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  1. Re: Alternative to Medieval II Total War

    Those are great games indeed, vastly underrated.

    Personally, I also love playing Crusader Kings 2 whenever I want a great campaign set in Medieval 2 timeframe, that game has no match.
  2. Re: Basic Question about Dread in M2TW

    I would also like to add another question - does a high dread general cause enemy troops around him to lose morale? I was reading somewhere how a max-dread general made enemy units waver and rout...
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    Re: Torch Throwing

    Well, torches are there and they'll stay there. Warscape engine AI is thoroughly incompetent at sieges, so CA created a lazy childish gimmick as a workaround in an attempt to hide their disastrous...
  4. Re: Hopefully R2 and Attila are the last historical games to have this engine

    Completely agreed.

    Warscape engine is terrible, a heinous piece of :wub: that shouldn't have existed. It has some merits but so many issues striking at the core of TW series, that it was not worth...
  5. Re: Should Amazon Total War 9.0 be made with Total War Rome II?

    Wait, there is going to be a Medieval 2 version of this mod? Excellent! :D
  6. Re: how to Add indian faction to rome total war alexander ??????

    You mean, making Indian faction playable on the campaign map of Alexander?
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    Re: Is Rome2 worth buying?

    Yep, by authenticity I meant unit uniforms mostly. Rome 2 got uniforms and looks of the units at release very right.

    And snake onagers? Wow, I didn't even know about it. This is just stupid. No...
  8. Re: Possibility to control both armies in custom battle?

    As much as I know, unfortunately that is not possible.

    Multiplayer is the only way where you can try this out...and that would require at least two PCs placed close enough to each other. That or...
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    Re: Is Rome2 worth buying?

    In defense of RTW, I would like to offer my opinion.

    Original RTW vanilla isn't good at all when it comes to historicity, that's true. It had Hollywood Romans with Ninjas, bronze-age Egyptians,...
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    Re: The Pope is a giant tool (again)

    I just gave you a +rep. This was hilarious. :)

    Personally, my rivalries and wars with Popes never last long. I am swarmed by Crusaders or Inquisitors depending upon who I am playing. Crusaders are...
  11. Re: The Squalor symbol - What does it represent?

    That's how I like to play - great rulers don't bother with concepts like 'people' and 'mercy'. Anything that comes in way, is eliminated. :D

    Wait, I have actually seen that happen in Medieval...
  12. Re: [WIP] The Barbarian Invasions - Overhaul Mod for the Grand Campaign with 8 New Starting Dates from 395ad-681ad.With new Custom Units.

    If you need any help about Gupta Empire, especially it's politics, economy and administration system, I would be happy to help. :)

    Still researching on Gupta military and tactics, but feel free to...
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    Re: Non-steam version still available?

    Non-Steam versions is still available here in India at least, through online retailers like Flipkart selling original disk versions. All the first 4 games, from Shogun 1 to Medieval 2. Including some...
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    Re: Richard Beddow's music, not bad!

    I would say Richard Beddow is a good musician. His soundtrack in Empire was nice, the one in Napoleon was absolutely amazing and he deservedly got an award for it as well. I have listened to some of...
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    Re: Is Rome2 worth buying?

    Depends upon what you want with the game, OP. This game is playable, it has good graphics but not that enjoyable in my opinion.

    If you are playing for the campaign, you are going to be...
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    Re: medieval 2 total war withdrawal

    I use withdraw button in following situations:

    When I am starting to lose the battle, and continuing it would result in more casualties. So I keep around 4-5 units to hold up and slow down...
  17. Re: The Squalor symbol - What does it represent?

    It represents that your city is becoming overpopulated, overcrowded and poverty-ridden, giving a rise to slums, disease, dirty urban area, loads of crime, inefficient management and such. And the...
  18. Re: Possibility to control both armies in custom battle?

    Both in, you want to control two factions in a custom battle at once, right?
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    Re: All captives are enslaved

    In Rome 2, slaves improve economy to a big extent, but having too many slaves would start creating problems, and if not controlled it would soon result in a massive slave revolt.

