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  1. Re: Where Did the Forum Go?

    have you checked the cemetery section of the site? you might be able to find them there again.

    ^ Ignore.
  2. Re: y2day's y2new y2workshopy

    How is your project coming along? Eager to see what else you can come up with, especially those mushroom superheroes :)
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    Re: Dictator's 3D Models

    OP updated:

    3D section:
    - Longfaced Pirate :capn argh:, (more info on the OP)

    2D Section:
    - Bird of Paradise (more info on the OP)

    I need to start organizing my OP, it's starting to look...
  4. Re: Rome II Windows 10 Won't Launch

    Would be good to detail how you solved it if anyone else stumbles on this problem.
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    Re: Dictator's 3D Models

    Thank you, I really do appreciate that.

    Updated OP:

    Added a rifle version of the ManMetler pistol.

    - ManMelter 3600ZX Rifle
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    Re: Dictator's 3D Models

    Updated OP:

    ManMelter 3600ZX Pistol

    Just a little something I made over this weekend as a slideline project with everything I have going on at Uni, sorry for the lack of the updates for the...
  7. Sticky: Re: CA business practice discussion thread

    You mean SEGA.
  8. Re: Stuck at splash screen when loading part 1

    See if any of these methods work in fixing your problem.
  9. Re: y2day's y2new y2workshopy

    Looks great! You could implement these into the TWC Store for all sorts, maybe if you were up to it do a range of these for different factions and put them in a line or whatever for a t-shirt or...
  10. Re: Humble request for 2d Art.

    He wants the scene pictures that are shown for events, for example in Rome 2 when someone is murdered there is a cloak and dagger I believe? But yeah He basically needs a 2d artist to edit the...
  11. Re: Rome II Windows 10 Won't Launch
  12. Importing custom buildings?

    Is it possible to do so? or even edit a pre-existing building? For battlemaps just to be clear.
  13. Total War: WARHAMMER Gameplay Video - Dwarfs Let's Play


    (Thread used for TWC news content)
  14. Re: Dontfearme22's Art Dump

    Yeah I believe so, its only when the voting takes place where it kinda has the line drawn. Best to ask Y really.
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    Sticky: Re: Screenshot Thread

    A fun battle :)
  16. Re: [PREVIEW] Divide et Impera 1.1 - Unique Supply System

    I think you took what I said wrong, I never implied that it should be removed I was just querying on it because it was mentioned that the A.I doesn't get greatly affected in some areas on the OP. I...
  17. Re: Rome II Windows 10 Won't Launch

    I get this problem as well, and I can't launch the GEM Configuration, I've downloaded the file 3 times so it can't be download error.
  18. Re: [PREVIEW] Divide et Impera 1.1 - Unique Supply System

    1.1 is looking to be a major update.

    In regards to this I think it all sounds excellant, shame that it can't be fully integrated with the A.I. However a way to look at it is, isn't it making it...
  19. Re: Diocle's Gallery, drawings, pics, screens. (Post 1 updated 09/15/'15)

    Some very impressive shots, I especially like the last one!
  20. Re: 100 Units per stack (Working)

    Did you mention at any time that you had a video... No you didn't.

    If you had then you'd have avoided all of these requests for proof.
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    Re: Dictator's 3D Models

    Updated OP:

    -MK 1 Tank Update 0.6

    Thing's left to do for it,

    -Texture the tank
    -Re-do the grass placement
    -Finalize the scene
  22. Sticky: Re: DVK901's work on custom settlements,THE PICTURES

    Seeing all of this new work is just pilling up the need to play this mod, the thing that's stopping me? .....Steam.
  23. Re: 100 Units per stack (Working)

    I too am interested in seeing a picture.
  24. Re: War Thunder - F2P WW2 plane "MMO" from the makers of Wings of Prey

    We ought to have a thread dedicated to skins?
  25. Poll: Re: New Mod Announcement - Caesar Imperator

    Not just that I do a lot of 2d art, if you take a look at the now dead mod METW I was doing their 2d work. And I've also done some file editing but they were for Attila however its pretty much the...
  26. Poll: Re: New Mod Announcement - Caesar Imperator

    Sounds very interesting, do you need any help for it?

    Looking forward to Pax Romana as well.
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    Re: Frosty's Workshop

    I use gimp myself just for quick editing like for signatures, and photoshop for larger in depth projects.

    Anyway, what I mean by soft remove is the Eraser tool in GIMP if you adjust the brush...
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    Re: Empires of Sand DLC

    Anyone know what the new free faction will be in the update that comes along with it?
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    Re: Trajan wars

    It's Emperor Trajan He is referring to and the wars fought between the Roman Empire and Dacia. Hence the Trajans column in Rome depicting the Dacian wars.
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    Re: Power of G.E.M.?

    check out these presets
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    Re: Frosty's Workshop

    Work on the quality that you display your images, for example the image on the bottom left has remaining pixels of its white background, same as the top left and around batman.
    Think about maybe...
  32. Sticky: Re: Sig Service/Avatar Service/Userbar Service

    I haven't done a request for a while and felt like doing my own twist with bits of what you requested, I know Frosty is doing it but I just wanted to get a bit of practice in.

    Any updates or preview coming? I've been eagerly waiting since you unveiled the project.
  34. Re: Dontfearme22's Art Dump

    Welcome and let us see more of your work :)

    I really like the design of the second Eras of Rome logo
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    Re: Dictator's 3D Models

    Hey guys,

    I'm really sorry about the lack of updates and such, I'm now back down at university so my updates should be a lot more frequent.

    Updated OP:

    -Updated the MK 1 Tank progress, under...
  36. Re: Veni Vidi Vici Total War(VVVTW)

    Yes it is still alive, just progress is minimal.
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    Re: Dictator's 3D Models

    Merged with post above.
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    Re: Dictator's 3D Models

    Updated OP:

    - Newton's Cradle
  39. Sticky: Re: RTW from Outer Space: Rome Total History 2.0 Plutonian Edition!

    -Place the main folder "RTH" in Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Gold folder
    -Go onto steam and where your RTW game is right click-proporties / then click on set launch option / then paste in...
  40. Total War: Warhammer - The Luminark of Hysh

    (Thread used for TWC Content)

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