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    Re: Campaign Unit Multilpier

    Can anyone else confirm that 40 unit armies are working?

    and, double size units?

    I was crashing twenty or thirty turn in, but that was back at patch 3/4 time frame.

    Anyone have any clearer...
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    Re: Blood & Gore announced!

    I'm going to purchase and download Blood & Gore. I'd like to support CA, even though they bungled the release of RTW2. I haven't liked a vanilla release from CA since the original MTW, but have...
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    Sticky: Re: Bran Mac Born DMN Mod Edits

    This mod finally makes the game a challenge. Playing as Britain, I lost Scotland fairly early, and nearly lost Ireland. I have the Islands under control, but this requires a fair amount of...
  4. Re: Campaign Crashing during AI turn sequence, both new campaigns and saved ones

    Ditto. I'm using Magnar's mod, and crashing in 261. If I reload a few saves back, I can get passed the crash turn, only to crash a turn or two later. Always crashes on the same AI faction, but the...
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