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  1. Re: CTD during campagin turn 40, New Broken Crescent 2.4

    In my modded version of 2.3, I found that if a building allowed too many different unit types to be recruited, the game would crash. It wouldn't do it right away, but only after that building was...
  2. Thread: New hardcoded list

    by A_B

    Re: New hardcoded list

    There is a limit to the amount of units you can have at each level of the barracks in the EDB. I haven't counted the max amounts at each level, but it is relatively low for the first two levels, and...
  3. Re: More than 20 units in army Single player Campaign-Success

    40 units on this mod would be great. Forty units seems much more epic, and this was an epic period. I've been using forty unit in Darthmod, and it would be hard to go back to twenty.
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    Re: Campaign Unit Multilpier

    Can anyone else confirm that 40 unit armies are working?

    and, double size units?

    I was crashing twenty or thirty turn in, but that was back at patch 3/4 time frame.

    Anyone have any clearer...
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    Re: Blood & Gore announced!

    I'm going to purchase and download Blood & Gore. I'd like to support CA, even though they bungled the release of RTW2. I haven't liked a vanilla release from CA since the original MTW, but have...
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    Sticky: Re: Bran Mac Born DMN Mod Edits

    This mod finally makes the game a challenge. Playing as Britain, I lost Scotland fairly early, and nearly lost Ireland. I have the Islands under control, but this requires a fair amount of...
  7. Re: Campaign Crashing during AI turn sequence, both new campaigns and saved ones

    Ditto. I'm using Magnar's mod, and crashing in 261. If I reload a few saves back, I can get passed the crash turn, only to crash a turn or two later. Always crashes on the same AI faction, but the...
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