    Does it work the...
  20. Re: I brutally betrayed my ally... and it worked! (ERE campaign)

    This is actually a brilliant strategy. I used to try the same thing in Shogun 2 where many factions start off at war with someone that could be a powerful ally instead.

    I haven't played this game...
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    Re: [PREVIEW] Wonders and ports in EB 2.2

    Goodness heavens, these are breathtaking! And those port scenes are good as well, better than those in Rome 2 in fact.
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    Re: [RELEASE] Westeros: Total War v0.53

    Any mirror link, please? Filefront never works for me, and no, it is not my browser either.

    I would be really grateful if someone could upload this mod somewhere else. :(
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    Re: Stainless Steel just won an award

    Congratulations to all the devs and people who contributed to this mod! SS totally deserved that award. Well done and kudos! ;)
  24. Re: Stainless Steel 7.0 Preview I: Gameplay Features

    ...I just wish they would announce that it is officially dead. That is much better than not communicating and keeping everything in the dark for years.
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    Re: ah shogun those were the days

    I loved that movie (Ran), and I love this game. Absolute classic.

    I wish they had brought back the good old throne room from Shogun 1 to the sequel. with awesome voice acting from Togo Igawa...
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    Re: Tenka Fubu

    Sigh...finally managed to download after 9 tries...
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    Re: Tenka Fubu

    Please upload this on a mirror (Mediafire and the like). The downloads from TWC itself seem to be broken. I cannot download a single mod from here even though it was working fine a few months ago. :(
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    Sticky: Re: The Sekigahara Campaign - General Discussion

    Cannot download. The TWC link simply stops working after a while for no reason, and Firefront link download button leads to a malicious page which I will not access. Can anyone please upload the mod...
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    Re: Mirror needed

    Sorry for necro but a mirror is really needed. I cannot download from TWC because it runs for a while and then automatically fails. The other Filefront link doesn't allow downloads because my browser...
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    Re: Cities: Skylines

    I have rather mixed feelings about this expansion. While it is good on one hand, I think they should've spent more effort on actual gameplay mechanisms rather than cosmetics. They even locked the...
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    Re: Crusader Kings 2

    Seduction focus is the most annoying thing ever, though, out of all the other issues. I cannot even have my daughters come of age without them getting Lover's Pox at the age of 16 and popping out 2-3...
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    Re: [MOD] Romance of Three Kingdoms

    I played the version before Conclave. Really enjoyed it. In my first game I was defeated within 5 years because my character was childless and apparently it was not a good idea to try and assassinate...
  33. Re: New Dev Blogs for Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord

    I am worried at the pace and speed of development though.
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    Re: Cities: Skylines

    ...And apparently now we have the new expansion, Snowfall.
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    Re: What the hell is wrong with India???!

    The interesting part is, all these sites ranting off their anti-India articles seem to be from Britain.

    I don't know what British people harbour against India, but for some reason they are always...
  36. Re: What factions of that period (and included in the game) had female leaders?

    Cleopatra of Ptolemaic dynasty, though technically the actual rulers would be her husband-brothers, who were the Pharaohs of Egypt.

    Then there is Boudicca of the Iceni. But other than that, none I...
  37. A new historical TW game already in development?

    I just saw this article:

    The full text:

    And this is taken from the, as...
  38. Re: 6 reasons why older total war games are better than new ones

    One reason - Warscape engine.

    As long as they stick with that god-horrible steaming piece of turd they call Warscape engine, they will keep failing hard until they bankrupt themselves. Shogun 2...
  39. Re: If Garmatia is the last Faction... do we Mod the rest now???

    Seems like they are finally dumping this game too. This is sad. I wanted to play Gupta Empire of India, which was the wealthiest and most powerful empire on earth in this time...not to mention it had...
  40. Re: Did foreign troops fight in the Boshin War? (Fall of the Samurai)

    What I wonder is, why would Britain land it's own troops in Japan? By this time they had raped India out of existance, Mughal Empire was dead and all former Mughal and Maratha breakaway provinces now...
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