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    Sticky: Re: [Preview]The Roman Empire Part II-Tagmatic Units.

    But isn't most of the provincial Tagmatic units infantry rather than cavalry?
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    Sticky: Re: [Preview]The Roman Empire Part II-Tagmatic Units.

    I am wondering if the team is also creating the Tagamatic units that is based outside of Constantinople. I thought Tagmatic units were based in many other parts of the Roman Empire during this period?
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    Sticky: Re: Modding Summit and related discussion

    I think because the definition of "modders" is rather vague to begin with. A person who edits a large amount of .txt file and create a new campaign from that might call himself a modder even though...
  4. Poll: Idea: Old features from Rome I in DLCs (e.g. Family Tree)

    Since CA has already mentioned that it is impossible to mod in features like Family Tree in Rome II, the only alternative people have is to have these features being included in the new DLCs.

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    Re: DLCs: What Do You Want?

    I want a DLC that actually adds more immersion to the game. Such as a family tree, more political intrigue, having to deal with religion and etc. As much as I would want to manage my kingdom, armies...
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    Poll: The old Rome/M2TW engine vs the warscape engine

    I think one of the main reason why so many fans are upset with Rome 2 is mainly because they wanted to see a new Roman era game that is similar to the old Rome Total war.

    What they want is an...
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    Re: Modding Summit announced : late January

    I think it is fairly possible to mod the campaign map and add new factions. This is something that has always been possible on the warscape engine.
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    Sticky: Re: RS2's Future and Mod Ideas:

    Given all the texture mods that is making use of the textures for Rome 2, I am wondering if you guys would want to create a mini-mod for Rome 2 that aims to recreate the legion system. It is possible...
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    [Resource] Re: Preparing the Modding Summit - 2014, late January

    Can anyone ask CA whether is it possible to implement the family tree for Rome 2? Given that they are using the same engine as Shogun 2, some of the data could be found in Rome 2.
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    Re: Modding Summit announced : late January

    I am wondering if CA would be willingly to modify a few minor files in RTW's .exe to allow modders to increase unit limit, unit size limit and faction limit. That alone would be of great help for the...
  11. Re: Can DLCs sales be used to fund and extend long term patch support?

    I think everyone misunderstood my point.

    I am saying the sales generated from DLC can be used to fund free patches.
  12. Poll: Re: [UPDATE] First Look: Lanciarii - "Legatum ex Aquilarum" Unit Pack

    You can take a look at some of the RTW: BI invasion mods for more information regarding the late Roman army.
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    Re: Things you'd like to see in Patch 8

    A DLC would work.
  14. Can DLCs sales be used to fund and extend FREE long term patch support?

    I've recently look at the business model used by Paradox for their newer games that is released on steam, namely Crusader Kings II. One thing I like about their model is they are essentially using...
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    Re: Would have the older engine been more suitable?

    The biggest issue is CA decides to rely on motion-capture for their animation. However, they made a major mistake by focusing on individual duels. No matter what kind of engine you built, any game...
  16. Did motion-capture affect the dynamics of massed melee?

    One of the thing I felt was annoying was that using motion capture doesn't really help to improve the battles at all. Mainly because motion capture are usually done on a small scale, with 2-3 men...
  17. Sticky: Re: [book launch] Roman Military History (Römische Militärgeschichte) - reconstruction trial of a roman troop list of the sixth century

    Will you be releasing a translation of it in English?
  18. Thread: Kastresianoi

    by ray243

    Re: Kastresianoi

    How did the Eastern Roman Empire dealt with the "Roman" units that was still deployed in the lands of the former western Empire after 475? Officially those units are under the command of the Eastern...
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    Re: Warscape engine is not fit for Total Wars anymore

    During the Modding summit, CA revealed that they have almost forgotten/lost the source code for the old RTW/M2TW game engine.
  20. New or old features that can improve Rome II

    This is basically a suggestion thread to CA on what features can they add to Rome II that will improve the overall game experience. By new features, I do not just mean things like new unit abilities,...
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