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    Re: GSC Gameworld is back

    If they're making a new one then I hope they give the units some sort of collision. Nothing more immersion breaking then seeing 50 guys all standing on the same spot being slaughtered because they...
  2. Re: A couple of questions for the modded version of the game.

    Do you have the 'Load Textures on Demand' option enabled from the launcher (where you select which module to run)? Warband isn't really optimized in regards to memory use (RAM & VRAM), hence why...
  3. Re: Shut down MMOs kept alive by their communties

    Toontown? I remember playing that one when I was ten :P
  4. Re: Shut down MMOs kept alive by their communties

    Star Wars Galaxies has a private server that continued it after the game was shut down. The SWG Emulator, but I've never tried it out as I never bought SWG (Boo subscription fees! :P)
  5. Re: Games that include scythe weapons and custom characters?

    I think Sacred 2 might have Scythes as well, but that may have been added by the CM Patch. It doesn't seem like many games include them for some reason.
  6. Re: Games that include scythe weapons and custom characters?

    The community is still alive at the new vault - Most of the Old Vault was saved and is slowly being migrated over.

    With some mods you might be able to recreate the...
  7. Thread: Skyrim mods

    by Turkeys!

    Sticky: Re: Skyrim mods

    You could play around with different settings of Better Males. There are options which are like the Vanilla body that you can use.
  8. Re: ToonTotalWar's Rome 2 All In One Mod v3.9.1 for Patch 16/Emperor Edition - Updated 26/11/2014

    Is there a technical limitation for that of some sort? Do the other DLC campaigns have unlockers?
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    Re: Rally Point 23 - Wrath of Sparta Announcement!

    So is 'The Persian Threat' going to operate like the Mongol or Timurid Invasions in M2TW by events, or is it going to be linked to imperium and how large you get?
  10. Re: The manipulative system that is Youtube advertising

    I had forgotten Youtube even had Ads because of Adblock Plus :P
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    Re: Necessary Morrowind Mods?

    If your looking for older mods, then I'd suggest checking Morrowind Modding History ( or Great House Fliggerty ( You can also...
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    Re: TheDuBMod (Superior Campaign AI) Patch 8, 9

    I followed the Steam link to this Mediafire which still works, but it doesn't seem like they've been updated since August.
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    Re: Favorite House mod?

    Abandoned Mountain Shack

    I've always liked this one as it had a number of things you had to do in cleaning it up before it became a fully...
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    Sticky: Re: DLV+BB 4.32 Featuring GeminiSandy's Western Units Overhaul

    I receive a CTD whenever I try to launch a campaign (Main or Historical). The faction I tried was Flanders. I noticed it is the same as the one which was reported by Kimmidum, and this was on a...
  15. Re: Make a bold, perhaps controversial statement about gaming

    "I enjoy remakes of long-dead franchises that are never created with even an ounce of the creativity of their predecessors."
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    Re: Patch 15/ Emperor Edition BETA Live Now!

    I keep getting stuck at 41% when attempting to download the beta. It just says 'Busy Writing to Disc'.

    Edit - Good things come to those who wait :P
  17. Thread: devided ?

    by Turkeys!

    Re: devided ?

    It's one big campaign starting from 272 B.C. The mod doesn't include the entire world, but the map is rather large and has an Indian faction.
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    Re: Europa Barbarorum 2.0 released!

    Woo! Now for many nights of no sleep =)
  19. Re: How to make and run EB2 the best as possible?

    They do the same thing.
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    Re: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

    I'm hoping that by Monday they meant midnight :P
  21. Re: I believe the next expansion should be ahistorical

    Don't worry, it will be. :P
  22. Re: Kalypso Media announces Grand Ages: Medieval for PC in 2015

    I found Grand Ages Rome to be rather enjoyable, but I sure hope that if they bring that building range stuff then they extend it so it isn't ridiculously small. It made keeping everyone entertained a...
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    Re: Robin Williams in apparent suicide...

    Both unexpected and sad. RIP :(
  24. Re: Help me downloaading rome total realism 1.9!%29
  25. Sticky: Re: Submod for Radious Total War Mod - Additional Units Mod - Rome (AUM-ROM) 1.8 - updated 08.05.14

    Is this submod compatible with Patch 14 as well?
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    Sticky: Re: Rome Total History (RTH) General Discussion

    I was thinking of trying this out, but I'm wondering how the battles are? I was curious mostly about the speed - is it more like EB/RTR or vanilla-paced? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.
  27. Re: ToonTotalWar's Rome 2 All In One Mod v3.0 for Patch 13 - Updated 11/06/2014

    EDIT - Nevermind - got it to work. Thanks for the mod Toon! :)
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    Re: Combat Mission

    They're on the pricey side, but the games are really good. I still play Barbarossa to Berlin from time to time, and there are so many scenarios available online and with the game that it really...
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    Re: Ubisoft shame on you

    Was this that first person sort of Might and Magic or am I thinking of something else? (Not Dark Messiah)
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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2014

    It's not terrible, but in my experience it ended up becoming rather tedious by the second island. There really wasn't a whole lot of life to the islands once you started clearing out the outposts and...
  31. Re: Weird losing battles ? da hell is wrong ?

    Did you leave battle time limit on or set it too low?
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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2014

    Is it just me or did most of yesterdays sales suck? I ended up picking up Dishonored GOTY (One of the few good ones) and Rome II (God save my soul). I guess it's a side-effect of owning too many...
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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2014

    If you want massive scale then the first one
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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2014

    I don't know of any Swat 3 or Rainbow Six ones that are as comprehensive as that one for GR though :(
  35. Re: The So called "Controversies " in video games .

    So did somebody ask for a WW2 German SP campaign or something? This always happens when somebody asks for a German campaign :P

    In terms of controversial video games! (I hope nobody brought it up...
  36. Re: Isn't the Moria scene in the Fellowship kind of dumb? (some nitpicking)

    He smoked too much of the halflings leaf. Saruman was right!
  37. Re: Isn't the Moria scene in the Fellowship kind of dumb? (some nitpicking)

    A scouting party could've encountered them as they bumbled around like idiots and then informed the rest who ambushed them when they get to the tomb and afterwards. Gandalf had his staff light on too...
  38. Re: 12-year old girls stab to kill so as to honor their god: Slenderman

    It's one thing to bring a knife in and stab somebody, and an entirely other thing to stab someone in sacrifice to your god Slenderman. The latter is totally batpoo, c'mon now.
  39. Thread: arma 2 mods

    by Turkeys!

    Re: arma 2 mods

    You could find a mod launcher of your choice to use in managing mod folders. I used to use Yoma Addon Sync along with this workaround :...
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    Sticky: Re: What book are you currently reading?
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