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  1. Re: Really bad campaign map lag... Any fix?

    M2TW uses only one core so demanding graphics can be an issue. Shadows on the campaign map definitely affect processing.
  2. Re: Will the Mongols ever stop?

    With the Mongols as Khwarezm you have to think outside the box.

    There are plenty of other threads about the Mongols in addition to those Paleologos gave. If you are playing with the Gracul AI,...
  3. Re: Help wanted to implement the animations

    The videos with the animations look great. Well done Lifthrasir! +rep

    Among the things that bother me with animations is the sliding as if fighting on ice one sometimes sees or the running in...
  4. Re: Turks are a bit weak on campaign map - I wiped them out after 5 turns!

    If the English are an issue then they can be removed, too. Their rulers were just former Norman nobility who after a while fancied fighting the French. They were rebels in a sense, living in their...
  5. Desert fortress siege

    Online battle #6

    Another online battle defending that desert fortress from the hordes of our enemies. A 3v3 online battle with 30,000 florins for the defenders, 45,000 florins for the attackers,...
  6. Pike & shot

    Online battle #5

    Medieval II Total War online battle, late period, 1v1. Musketeer and cavalry showdown against crossbowmen and artillery.

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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    You can extract the music by following this link

    See also for an example.
  8. Re: Trouble with patch 5, Steam version

    You need to follow the installation procedure here:

    Once you have done all that, the mod will start with all...
  9. Re: Will this mod work on M2TW Gold Edition unpatched?

    Do you own the CD version? The Gold edition includes Kingdoms, if I am not mistaken, in which case this mod will work.

    If you have the Steam version, there are some instructions here how to make...
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    Re: 1648: The Two Towers

    Thanks once again Mircea for your invaluable contributions. Could you find any information on whether any of the Romanian and related factions used pikes, pike and shot formations or whether they had...
  11. Lebanon fortress siege

    Online battle #4

    Siege of a middle eastern fortress with the Turks and Milan defending. Defenders had 30,000 florins, attackers 45,000 florins. Rules: 3 artillery and 3 cavalry maximum per player,...
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    Re: 1648: The Two Towers

    Halberds had replaced axes in the 17th century and some of the best halberdiers were from Switzerland and Northern Italy. If the Greek rebels are led by Charles Gonzaga of Mantua, the choice is...
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    Re: 1648: The Two Towers

    Thanks again Mircea for all that amazing research +rep!
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    Sticky: Re: Pictures and Videos

    Pixelated Apollo has just completed 200 online battles. He commentates them in a fun way, here is one of them, selected completely randomly.


    You can find the full list in his...
  15. Elephants, reiters and camel gunners

    Online battle #3

    A colourful battle featuring all the m2tw animals: elephants, horses and camels. It was also an opportunity to field a pike and shot army. The rules were no rules, as we believe...
  16. Re: has your faction ever been destroyed by AI?

    Talking about the Tarascans, yes - there was an Americas campaign when I was playing as the Apachean tribes. I was only in the 20th game turn or so, when the second biggest faction made the third...
  17. Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Online battle #2

    Egypt and France defending a ME fortress against Venice, England and the Moors. Defenders 30k, attackers 45k.


    Edit: My ally, pgrifoni, did a great job in...
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    Sticky: Re: Zenghids - faction preview

    Sorry, I realise the movie lags now and then, partly because of the large number of units. As Byzantineboy said, we want to have a mod first, the previews are not top priority. Once we have solved...
  19. Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Online battle #1

    Turks, Moors and Venetians defending a Middle-eastern fortress against the English, Spanish and Scots. Defenders: 30k, attackers 40k.

  20. Re: Chaos Theory? + Feedback

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I will check when I get the chance. The game is tested by Geomod and there are no reported errors. There may be stability issues with a couple of the points you are...
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    Sticky: Zenghids - faction preview

    Zengids - faction preview

    A quick videoclip with one of the new factions, the Zengids.

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    Re: Campaign AI

    Thanks for the feedback. The AI can be made more aggressive, it depends on what the gamers want.
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    Re: 1648: The Two Towers

    Great, thanks. Your input is invaluable. Seventeenth century historical information from former communist countries is hard to get by.
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    Re: Duchy of Bavaria bug?

    There is a script that allowed some factions to re-emerge in version 1 of the mod, after they were destroyed. These were non-playable factions. I believe this currently happens only with Bayreuth...
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    Re: Duchy of Bavaria bug?

    I have often seen this, the spinning cursor eventually resolves itself, though it may depend on available memory. The game seems to have trouble with the destruction and re-emergence of Bayreuth.
  26. Re: super duper crypton pikemen?

    The latest patch removes oil from gates.

    Pikemen are the unit the AI can use best. Cavalry is the type of unit the human player can use best. You cannot expect a challenge and weaken the pikemen....
  27. Re: A problem about stainless steel

    vsync slows frame rate
  28. Re: How to turn off the blinding snow storms?

    I don't think it is possible but start a new thread if you want to find out, or check in the modding workshop.
  29. Re: Windows cannot find 'kingdoms.exe.'

    He said he is not using steam. Orgasmus, can you check you can play other M2TW mods? If you can play other mods, open the RoTK cfg file with notepad or wordpad and check that the file calls the...
  30. Re: Fire arrows vs incendiary bolts?

    Setting roofs alight would provide extra illumination in night battles. But of what use would it otherwise be in the context of this mod? These bolts do not seem to be aimed at enemy soldiers.
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    Re: Period Accurate Armor?

    The uniformity of most medieval armies in most mods is a bit unhistorical but it is also a matter of practicality. It is nice we have any models at all.

    I do like the illustrations you posted...
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    Re: foreign units?

    Traits for more movement are logistic traits and good racer traits. The first you get by expending all your movement points every game turn. It is such an annoying thing to remember to do if you have...
  33. Re: Riga and the Protestant Union

    I am having a go at a Swedish campaign, too. I am working on a variation of the campaign script that will make the Sweden and Denmark campaigns a little bit more challenging, by encouraging the...
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    The melee units did nothing except drink Turkish coffee in that battle. Perhaps they were not even needed. The only 2 casualties were from friendly fire. The various units, including the cannons,...
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    The SS6.4 battle AI is very well made but the later units have such high attack that it is still easy to abuse the AI. I had a couple of fun nights giving the AI a hard time, you can see the results...
  36. Re: Best Setup for Anti-stack spam that provides a reasonable challenge?

    Big Grim Reality was made probably for Savage. Gracul on VH/VH should be hard enough by itself probably for most factions.
  37. Re: Mongol invasion gets stuck and just sits around 1 city?

    Don't knock the Mongols until you play as Khwarezm. In Stainless Steel, the Mongol invasion is scripted differently and with some campaign AIs some other factions can suffer in addition to ...
  38. Sticky: Re: 1648 - Thirty Years of War: 3rd Place 2013 Modding Awards - Most Popular Hosted Mod - Medieval 2: TW

    And the most popular modder in the 2013 awards was Gigantus. Thanks to all those who voted. A little bit of appreciation is never a bad thing.
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    Was that from a siege?
  40. Re: How is stable is your game?

    In game terms, "bankrupt" only means a faction has used all the money it had for that turn. The money may have been used for units, buildings, diplomacy, anything. The word does not have the same...
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