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  1. Re: [Decision] Smileys in the Vestigia Vetustatis

    I think it can take away some of the seriousness of the context in place. But I don't think there is a need to ban it from the VV.
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    Sticky: Re: General Discussion

    We already have a stickied thread for these details.

    We haven't started on that faction yet.
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    Sticky: Re: Isengard Models Preview

    We will be releasing open alpha before the year ends.
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    Sticky: General Discussion

    Mordor in terms of position in middle earth wasn't behind Gondor they were over on their right, plus the Adriatic Sea could represent the river Anduin.

    It would add a bit of realism to a map that...
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    Sticky: Re: General Discussion

    I would have assumed that Mordor would be Macedon, would make more sense.
  6. [Release] The Age of Petty Kings - 1.0 Release!


    The Age of Petty Kings for Medieval 2 Kingdoms is a submod for Westeros : Total War. The creators of the submod have just unveiled their grand release of 1.0, in the release you'll...
  7. Re: Daughters of middle earth?

    If you could that would be great, do remember we are basing it off the Tolkien books. (I'm sure you know anyway)

    Either here...
  8. Re: Daughters of middle earth?

    It does open up the chance to make really diverse unit rosters.
  9. Re: Moiunt and Blade Warband, and Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars.

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    Re: Guess Who?

    The faction in the OP is :censored:, I mean was it that hard to guess?
  11. Re: [Decision] Give full members a custom user title

    Support, lets see if we can finally get this passed.
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    Re: Guess Who?

    Keep going...
  13. Re: [Amendment] Open Prothalamos to posting by Full Members

  14. Re: Massive Forum changes caused by a minor Membership base

    Why not welcome the change, if people were that concerned about the change don't you think they would have intervened. Just beacuse the so called "minor Membership base" have actually stepped forward...
  15. Re: We have another home

    There is two mods based on the same lore. This one, Total War : Middle Earth or Middle Earth : Total War which is based on the Tolkien books. Also you have the other mod which is Rome 2 : Lord of The...
  16. TWC Olympics Rome II Final: TACTICS!


    DarrenTotalWar presents to you the TWC Olympics Rome II Tournament final! In this best of three scenario, Reptillicus battles Sobchack for total victory in the tournament. Check out...
  17. Sticky: Re: UI previews/2D Art (sigs,userbars etc)

    Updated OP:
    -added 2.0 to UI: In-battle.
  18. Re: We have another home

    Created a steam group,
  19. Re: We have another home

    We will be releasing an open alpha at least before the end of the year which will greatly help us in terms of bugs and such that might be in-game.

    Look here for more details....
  20. Mod Preview: Troy Reborn (v1.3)


    DarrenTotalWar has taken a look at the mod "Troy Reborn" by LongPig for Total War: Rome II. Troy Reborn adds the faction Troy to the Grand Campaign and changes the game to 4 turns...
  21. Re: We have another home

    No it isn't, we might look into creating a group. We don't have a steam workshop page yet as we've not released anything to the public yet. Thanks for the suggestion.
  22. We have another home

    Check us over at the moddb website.

    You will find some new screenshots not shown here, for example the Rohan Horse Masters.

    Some great information in here. Thanks!
  24. [Release] Rome II: Pyrrhus At The Gates

    Pyrrhus At The Gates for Total War : Rome II (HATG), is a mod that is set during the campaigns of Pyrrhus of Epirus and his wars against...
  25. Re: Moiunt and Blade Warband, and Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars.

    He PMs everyone, but as you said you weren't going to make it He took you off the list. So either contact him about getting back in or just wait til He sees the comment about you returning. Bear in...
  26. Re: Moiunt and Blade Warband, and Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars.

    I was the only one that turned up yesterday for the start of it. So IlluminatiRex is going to reschedule.
  27. TWC Olympic - Rome 2 Tournament finished!


    In the map of the Statue of Zeus there was a massive and bloody
    battle and from it arose the champion of the Rome II Elimination...
  28. [Release] Rise Of Three Kingdoms v1.0 - Release

    Version 1.0 of Rise Of Three Kingdoms has just been released for Medieval Kingdoms : Total War. The mod is set during the 100 year civil war in China in the 2nd...
  29. Re: Sparta, A Return to Glory?

    The culprit.
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    Sticky: Re: 3D Units Preview - Rohan

    Just thought I'd show some more images, bear in mind the unit pack I have is an old version. Whereas the new one has improved models and detail.
  31. [Release] The Italian War - 4.0 Battle Version Release

    The team of The Italian Wars mod for Medieval Kingdoms : Total War have released a 4.0 battle-version of the mod. In this you will be...
  32. Sticky: Re: UI previews/2D Art (sigs,userbars etc)

    Finally! Thanks.

    Yeah, its not final and there are some other areas that need touching up but at the moment they aren't priorty as the Rohan UI that I have been working on is. Regarding the...
  33. Re: The Opifex and lesser TW-awards...

    I never they said weren't, I was pointing out that the votes for awards made in the curia are made based on the persons contributions. Not whether the mod is determined "popular" because it has...
  34. Sticky: Re: UI previews/2D Art (sigs,userbars etc)

    Updated OP:
    -re-uploaded all UI images to a hopefully more secure host site.

    Do a hard reset CTRL+F5, and try the pictures now. On other news the Rohan in-game UI will be previewed soon.
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    Sticky: Re: Ltd.īs preview thread

    Impressive work!
  36. Sticky: Re: UI previews/2D Art (sigs,userbars etc)

    hmm, I'll see what I can do.

    I've found my account on imageshack, so I'll be able to store them all there. Should have them all replaced if I can salvage them.
  37. Sticky: Re: UI previews/2D Art (sigs,userbars etc)

    All of them?
  38. [Release] Shogun 2: ACW North & South II - Unit Pack Release

    ACW - North & South II is a mod for Shogun 2 : Total War which aims to bring the world of Japan to the start of the American...
  39. Re: The Opifex and lesser TW-awards...

    You are both getting the wrong end of the stick, the yearrly modding awards which is determined by the votes of the community is different to how awards and such are given here, (which I'm sure you...
  40. Re: Now, how about a UI patch?

    You can easily do 2 out of the 3 you list there on your own.
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