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    Re: Voices

    I think the Aztec accent is Japanese, or am I wrong?
  2. Re: OPEN ALPHA release | DOWNLOAD v0.85 |

    Sorry, I meant your subsequent post, not email.

    The way to solve balancing problems at the campaign level is via the CAI. Which CAI has problems with an unbalanced ERE? Lusted, Savage or Gracul?
  3. Re: OPEN ALPHA release | DOWNLOAD v0.85 |

    These are good suggestions, also his follow-up email has excellent suggestions. Except contarati were usually professional soldiers, they were not militia.

    From Leo's Tactica:

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    Re: canons on the walls

    Cannons on walls were temporarily implemented in a beta version of the mod. They are not possible in the current version (because of lost or incomplete wall models). There is just one location on the...
  5. Re: OPEN ALPHA release | DOWNLOAD v0.85 |

    Those pikemen look nice, of course I forgot about the Scots having pikemen at this time. If the pikemen have no secondary weapons, they will only use their pikes. Byzantine pikemen had swords of...
  6. Re: OPEN ALPHA release | DOWNLOAD v0.85 |

    Timothy Dawson reviews the lengths of the Byzantine spear or pike and other armament in his article Fit for the Task.
  7. Re: OPEN ALPHA release | DOWNLOAD v0.85 |

    One thing that has frustrated me over the years is that the Byzantines do not have pikes. The Byzantine infantry was armed with a weapon called the contos (even called contarati in the mod). The...
  8. Re: A general guide to this game or a list of events would be useful

    Yes to a degree that is so, games are fun because of the learning curve and when you have learned a lot they become less exciting. On the other hand games can also be frustrating when you make big...
  9. Re: A general guide to this game or a list of events would be useful

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas. Some of that has been discussed in various posts. I do not think anyone has the time to write a guide of this kind. Most modders involved in producing the game are...
  10. Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play - part 6

    At war with the Kaiser

    The military reforms of Gustavus Adolphus and Maurice of Nassau have an effect similar to the Realm Divide in Shogun 2, as far as campaign obstacles go. It is a quasi-random...
  11. Re: Error after Intro, Game does not start

    Your error seems to suggest you are missing some files or have the wrong mix of files. Please read the error reporting sticky and attach your zipped error log to your next post.
  12. Re: Repeating crashes for Catholic League/Duchy Brunswick

    Please read the error reporting sticky, you have to set logs to trace in your config file, then when an error happens and an error log is generated, attach the error log to your post. It will be a...
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    Re: Two Handed Glitch

    Yes, in the 1648 mod they have higher defense and melee attack stats than other units. Typical pikemen have an attack of 3 (with a long pike with spear bonus of 12) and a defense of 9 and cost 500...
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    Re: Two Handed Glitch

    Have you ever seen a two-handed unit charge kill anyone? Their charge animation is such that they hold their weapons high, so no one gets killed. Their charge bonus is utterly pointless. They are...
  15. Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    South European fortress sieges

    Two more online battles, assaulting the Southern European fortress. The first one is on large unit scale (not huge as I am saying in the video) and the second on...
  16. Re: Steam Americas settlements

    Thanks for the quick response. Presumably then I need a patch that is not being automatically downloaded. I will search for the solution. On the other hand, I have yet to see an online battle with...
  17. Steam Americas settlements

    Is it correct that Americas on Steam only have the usual vanilla settlements (NE, SE and ME)? Or is there a patch for that? The DVD version of Kingdoms had native American settlements as an option in...
  18. Re: how to fight the mongols.... again!

    If you would rather not fight the Mongols choose a western faction, play with the Lusted or Savage AI on easy or normal difficulty. If you would rather fight the Mongols, play an eastern faction such...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    Very lovely. Gustav Adolf sends his heartfelt gratitude for the French war subsidies to the Swedish army.

