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  1. Re: Could the A-bombs have been dropped in unpopulated areas for the same effect?

    That would be a terrible plan, because we didn't have more bombs waiting. Three Bombs. Gadget. Little Boy. Fat Man. In August 1945 that's all we had. It would almost a year to make more of them....
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    Re: Dwarfen Melee Infantry Blog

    Warhammer's Dwarfs use pack animals for hauling cargo where they haven't already laid track for trains, but they don't trust them for riding. A dwarf likes his own two feet firmly planted on the...
  3. Re: Church of England to consider a transgender naming ceremony

    The Queen of the United Kingdom is the head of the Church of England. Twenty Six Members of Parliament are Bishops. On the other hand it doesn't take government money, so it could be worse.

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    Re: Organ Gun ridicious

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    Re: When can North America Play???

    I didn't get accepted and I'm glad.
  6. Poll: Re: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

    That's not racist. Saying garbanzo beans make better falafel than fava beans is racist.
  7. Poll: Re: Paying ransoms to ISIS to save the lives of hostages

    Those barbarians would show up more and more often and demand more and more loot until you couldn't pay and then you'd have to fight. Or they'd take the loot and just attack.

    Money should be...
  8. Poll: Re: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

    Semitic people generally are phlegmatic.
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    Poll: Re: Would you date a transexual?

    It's still essentially having sex with an open wound in a man's groin. There's nothing not :wub:ed up about it.
  10. Poll: Re: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

    I'm not here to be popular, I'm here to be right. :whistling

    Illahin vs Elohim same thing.
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    Poll: Re: Would you date a transexual?

    Would I be top with a really cute effeminate bottom with a boob job and good make up? Why not.

    There's asking me if I'd go gay and then there's asking me if I'd move to Provincetown. The second...
  12. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: Kingdom of England

    I think it would be better to have England as a single faction. Similar institutions to the English Parliament were pretty normal in Europe, be it the French Estates, German Diets, or the Spanish...
  13. Re: Dwarf race/faction, underground fighting.


  14. Re: Future lord of the rings mod for warhammer

    Halo has drop pods.

    It's the trans-atmospheric equivalent of a parachute.

    Power Armor in Starship Troopers is not very similar to Space Marine armor. Mobile Infantry are more like Tau...
  15. Re: China Cannot into Capitalism - Chinese Economics thread

    Well if the economy tanks the Chinese government will lose all credibility. They've only really been tolerating Beijing's BS because it was making them money.

    I'd expect a massive uprising by...
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    Re: "China big big"

    Italian Fascism wasn't far right fundamentalism. It was Centrist authoritarian.

    Everyone thinks being radical and authoritarian makes you right wing. Italy was Nationalistic and Socialist. That's...
  17. Re: Japanese emperor expresses remorse over WW2 for the first time

    So now that they've apologized I will less often refer to Japanese people as sexual deviants and barbarians. Not never, but less often.
  18. Re: France train shooting: Three hurt and Moroccan man arrested

    Once again, American saves France.
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    Re: Legio Throwing arrows? WTF.......

    Yep, "lead weight" in Latin. Because its basically a tactical lawn dart. Throw them up and they fall on people and go into their heads.

  20. Re: Social Justice 101: Power Privilege and Oppression

    By punishing the good people and rewarding the scoundrels.
  21. Poll: Re: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

    No. For the same reasons.

    Jews and Muslims? I don't really see a difference in deity. More of the usual sectarian schisms concerning who is and who isn't a prophet and some interpretations.
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    Re: Legio Throwing arrows? WTF.......

    You do realize this is Attila not Augustus right?
  23. Poll: Re: Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

    Both religions say they worship the one true god. Therefore they would have to argue that it must be the same god because its in their interest. Christians claiming Mohammad was a false prophet and...
  24. Re: If you could restore the youth of a famous person, who would it be?

    I want Clark Gable to be my wing man.

    But ideally this scenario would play out in his lifetime because the tail was better.
  25. Re: Massive Explosion at Chemical Factory in Tianjin

    You deserve a promotion Major Obvious.
  26. Re: Transgender is actually pro-patriarchy, and a counter-revolution to patriarchy

    I have the body of a horse, the mind of a man, and the soul of a lion.
  27. Re: Bandages are RACIST! - Sweden Strikes Again

    They make band aids in black skin tones. I've bought them myself by mistake. They may not be widely available in Sweden, but that's probably because Swedish people don't have skin color.
  28. Re: Possibly the best TW yet with improvements

    Yeah the Spanish campaign is fairly brilliant. If only that level of detail could be done for the entire continent.
  29. Re: How Goldman Sachs takes over a country (Denmark)

    The Britons were barbarians. Then the Romans civilized the Britons. Then the Saxons turned them back into barbarians. Then the Irish civilized the Saxons. Then the Normans showed up and turned the...
  30. Re: Warhammer Timeline = possible Questbattles(?)

    I just don't like that they aren't doing seasonal stuff.
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    Re: Imperial helmets

    I just sort of figured Bretonnians are Angevins.
  32. Re: How Goldman Sachs takes over a country (Denmark)

    Since when has Denmark been a country?
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    Re: ISIL War in Iraq and Syria

    I still don't get why we're picking sides. Kill everyone. Colonize with Californians.

    It's like my final solution to the Floridian problem.
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    Re: Thoughts on Siege?

    We can't stop here. This is bat country.
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    Re: Implementing Skaven

    Skaven were driven out of Lustria thousands of years ago. The Serpent God of the Lizardmen incarnated around the same time as Sigmar. There was a genocidal war. The Skaven and Lizardmen contest the...
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    Re: Gamescom stuff

    There are 12 Runefangs and the first College consisted of Twelve Elector Counts. The Electorate of Solland was sacked by Orcs, its Elector slain, and the Elector of Wissenland pushed their claims on...
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    Re: Thoughts on Siege?

    Orcs basically just set up camp in the other races settlements and stay until they're out of loot. Orcs should have to sally forth.
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    Re: Total War is being attacked as racist

    I think the estimate for Merv alone was like a million people killed, missing, or displaced.
  39. Re: Future lord of the rings mod for warhammer

    That's not totally true. Gondor certainly has elements of feudalism. Dol Amroth is clearly a fief and one could argue even Rohan exists as a fief of the Steward, albeit with quite a bit more...
  40. Re: Total War: Rally Point 28 New Total War: Warhammer Info

    Rome II looked great, was marketed to hell, and was a tremendous disappointment.

    This looks bad and is being undersold so it should be good if not great. :cool:
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