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    Re: OPEN ALPHA release

    The Kings College database of medieval prosopography has Batatzes. Emperor Ioannes III Batatzes.

    Wikipedia uses both spellings, Batatzes...
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    Re: OPEN ALPHA release

    Sorry to backtrack a bit, on the spelling of Byzantine names and in the interests of consistency:

    Medieval Latin texts have Nicephorus Bryennius and Joannes (Joannis in the genitive), rather than...
  3. Re: Which faction do you like playing as the most?

    I have mixed feelings about that idea, but probably it is the best way to go. I am partly against it, since we have no fabrics surviving from that period. The styles you have chosen are of Muslim...
  4. Re: "Greek recession is over" - Are we sure about it?

    There is so much money to go around and with the introduction of the Euro there are so many Euros to go around. That is the basic equation. In the end there is that money, unless the European Central...
  5. Re: Which faction do you like playing as the most?

    Much as the Ghorids and Ghaznavids can make a fortune out of sacking the cities of Hindustan, while sending the idolaters to the netherworld, so the Rajputs have a rightful cause in defending their...
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    Re: OPEN ALPHA release

    That seems about right. I checked some of the connections to future rulers. Click to enlarge.

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    Re: ERE tips

    Whoever chose the music for the various factions did a good job indeed.

    At least in my campaigns, most battles are sieges. Horse archers are probably the worst kind of unit to bring to a siege.
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    Re: OPEN ALPHA release

    Andronikos Palaiologos from Wikipedia. His father Georgios was a well known general of Alexios Komnenos and was also Anna Komnena's and Ioannes Komnenos' uncle. Anna Komnena got some of the...
  9. Re: Which faction do you like playing as the most?

    The Khwarezm campaign is certainly a tough one.

    Other than that, part of the excitement in this or any other mod is in getting under the skin of a particular faction and reading on their history.
  10. Re: How to make mongol Ai continue attacking?

    It is not really a bug. If you play one of the Eastern factions it would be near hopeless if the Mongols were any stronger. I think I posted somewhere a campaign screenshot where on lifting the fog...
  11. Re: My Funny and Satisfying Shu Campaign

    Fighting with Zombie generals would be too much fun. I'd be in favour of Havuk's tactic: offer him money. If he will not join your faction and would rather fight to death defending his city, you...
  12. Sticky: Re: News and needed tasks from Broken Crescent 2.4

    Nice designs and colours for the new flags and banners.
  13. Re: How to make mongol Ai continue attacking?

    This is not always straightforward to solve. If you use the Gracul AI, it will be about as aggressive as it can possibly be.

    Consider that all factions but yours belong to the AI. The AI is not...
  14. Re: "Greek recession is over" - Are we sure about it?

    I have not read all the posts but it cannot be accidental the south has problems the north does not have. This may not be the fault of an individual, but it is unlikely that in an economic union in...
  15. Re: Advice for the Bohemian Estates

    Most players' favourite factions are their own nationalities, so probably not many Bohemians have heard of our mod.

    Strategy at the campaign level has partly to do with who your allies and enemies...
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    Re: Mod won't start up...

    Other mods do not matter. The problem is either the path (have you checked it is correct?) or missing files. The files may be měssing because of a problem in the download. Alternatively they may have...
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    Re: Mod won't start up...

    This post should have your answer. Check you have the correct path and the mod should launch correctly.

    If not, then some file may be missing for some reason and you may have to re-download...
  18. Re: Austria, Economic Problem?

    The full wisdom on supply is here. As far as the supply wagons go, if you are in foreign land, after one turn of foraging your general begins to acquire bad traits (decreased range and low morale) as...
  19. Re: Austria, Economic Problem?

    There is an economy script that slows down income from trade as your empire grows. This was meant to simulate the fact that a large empire is more costly to run. At some point, the way this script...
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    Modding Rusichi?

