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  1. Re: ArmA3 Happy Fun Time Platoon - ALiVE | Operation Helen

    Event announcement. For all queries, questions or to sign up please visit the Arma subform here.
  2. Poll: Re: Do you hope that the final Rome 2 will be better than Rome 1?

    There is little to discuss here that can't be discussed in, for instance, Has Rome II now finally reached the level of Rome I .

    Thread closed.
  3. Replies

    Re: Unit Spotlight: Stealth Units

    And with that, I'll close this and re-direct you there.
  4. Poll: Re: Rome 2 players; is it the quality of the vanilla game alone that keeps you playing, or are there other factors? (read before voting!)

    All line of posts that were responses to the "brain dead" comment have been removed for continuity. Please, you can certainly discuss and disagree without resorting to insulting other forum members
  5. Re: I don't like this Martin Luther King Jr thug too much

    Thread closed indefinitely.
  6. Thread: Mod request

    by Darth Red

    Re: Mod request

    I moved your thread from the Rome 2 general discussion into the Rome 2 modding forums under WIP, Idea's and proposals.
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