasonably addictive at the moment, about as addictive as it could get.
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    Re: Officer Face

    Thanks for the tentative offer. That's great. Even just those two or three units you mentioned would be nice to have. We will contact you then, if things pick up again.

    The sailors you posted are...
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    Re: Officer Face

    These are nice, and could be used for something. Thanks.

    The model for the general is based on Gustav Adolf. However, there are no specific models for the faction leaders and heirs of particular...
  9. Online battle #9

    Two late period pitch battles in 13 minutes

    The first pike and shot battle was over in 4 minutes, a SEGA world record and both battles were over in 13 minutes. That is the result of a pike and...
  10. Re: [Released] Terminator's Units

    Is there a chance of some screenshots of your units? Can these units be added to the game by a non-expert or is there a bit of modding needed to add the units to Attila?
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    Indeed, you are right. The link is here However, I seem to remember some users had problems...
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    Re: fire-by-rank animation

    Oops, I had forgotten about this post of mine. Thank you so much I will check this out, seems along the lines I was thinking by looking at it. Thanks thanks thanks, +rep.
  13. Sticky: Re: Official TW: Rome II Praise Thread

    I like most things, especially after the patches. I was mostly a bit annoyed in the early days at the unit blobbing and some stuck sieges but these seem fixed. Since I have almost only praise, I have...
  14. Poll: Re: channel dedicated to realistic historical battles with REAL NUMBERS (100k men and more)

    Over the years, decades, centuries, army sizes in battles have been constantly revised downwards. Even the biggest and most famous ancient battles probably did not involve more than a few tens of...
  15. Re: Realistic reconstruction of the Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius. I'm disappointed

    The thread may be old but the unhappiness is lasting. The real-life models for this painting were not a queen and a Roman general. I do not even know what the artist had in mind when painting the...
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    faces and names

    I had not played Rome II since it came out until now, after the patches. The patches seem to have improved on some of the silliness (the blobbing, etc) and the battle AI is good. There is one thing,...
  17. Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play - part 3

    Battles at KŲnigsberg and Marienburg

    Game turns 55-66, summer of 1622-summer of 1623. The Imperialists dominate Bohemia and the Bavarians march north, making Bayreuth their vassal. The Duchy of...
  18. Re: Frequent crashes before and after battles

    Extracting it into both should not be a problem. Extracting it into text-EN should suffice if you afterwards chose English as your language.

    The procedure for getting an error log is shown here:...
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    fire-by-rank animation

    The fire-by-rank animation seems to have been a work in progress when the game was released. For sure, no-one should be just standing, musketeers should either be aiming and firing, or reloading or...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    I replied to you in the other thread but maybe others can add their comments.
  21. Re: Some questions about the mod

    As far as I know, no one has written on the achievements of the British soldiers in the Thirty Years War or about the deeds of the various characters who later fought in the English Civil War. That...
  22. Re: Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play

    Thanks for your appreciation. The Archduchy of Austria campaign is like being at the stage of having about 17 provinces after starting from just a couple, e.g. as WŁrttemberg, Baden, Bremen or Mainz....
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    The basic idea is here

    There is no guide as such though. Certain situations, such as the...
  24. Tamerlane's Anger

    Online battle #8

    Apologies to those of you who have seen enough sieges of the middle eastern fortress. I had once asked why no one played as Egypt or the Turks and was told they are weak factions,...
  25. Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play - part 2

    Sweden at war with Poland-Lithuania

    The Thirty Years War is back and in full swing. The battle of the White Mountain is fought as the Imperials march into Bohemia. The Duchy of Bavaria invades the...
  26. Re: Crash when switching from battle to campaign and vice versa

    Crashes when switching from campaign to battle and vice-versa can be caused by different screen resolutions for the campaign map and the battle map. Check in your options that you are using the same...
  27. Re: Help needed - events won't trigger

    Missing historical events may be caused by a corrupt save, caused by fiddling with the campaign_script mid-campaign or potentially some other cause, which is bad news. The good news is that the...
  28. Re: What did you guys do to change the Musketeers

    No, that would cause crashes in battles where the attribute is called up. In fact, the game will crash when loading because it will not compile properly. You will have to delete the attribute from...
  29. Re: What did you guys do to change the Musketeers

    To change the stats you will need to unpack M2TW and find in data the file called export_describe_units.txt (EDU). You will need to edit it by hand. Find a unit you like in the 1648 EDU and replace...
  30. Re: What did you guys do to change the Musketeers

    What would you like to change, the skins or the stats?
  31. Blitz siege

    Online battle #7

    Medieval II Total War online battle. A 3v3 siege, 30000 florins for the defenders, 45000 florins for the attackers, max 3 artillery and 3 cavalry, this time taking a walk to the...
  32. Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play

    Those of you who have played the Sweden and Denmark campaigns may have found the campaigns a little too easy. I am attaching a campaign script that makes these campaigns a little harder. Specifically...
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    Re: Recommended Factiions

    The hardest campaigns are probably the Palatinate, Bremen and Bohemia campaigns on very hard. Most of the German factions face hard campaigns, especially those that take the German Kaiser challenge....
  34. Re: Really bad campaign map lag... Any fix?

    M2TW uses only one core so demanding graphics can be an issue. Shadows on the campaign map definitely affect processing.
  35. Re: Will the Mongols ever stop?

    With the Mongols as Khwarezm you have to think outside the box.

    There are plenty of other threads about the Mongols in addition to those Paleologos gave. If you are playing with the Gracul AI,...
  36. Re: Help wanted to implement the animations

    The videos with the animations look great. Well done Lifthrasir! +rep

    Among the things that bother me with animations is the sliding as if fighting on ice one sometimes sees or the running in...
  37. Re: Turks are a bit weak on campaign map - I wiped them out after 5 turns!

    If the English are an issue then they can be removed, too. Their rulers were just former Norman nobility who after a while fancied fighting the French. They were rebels in a sense, living in their...
  38. Desert fortress siege

    Online battle #6

    Another online battle defending that desert fortress from the hordes of our enemies. A 3v3 online battle with 30,000 florins for the defenders, 45,000 florins for the attackers,...
  39. Pike & shot

    Online battle #5

    Medieval II Total War online battle, late period, 1v1. Musketeer and cavalry showdown against crossbowmen and artillery.

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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    You can extract the music by following this link

    See also for an example.
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