    Rusichi has some of the best looking unit models and good battle balance (and battle AI) but perhaps the most passive campaign AI in any mod and a problematic building cue. In my first and last...
  21. Re: War Wagons! ... overpowered?

    Little things could still be tweaked a little. Velocities of cannon and muskets for this period tended to be higher when the shot leaves the gun than what we have on the projectiles file as the...
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    Re: Installation help

    It is possible it was not downloaded correctly. Please try again. As far as I remember, there was nothing special about that file.
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    Thou shall not pass!
  24. Re: Protestant Kaiser challenge

    Baden is a nice faction and near the four main Catholic factions, which can be fun. Are you playing on very hard? Diplomacy is difficult on the harder levels and your Protestant friends betray you,...
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    Re: They wont attack me..!!

    As Byzantineboy said, the AI will not attack you if you are at war and you are about as strong or stronger than the strongest AI factions. An AI faction will invade if it is 50% stronger than you...
  26. Re: outrageous amounts of money

    Human player = AI + 77,000 florins free cash
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    Re: Mod Launching Problems

    There have been a couple of threads on difficulties with launching the mod on Steam. There are similar threads in some other mod forums.

    See if this helps.
  28. Re: Stuck in AI turn - possible ways to solve?

    I am very sorry I had missed your post. You must have been frustrated enough to search over the huge map for that offending character. Your problem is rare but happens in some campaigns when an AI...
  29. Re: Irritating fatimids+need some advice regarding strategy(SS beginner)

    SS can be a shock until you get used to it, like everything else in life. Two to three full stacks is about right in mid-campaign, with maybe half-stack garrisons in a couple of exposed settlements....
  30. Re: 2.4 Troops recruitment system

    Personally, I think the AOR is fine. Perhaps some of the rare tribal units could be made more easily available. If the game is difficult, there is the option to play on easy. There are experienced...

    Since human relations with most AI factions tend to be poor, the AI diplomats' only realistic option available often would be to try to bribe your general or settlement, so no scroll comes up. If the...
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    Re: Launcher problems

    Is the mod installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\1648_2 ?
  33. Sticky: Re: A basic tactical manual for 1648 v.2 pike and shot warfare

    Battle of Wimpfen

    I have found no contemporary accounts of the Battle of Wimpfen. In the two accounts of the Battle of Wimpfen by later authors that I could find, neither explicitly mentions a...
  34. Re: anyone know which mod this is?

    Thanks for the suggestion Csatadi. OIM2 units seem to be popular.

    Certainly those units in your video-clip were fabulous looking.
  35. Re: Online Musket Simulation

    As our musket expert, would you be able to give us a max range estimate and velocity for the bullet of a period musket?

    Also, would anyone happen to know offhand if the experience chevrons of a...
  36. Sticky: Re: A basic tactical manual for 1648 v.2 pike and shot warfare

    Guthrie says culverin and demi-culverin had an "effective" range up to 1500m. He states the point blank ranges I think somewhere and some of the info in the OP comes from him. I will check what he...
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    Re: AI Stack Spam Rant

    Sadly I have no time for an AAR, but I finished a short Qingzhou campaign a couple of months ago, and it was fun not least because of the relative AI spam and the difficulty in making progress...
  38. Re: anyone know which mod this is?

    It is not a mod. The units were never released. They were apparently only made for this video. As far as I am aware, some different Hungarian units by the same unit maker were released as an...
  39. Sticky: Re: A basic tactical manual for 1648 v.2 pike and shot warfare

    I am still not sure if we argue anything differently or we do not understand each other. Pike and shot formations were pike and shot formations. Just because pike and shot can get separated in the...
  40. Sticky: Re: A basic tactical manual for 1648 v.2 pike and shot warfare

    To quote from the OP:

    "In this period cavalry was no match for the infantry. The musketeers had more firepower and range and the pikemen had more and longer pointing sticks. Even the heaviest...
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