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  1. Re: [WIP] Preview of a big new mod we're working on.

    This looks interesting. Have you broken the Roman factions to be based on the historical Praetorian Prefectures?
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    Re: [Request] Move capital

    Unfortunately this cannot be done in-game as much as I know. This new game engine is crap and is horribly restrictive. You could move capitals only in Rome and Medieval II Total War games.

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    Re: Authentic Faction Names

    I think the OP should name the Eastern Empires to "Imperia Orientalia" instead of "Regna Orientalia". Why? Because Romans may have thought no empire was greater than theirs but we are not Romans are...
  4. Re: Less River Crossing Movement Cost!

    Ignore him mate, he is a troll.
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    Re: Raise the Bar on Frustration

    Really bad post. Writing 'learn to deal with it' won't make the game better for anyone. CA should

    As for Shogun II, let me point out:

    1. Actually, it is very slow now. That stupid arcade speed...
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    Re: FLC Revealed *Spoiler*

    I agree with everything that has been posted in this thread. Sigh, another Germanic faction.

    BUT, CA don't read these forums unfortunately. And looking at their recent obsession with Germanic...
  7. Re: Virtually Never Fought A Defensive Siege Manually So Far

    This is the main reason I manually play battles that I am going to lose for sure, in any TW game. To deal the maximum damage possible before losing, so that defeating the army in question becomes...
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    Poll: Re: Which faction would you want!

    Gupta Empire.

    Why? Because it was the wealthiest empire of this era, and one of the most powerful ones in history. It was one of the four superpowers of this era. alongside Romans, Sassanids and...
  9. Re: [PREVIEW] - Taksashila (Mauyran Empire)

    They look great! But you have to add some real shields for them as well, and some colour to the tunics if possible, in many sources and surviving Mauryan art Indians used colourful clothing (major...
  10. Re: Most ahistoric thing you've ever done?

    As England, I abandoned everything and migrated to Timbuktu, and then sold off my last province on the British Isles to France FOR FREE (who then fought endless wars with Scotland :P). I was trying...
  11. Re: has your faction ever been destroyed by AI?

    Yes, many times. By the AI.

    There were many times when I left my cities unguarded and AI sneaked an army from the other side which I couldn't defend against. There were 2-3 games of mine where I...
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    Re: That Awesome feeling.

    The most awesome feel I get is when I invade Greece as anyone except barbarian factions, and find a full-stack defending a city. I had many of these epic sieges that never get boring.

    Or when I...
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    Re: General Died Peacfully?

    It is impossible to retreat from a siege battle as a defender, so no matter where you put your general during the battle, you'll lose him if you are defeated (alongside all your units).

    If he was...
  14. Re: Level of detail on the campaign map.

    Well the campaign map of Rome II in general is crap. It is full of bad design decisions (like Syracusae, but there are many others), has horrendously lazy box-like coastlines that are all cliffs,...
  15. Re: RotS - Why small clans declare war against me?

    This is weird. I have been playing the game since 2012, and never encountered any such thing. Not even in the game's code when modding I could see any such thing.

    Also, Darthmod removes cheats...
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    Re: Is Rome 2 still getting patched?

    Hey, that is Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express! :D

    One of the most famous trains of India, used to be the fastest earlier, and ever since I was 3 year old (if not earlier) I have been riding that...
  17. Re: The Last Roman Campaign Pack- Campaign Map Reveal

    Another mini-campaign with less than half of the rest of the world? No buy for me.

    The Roman Empire's campaign to retake the west became possible only when they carefully used diplomacy and bought...
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    [Released] Re: FotS: Proper Languages

    I CAN download with filefront, but it seems the file was taken off and the site cannot find it. Thus the link is broken.

    Can anyone please upload this to a different file hosting site?
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    Re: BullGod Unit Icons Continuation Project

    Any news? Or is this mod dead just like so many others?
  20. Re: Is there a way to remove ships from the game?

    I don't know if that is fully possible, but it would break the game for sure. There are many places accessible only by sea, and for that you need some kind of ships.
  21. Re: what the heck the ship battles are broke!

    In all TW games up to Medieval II, every time when a battle became unable to progress, it ended in a forced draw. This prevented the game from becoming an endless heckle.

    For example you attack a...
  22. Sticky: Re: SHOW the STRENGTH of IMPERIAL SPLENDOUR [Screenshot Thread]

    But...but he is still in college years! :P
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    Sticky: Re: The "Say "Cheese" thread (Read OP for rules)

    Thanks guys. Gotta love wearing traditional Indian clothing. :)

    All I am missing is a feathered, jewel embedded turban and a similarly covered sword.
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    Sticky: Re: The "Say "Cheese" thread (Read OP for rules)

    Finally got to wear the traditional outfit again:
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    Re: Funniest/Trolling moments in ETW

    Nice, and I will once Steam finishes redownloading Empire (had deleted it to make way for Attila).

    To say though, I wasn't complaining at all. I actually like seeing Marathas sailing around the...
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    Re: Light Infantry

    Actually, light infantry are as important as line infantry if not more. They play a decisive role in battles by flanking and harassing enemies, capturing strategic areas around the battlefields,...
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    Re: Just obtained Nappy!

    If you haven't played Shogun II mate, you are missing out on a great game. Not buying Rome II and Attila is justified, but Shogun II itself is the best polished and most complete Total War game to...
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    Re: Other Napoleonic Wars games or mods?

    There is Paradox's March of the Eagles, a very nice game focused on war campaigning rather than battles. So you won't get to see real time battles, but you'll have a detailed campaign and military...
  29. Re: Is Rome 2 as bad as some people make it seem?

    Attila is basically Rome II with some fixes. But at the same time it retains almost all of Rome II's nuisances. Both games are built on that god-horrible :wub: engine named Warscape that is neither...
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    Re: Unique cities in Rome 2?

    Babylon looks like a walled village though, like a poor hamlet with hardly any population but stone walls around it.

    I raised this point back in 2013 about CA's utterly lazy job they did with some...
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    Re: Stolen Mods on the Workshop!


    Find the man here on TWC if he is here, and ban him forever, dear moderators. Stealing mods and passing them off as your own is a grave crime.

    I hate nothing more than someone who does...
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    Re: Just got Shogun2

    Vanilla is indeed a solid experience. In my opinion you won't even need mods to fully enjoy the game, it is that great.

    Darthmod is nice, although I haven't played it from a long time. Play it for...
  33. Re: What to expect from new mod tools ??

    No full modification of the campaign map itself?

    Rome II's campaign map coastlines are hilariously poor and lazy with jagging everywhere, like some of the early version map mods of RTW and...
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    Re: Legion flag standard

    Roman Army had ranks, which was further divided as you went down the list:

    Consular Army/Imperial Army (any number of legions depending upon situation)
    Legio (9 regular Cohors + 1...
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    Re: Geography Scrabble

    Germania Magna.
  36. Sticky: Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Hellenistic Military Reforms

    Amazing. Simply amazing. Now it will be really a blast to play as the Hellenic factions.
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    Sticky: Re: The Map

    Looks awesome, though as said the coastlines look a bit jagged.
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    Sticky: Re: Beta Release - FO 0.95!

    Is this mod still being worked on? Looks awesome.
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    Re: Mitch joins CA

    A hearty congratulations to Mitch, although the enormous talent he has means it was bound to happen sooner or later. :)
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    Re: Funniest/Trolling moments in ETW

    Playing Sweden, I was allied with Mughals. I decided to help them out by fighting Marathas.

    3 turns later a Maratha fullstack lands not far from the capital. I defeat it while taking heavy...
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