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  1. Re: This is Total War achievement combo with Veni, vedi, vici

    I'm abit confused. "Veni, vedi, vici" is the Win a campaign with military victory. Are you asking how to win the DeI 1.1. with Military victory conditions, i.e. with Rome?

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    Re: Epic results thread

    Holy moly, nice work. :P I once went up against a couple of slingers resting ontop of the highest cliff on Germania. My medium roman infantry got rekt 100-0. Ouch.

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    Re: Gratz to Dogbert & co

    Deman told me today he's played the TW series from around M1TW, so it's not completely new. It's still no less impressive.

    What I would really like is if I could be reminded of these things in...
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    Gratz to Dogbert & co

    For their ESL shows. I'll actually eat my own hat and say this wasn't so bad to watch. I recommend anyone who's fairly interested in competitive gaming or total war in general to check out their...
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    Re: Roman Infantry Composition

    Regional units usually have some form of resistance to the warm and cold climate, making them tier less quickly. An exhausted unit is heavily reduced in all combat capabilities.

    The stats that...
  6. Sticky: Re: [Support] Post your questions about the supply system here

    The problem with that, as far as I know, is that it messes with how battles are auto-calculated. Auto calculation supposedly count number of men in a battle to it's strength, not the quality of the...
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    Re: Spartan Skirmishers

    If the enemy have more than two ranged units vs my light cavalry, I always try to send a tank -unit with reasonably big shield and high armor value to be the first flanking unit. Allow him to go...
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    On the use of pikes

    Hi. I'm pretty bad when it comes to pikes and I'm hoping to learn how to use pikes efficiently.

    So in my latest campaign I had access to some pikemen, Chalybes Spearmen and Tarantine White Shield...
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    Re: DEI feedback :-(

    In regards to archers and slingers, as was explained in the battle overhaul preview/video posted by KAM, archers do more burst, while nerfing their sustained damage. He upped their dmg, but lowered...
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    Re: The day the forum died

    I want to tell you my opinion from being a long time lurker, poster and fan of the series for some time. I've always been very proud of being a member of this forum and talk to my friends about Total...
  11. Re: [PREVIEW] Divide et Impera 1.1 - Unique Supply System

    In my experience playing for odd 300 turns now as Rome with an empire stretching from Belgium to to Italy and a few Black Sea colonies, I rarely see any other fleets. The sea is more or less empty. I...
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    Re: Request: How to Slavery

    I think you need more mass murder in your life, my friend. ( out of context, that may sound horrible :hick: )

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    Re: Best place to station armies

    You're incentivised to to place armies in regions that have a garrison building (yellow building). I'm also fairly certain that armies receive buffs to their logistics upkeep by being fairly close to...
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    Re: Auxiliary Recruitments

    To give people who are not familiar with the backstory, Aux units were recruited in one province and had to be stationed in other provinces to prevent those aux units from being a danger to the...
  15. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Impressions, Critiques and Requests for 1.1

    My god, I'm stupid. I missed it and you're absolutely right. :laughter:

    I mean, I don't know what the team's idea of the size of an ancient baggage train looked like. Weather it's suppose to be a...
  16. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Impressions, Critiques and Requests for 1.1

    Give (barbarian) baggage train unit a few female civilians on top of those horses. Once all the men were dead, the Cimbrian Women would kill their children and walk into Marius' Romans to die rather...
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    Re: Trying to create my own story

    The best thing about using Rome for these things is the vast amount of ingame content (legions, multi-reforms, houses, massive amount of local Romanized units) with huge amount of premade stories...
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    Re: How to economics?

    I'm going to section this into income and expenditure. Go over the fundamental terms in the game, how they interact and talk a bit about what an ideal scenario looks like to me.

    Rome 2's...
  19. Sticky: Re: Post your questions about the supply system here

    Do you mean like we can click on those small legends buttons on the lower right corner of the screen to see the fertility level of each region, similar to Attila? That would be kinda cool.

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    Sticky: Re: [Tech] Bug Reports 1.1 Version

    Marian Baggage Train unit card is a random vanilla unit card ( simple drawing, red white colors ).

  21. Sticky: Re: Post your questions about the supply system here

    Supply lines are not passively connected via sea. Your armies in Sicily require Supply Ships to supply overseas campaigns.

  22. Re: Do you find with DEI 1.1 that you cannot afford as many elite units?

    As a civilized faction

    Since elite unites were nerfed ( higher cost and upkeep ), and levies buffed ( lower cost and upkeep ) I have two armies instead of one. The vanguard doing the heavy work,...
  23. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: The Teutonic Order

    Amazing work. ;)

    How many men did the Teutonic order faction encompass compared to Poland, Lithuania, Novgorod and Hungary at the time? I'd imagine they were at a significant disadvantage.

  24. Re: So, how does the new character archetypes work?

    Oh ok, I think see what you mean now. You mean those, rather extensive, character descriptions? For example Circumspect (Mature), Magnanimous, Cheerful (Aged), etc.?

  25. How do you accomodate your build style for the new changes to the supply system?

    Before 1.1 DeI was straight forward head smashing your puny neighbors from turn 1, but now I have to think 5 steps ahead. Not only army movement, but also what buildings to build where. I never used...
  26. Re: So, how does the new character archetypes work?

  27. Sticky: Re: Post your questions about the supply system here

    I've read that an army close to a city or ship are able to reep it's resources. What is considered "close"? How far away can I be from a city? Can a ship stand next to a cliff, and jet give resources...
  28. Sticky: Re: Post your questions about the supply system here

    They are a recruitable unit. Certain city buildings allow you to recruit caravan unit or ship that you take with you on the battlefield. It doesn't stack, so only get one for each army.

  29. Sticky: Re: Post your questions about the supply system here


    As far as I know, the available food can only be seen by looking at an army or fleet, not on the city.

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    Re: Divide et Impera 1.1 Released!

    This is the reason I buy Total War games. For everyone who has contributed to DeI, thank you very much.

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    Re: Arena is going to hurt CA in the long run

    All these large multiplayer games tend to have a life span of about 10 years give or take, SC, WoW, etc. In that spirit, League of Legends, a large contender in the MOBA scene right now is entering...
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    Re: Chaos Warriors Race IS pre-order DLC

    I wish CA and SEGA good luck with their new product and their expanded company. I'm done with this kind of stuff and it's sadly going to end a long line of buying all their installments, sometimes...
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    Sticky: Re: [Official AoB Preview #5] The Sea Peoples

    I like the quality. Nice. ;)

  34. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: Kingdom of Georgia

    Nice units! I have a question if you don't mind. The medieval Georgian army from previews mods has always struck me as well-rounded and not lacking in either infantry, cavalry or archers. Archers can...
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    Re: First photos from planet Pluto

    "I can do that." -My body.

    "No you can't." -My head.


  36. Re: The most despicable line of work that is actually legal?

    I worked in that business for 2 years many moons ago. I can't relate to people finding that work despicable. I've heard stories and so forth, but to me it was an awesome job back then. Yeah, it's...
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    Re: First photos from planet Pluto

    How long would it take to walk from one pole to the other?

  38. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Faction Preview: Kingdom of England

    How much does this DLC cost? Take my money! :D

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    Re: Viking Conquest DLC

    I think it says a lot when the Brythenwalda/taleworlds work their ass off to fix the first release, which felt like a scam at the time to be honest, for free. They added a lot of stuff as well. No...
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    Re: Ridiculous Steam Reviews

    DLC doesn't work well with Multiplayer games, and sharing stats between SP and MP is bad because the battles are completely different.

    Singleplayer may still be fun or better with DLC though....
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