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    Re: World of Warships

    I've enjoyed it so far. The tier 1 ships are a bit of a struggle in that they are slowish and undergunned.

    I've unlocked the Japanese tier II cruiser and it's a big change over the tier 1,
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    World of Warships

    Has anyone else managed to get into the closed beta?

    I have to admit that I 'splashed the cash' (well, credit card) and bought the pre-order pack of three ships. I then had access to the game...
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    Re: Celtic DLC announced

    Is there a date for when the Celts will be playable (if you buy the DLC)?

    I've looked but can't see anything obvious.
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    Re: Realease date the 17 or 18??

    It's doing pre-allocating etc prior to being run (UK here)....
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    Re: Realease date the 17 or 18??

    Hey, I grew up in Perth WA (Scarborough) but am now based in the UK. While I was working in Edinburgh in 2008 I did go to the Scottish Perth and other places.....

    Anyway, in Steam the game...
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    Re: Create and open the mod section.

    I think the way that TWC tends to do this is to wait for the game to be released and then add a number of new areas to reflect the standard structure of such parts of the forum.

    Apart from the mod...
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    Re: Let's Play Viking Forefathers

    Watching these two play was like watching two pensioners have sexual intercourse (I imagine as I've never seen that).....

    In the defense battle (of the sacked settlement) didn't they have some...
  8. Re: Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    I still have GeForce experience on my PC and that does not trigger anything.
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    Re: Second Punic War - Roma Surrectum II

    The OP reuested this thread via PM be deleted but I will close it instead.

    PM sent back to OP.
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    Poll: Re: Will you be preordering Total War: ATTILA?

    @Demetrios - if you think R2:TW launch was bad it was nothing compared to the mess that was E:TW. as the campaign grew the AI turns (even with fog of war on and follow AI moves off) took longer and...
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    Poll: Re: Will you be preordering Total War: ATTILA?

    Does anyone expect a "collector's edition" or similar to be revealed closer to release?

    As far as I can tell there is only a single version on offer at the moment.
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    Re: Torrent download

    I know in the past that a torrent has been made available for RSII.

    However, I would presume the team would like to know what is going to be offered in the torrent. Foe instance: Has there been...
  13. Re: Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    No problems!

    Happy New Year to you to.

    I'm quite happy that I appear to have resolved this problem - a number of times the installers kicked in during the day while I was playing an on-line...
  14. Re: Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    The 'Simon' is me and it's the first part of the Windows account name that I use.

    I can only presume if it was you that had the software and your account name was 'IrishRon' then that file would...
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    Re: Computer freezing.

    A PC locking up can also be caused by overheating.

    When I had problems with this I used Prime95 which is designed to hammer the memory and show any defects there. It's supposed to be able to run...
  16. Re: Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    The usual thing - want to try and sort it out.....

    I ran Task Manager when the two installers started and right mouse clicked one of the tasks and selected 'go to process'. This then shows that...
  17. Re: Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    I was looking at the task scheduler as the AVG Tune Up Utilities found some dubious enties in there when it was checking.

    When the PC boots up and Windows starts I still get at least two...
  18. Re: Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    Ah, if you mentioned msconfig I would have known what you were referring to as I had to remember what I used to run the other day when this problem started to happen!

    I looked through the startup...
  19. Re: Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    Where is the system config folder?

    I actaully let the thing install and then did a reboot - it tried to install itself twice more on startup.... Grrrrrrr

    Edited: I looked in various folders...
  20. Preventing Software from trying to install itself

    Recently for some reason Free Studio decided it wanted to be downloaded again - maybe a software update.

    I have a Windows 7 64 bit OS - all software is up-to-date.

    I used the custom...
  21. Re: How often do you have to RMA computer parts you have ordered online?

    I bought a PC back in 2008 that I thought would last me a long time.

    However, I found that it was unstable when playing some computer games. It took a while to investigate but it was identified...
  22. Re: Another fine mess - Shield Designs Splattered all over Roman Faces

    I thought it looked like someone had 'branded' (using heat) the soldiers rather than a tatoo.
  23. Re: Unit reveal: Athenian Armoured Marines (Athenai)

    Are they trying to make it look like these figures have tatoos on their arms?
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    Re: 21MB- new patch?

    My patch today was 493.4Mb....

    I've not played R2:TW since the day after WoS was released.

    There was also a 1.6M update to S2:TW.
  25. Re: Total War: ROME II- Wrath of Sparta Campaign Map Reveal

    I think you will find that this has nothing to do with WoS but it's caused by the patch that came at the same time - you will need to wait for the 20 odd mods to be updated for the patch.
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    Re: Wrath Of Sparta - User Reviews

    I played several different campaigns (Boiotian, Sparta) and found that my cautious play style meant that when I decided to attack an enemy settlement by the time I managed to get close it had been...
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    Sticky: Re: Wrath of Sparta Out Now!

    It means at that time for whatever reason the game did not recognize that you had bought the DLC.

    There is a message that tells you to restart Rome 2 - this is only if you were playing the game...
  28. Re: Wrath of Sparta - Sparta and Athena Campaign playthroughs

    Well, my R2:TW has been updated but I still have to wait another 1:19 to run WoS....
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    Re: Can't play battles

    Do you have any mods installed? If so remove them and see what happens.

    The very least you can do if there are no mods is to 'verify integrity of game cache' - right moise click the game in Steam...
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    Re: No units description

    My guess is that it's the mods that are at fault. Install one at a time and see which one is causing the problem and then raise it with the author.
  31. Re: Wrath of Sparta - Sparta and Athena Campaign playthroughs

    Watching the Boiotian League one did my head in - they ignore the second starting army, choose spies because of the name rather than the attributes, recruit units outside the settlement (with no...
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    Re: Wrath of Sparta DLC not installing.

    The best way to see when this should unlock is to go into Steam and then into the shop. Look for Rome II and under the available DLC it should show WoS - click on that and under the 'pre-purchase'...
  33. Re: Wrath of Sparta Campaign playthrough part 1

    Thanks for that I don't see that but that may be as I've already pre-ordered.... No, I just didn't look hard enough....

    I didn't think games were released that late in the day (16:00 ?).
  34. Re: Wrath of Sparta Campaign playthrough part 1

    Does anyone know what time this is released tomorrow (UK time)? Thanks.
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    Poll: Re: Wrath of Sparta vs. Attila, what do you buy?

    I've pre-ordered WoS but I'm not that interested in Atilla.

    I guess that may be down to the fact that although I played R:TW to death and was part of two modding teams (RTR and RS) I was never...
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    Re: Today's Update (1st December 2014)

    Yes, just spotted that. Thanks for the link though.

    It contains a link (here) to this:

    Technical and performance improvements

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    Today's Update (1st December 2014)

    Does anyone have any information on what is in the 24.6Mb download for R2:TW is?

    I've checked this forum, checked the Steam news and I can't find anything (so it's probably being posted as I write...
  38. Re: Help opening game console (~ not working)

    better still the kill_faction <factionname>....
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    Re: New Unique Pergamon Map (screenshots)

    They weren't very effective and eventually I threw one rock back. I didn't hit them but it seemed to 'do the trick'....
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    Re: New Unique Pergamon Map (screenshots)

    On one of my visits to Turkey I stayed in Pergamon (Bergama) and had a walk around the acropolis and walked back into town from there (dodging rocks being thrown at me on the hill by some...
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