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  1. Re: What are you doing in the forums?

    It's so complex you'd need the tianhe 2 to run an algorithm to explain it.

    I accept this great honor.
  2. Re: What are you doing in the forums?

    -Working in the art/UI department for Middle Earth Total War
    -Working on Veni Vidi Vici Total War
    -Doing some work on a UI mod for Rome 2
    -Oh and working in the news content :tongue:
  3. Re: Suggestion for Event's (Adding Lore)

    You ought to post them in the ideas thread so that everyone can see.
  4. Sticky: Re: POTW 379 - Submissions!

  5. Re: Moiunt and Blade Warband, and Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars.

    I'll join both then.
  6. Re: Moiunt and Blade Warband, and Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars.

    How is it judged, will an overseer spectate the battles?
  7. TWC Olympics: Rome II Tournament Preview


    The TWC Olympics kicks off tomorrow with the Rome II Elimination tournament! DarrenTotalWar has taken a look at the rules, maps and players that will be participating in it and...
  8. Sticky: Sig Service/Avatar Service/Userbar Service

    How's this.
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    Re: Release

    Plus they have a lot of movie referenced units afaik, which would be useless to us.
  10. Sticky: Re: Sig Service/Avatar Service/Userbar Service

    How are these?

    Avatar 1

    Avatar 2
  11. Re: Hither the wicked cometh.

    Death will not cometh.
  12. The Gamer's Gazette - Issue 9

    Issue 9 of The Gamer's Gazette has been released, this issue contains reviews of games such as The Watch Dogs, Thief and more! Those who are...
  13. Re: [Preview] Divide et Impera 0.95 Patch

    Great work! Can't wait for the release.
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    Re: Patch 14 Beta Notes

    Still nothing on the LOD.
  15. [Preview] Rome II: Medieval Kingdoms Total War - Video Preview


    Medieval Kingdoms is a mod for Rome II: Total War that aims to bring the ancient world to 1212 AD. The mod has released a video preview featuring units from it's mod. The video...
  16. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Medal] Omnipotent-Q for Novus

    Q, the one who helped me ever since I started as a staff member thoroughly deserves this recognition of his involvement and dedication to the site and towards those involved in it. Based on that, a...
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    Sticky: Re: Suggestions and Ideas.

    we will be changing a lot of the icons within the campaign which also includes buildings.
  18. Sticky: Re: UI previews/2D Art (sigs,userbars etc)

    looks like the image host site has removed them, I'll see what I can do with getting them re-uploaded
  19. Sticky: Re: UI previews/2D Art (sigs,userbars etc)

    Updated OP

    -Added the UI: In-battle section to show Isengards preview.
  20. [Preview] Rome II: Iceni Head Hurlers Preview

    Sebidee is continuing his unit pack series and lately He has been working on a new unit for the upcoming Iceni expansion pack for Total War: Rome II, the...
  21. The Helios: Issue 70

    The Helios is back with its summer edition. Please join us here and see all there is to offer, from an analysis of the Fall of ...
  22. The Top 10 Things You Like In Rome II


    DarrenTotalWar has asked the Rome II General Discussion here on TWC and others around the web what their Top 10 things they like in Rome 2 are. You all responded in great detail and...
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    Sticky: 3D Units Preview - Rohan

    Try now.

    Some in-battle images below. (The steam in-game screenshot utility doesn't provide the best of image quality so bear that in mind.)

    Form up!
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    Sticky: Re: 3D Units Preview - Rohan

    Some in-battle images below. (The steam in-game screenshot utility doesn't provide the best of image quality so bear that in mind.)

    Form up!

    Ride! Ride!...
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    Sticky: Re: 3D Units Preview - Rohan

    Bear in mind the "Some close ups" image is only has around 3 units in clear view, if you were referring to the variation within the each unit for example in the Rohan infantry you can see...
  26. LegendofTotalWar: Battle of Alesia on Legendary Difficulty


    LegendofTotalWar continues his historical battles by doing the Battle of Alesia on legendary settings. Check out the battle in the video above and discuss about the result in the link...
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    Re: Heroes

    the only way I could see this being possible is through the use of types of buildings and possbility types of tech trees you choose, i.e building or researching a certain item will add a specific...
  28. Steam Summer Sale: Rome II and Rome II DLC 50% Off

    Have you been waiting for the right time to pick up some Rome II DLC? Well the time is now! Rome II and its DLC...
  29. Discussion: Multiplayer in Total War


    DarrenTotalWar opens up a discussion about Multiplayer in Total War, specifically how it was simplified in Total War: Rome II and how it could be improved for whatever the next Total...
  30. Critic's Quill: Issue 42

    The new Critic's Quill Issue is out, with extensive coverage of the Writer's Study and quite a good number of articles. Check it out right away.
  31. Rome II Mod Preview: Imperium Aeternum


    DarrenTotalWar takes a look at the latest mod from Idreaus, "Imperium Aeternum" for Total War: Rome II which is an overhaul mod for the Grand Campaign with brand new factions such ...
  32. [Preview] Shogun 2: Morning Sun

    The year is 1545 and Japan is in turmoil so how will you tackle it? You can choose to become a rich nation from trades with Korea and unify Japan under...
  33. [Release] Sebidee's Suebi Roster Expansion

    Sebidee brings 22 new Suebi units to Total War: Rome II with his roster expansion. Wolf Dancers, Unblooded Youths, Axe...
  34. [Preview] INVASIO BARBARORVM - RESTITVTOR ORBIS Alemanni Preview
    INVASIO BARBARORVM - RESTITVTOR ORBIS presents a preview of the Alemanni.

    -View More Here -
  35. Ultimate General: Gettysburg

    The speed depends on the difficulty you choose, I hope this will be an Ultimate General: series.
  36. Re: Ultimate General: Gettysburg

    Congrats on the release.
  37. [Release] Rome II: ChampLoo's Gold Unit Compilation

    The champLoo's Gold Unit Compilation mod for Total War: Rome II, combines all of champLoo's unit packs together to create this massive compilation. Which...
  38. [Release] Rome II: Legions of Rome

    The Legions of Rome mod for Total war: Rome II vastly overhauls the legion units for Rome. The mod includes over 20 unique individual units each of them...
  39. Rome II Mod Preview: Spartacus Rises


    DarrenTotalWar takes a look at the newest hit mod for Total War: Rome II, "Spartacus Rises" and breaks down some of the key features that have been implemented in this Hannibal At...
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    Re: Forum Tagging

    Support, would like to lend a hand in the "operation tagging" as well.
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