    Have fun with your campaign.
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    Re: Bug screen

    You seem to be running the mod in a windowed mode. You can either change that, I think in the config file, or else adjust the resolution in the options menu.
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    Re: 1648: The Two Towers

    Many thanks Szikelkun for all those interesting pictures, much appreciated. We have Transylvanian units in the 1648 mod but of course a few additional ones for Two Towers would do no harm, if we can...
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    Re: 1648: The Two Towers

    The Two Towers are in a kind of hiatus. We need Monti back and his energy.
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    There are various discussions on the star fort walls. The modder who started work on those gave up and Gigantus finished them the best way he could but none of the rest of us had any experience in...
  24. Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play - part 5

    Collapse of the Catholic League

    War and peace with the Protestant Union. The smaller towns are modded forts and cannot be bought or sold, unlike the province capitals. This creates a problem when...
  25. Re: Campaign crashes on start up

    Send us the error report. Read the sticky first on how to send it, you will have to change your config file then replicate your error or else it is useless.

    Such problems are usually caused by bad...
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    Re: "Horde" factions

    Some mods may be star collection competitions. This is not one of them. Because of strong generals being too favourable to the player, I think we discussed making human faction generals much weaker....
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    Re: "Horde" factions

    Let me add that none of the factions that spawn armies have to be destroyed for any victory conditions to be fulfilled. Factions that spawn armies when destroyed are France, Spain, Transylvania,...
  28. Re: Napoleon graphic settings

    Yes that worked, I guess I had to set the settings to something. Changing the memory value solved it. Even with the 2Gb value it was possible to play with max settings. Thanks to both + rep.
  29. Napoleon graphic settings

    I have just tried to re-install Napoleon on Steam, I have 16Gb of RAM and one of the top graphic cards on the market at the moment and cannot set my settings above medium. What should I edit where? I...
  30. Re: Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play

    I do not know how automanage would work out with the mod, I have never tried it.

    I choose the buildings that are constructed myself and it's a case by case choice. Some towns have low civil order...
  31. Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play - part 4

    Denmark at war with the Kaiser

    This update covers the period from the summer of 1623 to March of 1626. There are regular rebellions around Marienburg. Stettin is purchased from the Protestant...
  32. Re: Some questions about the mod

    Thank you for your kind words. There is a plan to make a sister mod that will cover southeast Europe - the Two Towers. The idea was to have the possibility for a war between the Kaiser and the...
  33. Re: Excution error "stopped working" CL20r3 when launching

    Gigantus is a better expert. To me this looks like a Windows error. To start with, the mod needs an internet connection to start. You can start it in offline mode, however. Somewhere on this site...
  34. Pike & shot formations in the mod, according to faction

    I may try at some point, when I get the chance, to put together a guide on the pike and shot formations in a youtube videoclip. In the meantime, if you are wondering how the formations work in this...
  35. Sticky: Re: Total War: Rome II - Pictures & Videos Thread

    Baktria Campaign - two videos

    Baktria was one of the more mysterious successor kingdoms. Baktrian cities, located mostly in modern Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have only recently...
  36. Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Rome II Baktria campaign

    Not one but two Rome II battles from a Baktria campaign at normal difficulty. The campaign was fairly addictive, interesting and fun, ending with the conquest of Rome...
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    Re: Attila too dark

    Many thanks to all but especially to von stoker for his mention of TheSpartanC4

    His graphic enhancement mod seems a big improvement to what I tend to get with lightness and gamma at the...
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    Attila too dark

    Chain mail being made of metal reflects light almost like a mirror. Here is a picture of a recreationist wearing chain mail in daylight
  39. Sticky: Poll: Re: Official TW: Rome II Complaint Thread

    If garrisons were bigger the AI would probably never be able to sack anything.

    If you want to avoid enemy landings, build a fleet or two. I see no reason to go down the road of removing naval...
  40. Sticky: Re: Titanium Suggestions & Complaints

    The mods whose EDU I have tinkered with do not have armour upgrades, so I have never made my own tests. I should think an unarmoured unit with a defense of 0 means that it gets no modifier to a hit...
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