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    Re: Duchy of Bavaria bug?

    I have often seen this, the spinning cursor eventually resolves itself, though it may depend on available memory. The game seems to have trouble with the destruction and re-emergence of Bayreuth.
  2. Re: super duper crypton pikemen?

    The latest patch removes oil from gates.

    Pikemen are the unit the AI can use best. Cavalry is the type of unit the human player can use best. You cannot expect a challenge and weaken the pikemen....
  3. Re: A problem about stainless steel

    vsync slows frame rate
  4. Re: How to turn off the blinding snow storms?

    I don't think it is possible but start a new thread if you want to find out, or check in the modding workshop.
  5. Re: Windows cannot find 'kingdoms.exe.'

    He said he is not using steam. Orgasmus, can you check you can play other M2TW mods? If you can play other mods, open the RoTK cfg file with notepad or wordpad and check that the file calls the...
  6. Re: Fire arrows vs incendiary bolts?

    Setting roofs alight would provide extra illumination in night battles. But of what use would it otherwise be in the context of this mod? These bolts do not seem to be aimed at enemy soldiers.
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    Re: Period Accurate Armor?

    The uniformity of most medieval armies in most mods is a bit unhistorical but it is also a matter of practicality. It is nice we have any models at all.

    I do like the illustrations you posted...
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    Re: foreign units?

    Traits for more movement are logistic traits and good racer traits. The first you get by expending all your movement points every game turn. It is such an annoying thing to remember to do if you have...
  9. Re: Riga and the Protestant Union

    I am having a go at a Swedish campaign, too. I am working on a variation of the campaign script that will make the Sweden and Denmark campaigns a little bit more challenging, by encouraging the...
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    The melee units did nothing except drink Turkish coffee in that battle. Perhaps they were not even needed. The only 2 casualties were from friendly fire. The various units, including the cannons,...
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    The SS6.4 battle AI is very well made but the later units have such high attack that it is still easy to abuse the AI. I had a couple of fun nights giving the AI a hard time, you can see the results...
  12. Re: Best Setup for Anti-stack spam that provides a reasonable challenge?

    Big Grim Reality was made probably for Savage. Gracul on VH/VH should be hard enough by itself probably for most factions.
  13. Re: Mongol invasion gets stuck and just sits around 1 city?

    Don't knock the Mongols until you play as Khwarezm. In Stainless Steel, the Mongol invasion is scripted differently and with some campaign AIs some other factions can suffer in addition to ...
  14. Sticky: Re: 1648 - Thirty Years of War: 3rd Place 2013 Modding Awards - Most Popular Hosted Mod - Medieval 2: TW

    And the most popular modder in the 2013 awards was Gigantus. Thanks to all those who voted. A little bit of appreciation is never a bad thing.
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    Was that from a siege?
  16. Re: How is stable is your game?

    In game terms, "bankrupt" only means a faction has used all the money it had for that turn. The money may have been used for units, buildings, diplomacy, anything. The word does not have the same...
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    Re: Campaign AI

    Probably the Seljuks did not buy or bribe Yazd, more likely they benefitted from a rebellion. Maybe you can check a game save to see if there was civil unrest on the previous game turn. Nonetheless,...
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    Re: Campaign AI

    There have been other requests to change the Mongol invasion in some way. The problem is that if you play as Khwarezm, you get crashed by the Mongols. One possibility is to have a different type of...
  19. Re: Stainless Steel 6.3 or 6.4?

    My feeling was that the battle AI improved from 6.3 to 6.4. I seem to remember that with 6.3, if you had a front, the AI would try to send everyone to your rear. So sometimes you had to scatter your...
  20. Re: Impossible to run M2 mods on win7 OS

    I do not have the Steam version but certainly most of us have Windows 7 or Windows 8. The mod works on both. It is not the operating system per se, just the Steam version was not really made with...
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    Re: Advice on Mongols needed

    With Gracul AI there is a script that from what I remember generates up to 5 stacks every time the Mongols suffer some setback. I do not remember the details but it seemed that losing a battle, even...
  22. Re: Impossible to run M2 mods on win7 OS

    I haven't noticed any such problems. Mod folders are not affected. Are you placing the mods outside the Program Files (x86)?
  23. Re: How is stable is your game?

    I have the usual loading screen crashes and occasional battle crashes as in most mods. I do not know how much of that Melooo's bugfix fixes. I also suffered from occasional deletions of files which...
  24. Re: Feedback: Error report and suggestions included

    Sadly the error log is empty. Error reporting is explained here.

    Congratulations for completing the campaign. After winning you can continue playing until you become Protestant Emperor. You do not...
  25. Sticky: Re: The Eldeguzids - Preview (video)

    If I had a film budget and did not have a real job, I might be able to produce something that would satisfy the more discerning eyes and ears. There are no new shaders or sound tricks in the mod....
  26. Sticky: [Tool] Re: IWTE - World editing - (General Discussion)

    We seem to have a problem in a mod that has not been solved in years. There have been attempts by previous modders to work it out but without success, as far as I am aware, unless success broke the...
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    Re: Is this mod too easy?

    I have not played the Byzantines on very hard. My memory is that it was difficult to get good quality troops early on. It is possible that once you got the blitz rolling, troops could be found...
  28. Where are the ambient building models?

    Which folder or file has the ambient building models for monasteries, farms and windmills?
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    Re: 1648: The Two Towers

    Fabulous! Thank you so much! That kind of information is so hard to come by. In case you can find any demographic information on percentages of religion, Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim for...
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    Yemen - video preview


    Broken Crescent 2.4 preview

  31. Re: Feedback: Error report and suggestions included

    Sorry, I could not get your save to run. Maybe something became corrupted during your game. At least you were able to continue, that is something.
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    EBII expanded.txt

    Taxila was the capital of Gandhara, the kingdom itself was not called Taxila (Takshashila) or am I mistaken?

    I would have preferred the faction terms were as in the labels in the squiggly...
  33. Re: Balance, AI Questions for BC Team

    Thank you k/t. I still cannot rep you, so I owe you a second rep. I will try out Point Blank's javelin animation.
  34. Re: 9th-10th century warriors depicted on ceramics from Nishapur in eastern Persia

    Certainly there is more artistic talent in twcenter than there was among potters in the Middle Ages. On the other hand, I found some of the horse bridling interesting and also the lute player. Some...
  35. Re: Feedback: Error report and suggestions included

    There is no global effect of the stone masons and the local effect is a 10% reduction on some buildings. I have not seen this problem myself. Even with a governor with the top active builder trait...
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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    Some trading facilities enable certain buildings, such as academic buildings or allow the recruitment of supply wagons. They may have also some other effects such as determining income of your trade...
  37. Re: Balance, AI Questions for BC Team

    There seem to be some custom phalanx animations in EB2 but no obvious custom javelin animation. Is the custom javelin animation in a submod?
  38. Sticky: The Eldeguzids - Preview (video)


    Broken Crescent 2.4 preview

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    Sticky: Re: FAQ

    I think most/all units will keep their formation when moving, if put on guard mode.
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    Re: Desertion

    If you do not want to risk desertion, keep a general with any army that is not in a settlement. It is one of the Big Grim Reality features we have incorporated in the mod. Units sometimes deserted...
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