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  1. Re: Political Attitudes In Europe [A Political Narrative of my travels in Europe and encounters with European Culture] *1 Half of Chapter 1 Updated

    Will read the first chapter when I can, looking forward to more - sounds like a very interesting read. :cool:
  2. Poll: Re: [Citizen] Stildawn (Patron: Lord William)

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    Re: House of Cards Season 3

    Just finished, pretty much agree with what you are all saying.

    Not as good as 1 & 2 by any means, but hopefully sets things up for a better round in Season 4.
  4. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Okay, I have a look through your thread, and honestly I think you are expecting too much from the CW section, not your fault, but you need to look at the norm. You have a reliable readership base in...
  5. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    I think you make a fair point, it can be saddening when your works don't the recognition you think they deserve - and being honest with ourselves whilst yes we all write for fun, it is always nice to...
  6. Re: Citizen application formatting.

    I've moved the Gudie to Patronising New Citizens into the QP, good idea. :bow:
  7. Sticky: Re: [Election-IV-2015] Curator - Debate Thread

    I've enjoyed my first time, so I'd like to give a second one ago. As to what makes a good Curator, I think as long as you have a not too busy 3 months and an interest in the Curia you can make a good...
  8. Sticky: Re: TWC Member Awards 2014: Discussion Thread

    Best of luck everyone. :thumbsup2
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    Re: My day sucks because

    Or do something unusual and blow everyone's mind by getting a settlement with the person 'acting' as the opposing council, that way you can go up to the judge and say a settlement has been reached,...
  10. Poll: Re: TotW 236: The New Shadow - The Vote!

  11. Poll: Re: TotW 235: Mare Umrae - Tie-breaker!

  12. Sticky: Re: Duels and Challenges: Commentary, challenging, discussing, trash talking - ALL HERE!

    Anyone? :duel:
  13. Sticky: Re: [Election-IV-2015] Curator - Application Thread

    I'll apply.
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    [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Amendment] Section 1

    Moved to Vote:
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    Poll: [Amendment] Section 1

    Proposal Thread


  16. Sticky: [Election-IV-2015] Curator - Debate Thread

    Q&A for the Curator applications. :cool:

    Apply over here. :bounce:
  17. Sticky: [Election-IV-2015] Curator - Application Thread

    This is up a day late, my bad... I just don't want to go. :P

    Apply to become the next Curator. :happy:
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    Re: House of Cards Season 3

    Can we start putting spoilers for each episode? I don't want anything to be spoilt. :P

    Pissing on his dad's grave... classic Frank, although we saw a softer side when he had that crying...
  19. Sticky: Re: TWC Member Awards 2014: Discussion Thread

    Ah okay... :doh::doh:
  20. Re: Citizen application formatting.

    So true! :laughter:
  21. Poll: Re: [Citizen] Stildawn (Patron: Lord William)

    Poll up.
  22. Poll: Re: UK 2015 General Election (not too early I hope?...)

    His first name is David?
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    Sticky: Re: Curial Election Commentary Thread

    As Makrell was the only one brave enough to become the next Censor and the weeks application process is over he is now the new Censor, his term beginning on the 3rd March to replace Doctor Shuu....
  24. Re: [Election-III-2015] Censor - Application Thread

    Makrell it is, looks like he scared everyone else off. :D
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    Re: TotW 236 - The New Shadow

    Made it. :D 341 words.

    His eyes glowed a bright white as he sucked in the light from the street-lamps around him, covering the area in a dark shroud. Silently, he prowled down the cobbled street...
  26. Sticky: Poll: Re: MCWC IX Second Place Tiebreaker!!!

    Voted... best of luck. :cool:
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    Sticky: Re: MAARC LV Winners!!!!

    Hitai must be on at least a silver medal by now, who is keeping track of his points?! :cool:

    Well done to the winners. :thumbsup2
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    Sticky: Re: MCWC VIII Winners!!!!

    A big congratz to everyone, especially to those who secured a podium place, good job. :D
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    [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Amendment] Section 1

    Ah it's already been done, as it isn't in an INS tag everything is okay. :P
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    Re: Darren joins CA!

    You are missing the badge. :surprise:
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    Re: 2013 Modding Awards

    We haven't, but the data is still being collected for that so I didn't want to pre-empt any categories without seeing what sort of numbers we are dealing with. Fear not, there will be awards for Rome...
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    [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Amendment] Section 1

    Leaving these changes this long has made me start twitching, any support please so I can get them done? :P

    I know there is the whole rank discussion that needs to take place, but that sort of...
  33. Poll: Re: [Citizen] Stildawn (Patron: Lord William)

    I have no idea, I don't know the GSTK scene in any detail having never played it myself (it started way before my time and I never ventured their when I played the GoT RPG), I just knew what it stood...
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    Re: 2013 Modding Awards

    If that isn't enough I don't know what is. :surprise:
  35. Sticky: Poll: Re: TotW 235: Mare Umrae - The Vote!

    No worries, tie-breaker it is. :D
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    Re: News please?

    They look awesome. :)
  37. Poll: Re: [Citizen] Stildawn (Patron: Lord William)

    GSTK is an acronym for God Save the King which was the first/one of the first RPG's on TWC set up years go, going through numerous iterations since then. It was set in Medieval England with expansion...
  38. Sticky: Re: TWC Member Awards 2014: Nominations Thread

    More to come if I get the chance, but want to push ahead with these before the submission closes!

    Best Debater: Dante von Hespburg; Aik;
    Favourite Writer: Hitai de Bodemloze; Radzeer; Merchant...
  39. Poll: [Citizen] Stildawn (Patron: Lord William) [PASSED]

    Please note Lord William is the patron, he has asked me to post this application on his behalf.

    Hello All Citizens

    I came to TWC about 7 years ago (wow has it been that long, makes me feel...
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    Re: 2013 Modding Awards

    Thanks THK, although I don't think Hex would let something like that happen, I may be wrong though.

    And y thanks for those graphics, looking awesome. :)
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