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    Re: The GOP Healthcare Bill

    Same here in Sweden.
    Granted it's not a perfect system we got and due to bad politicians it's not as good as it used to be but it's still a good system.
    The rich can afford better treatment sure as...
  2. Re: Empire Greatswords are really weak and awful?

    Well to be honest, Greatswords aren't that good in the tabletop either. They are only humans so they are quite puny when compared to some of their opponents.
    Their saving grace is that they had the...
  3. Re: We need to discuss some important things about Dark Elves and IN-GAME SEXUALITY.

    Each to their own but I love B-movies, it's quite often that they are even better then Hollywood movies.
    And I'm not alone when it comes to this, just look at the following movies like Troll 2 has....
  4. Re: We need to discuss some important things about Dark Elves and IN-GAME SEXUALITY.

    Ok people first of, CA has based the current units on their tabletop models and there are/were only 2 models before Age of :wub: came long that actually were nude and that was the Medusa and Morathi...
  5. Re: Dark Elves as DLC or entirely new game?

    Well rumour was that Skaven will be added after the expansion either as pre-order dlc(wouldn't surprise me) or something that is released afterwards.
    It would fit nicely with a Lizardmen vs Skaven...
  6. Re: Dark Elves as DLC or entirely new game?

    Dark Elves got lizard mounts yes(cold ones they are called) which comes from Lustria indeed but there have been mixed fluff regarding those. One is that they go to Lustria to capture the cold ones,...
  7. Re: Dark Elves as DLC or entirely new game?

    Not really no.
    Dark Elves got more of a uneasy past with Chaos with Morathi and her "faction" being essentially slaanesh worshippers and Dark Elves teaming up with Chaos isn't that far fetched since...
  8. Re: Skandinaviske/Skandinaviska Språk/Språken (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian)

    F! fick 3% av rösterna vilket är 3% för mycket men dom kom inte in i riksdagen vilket jag tror F! är väldigt glada över.
    Hade dom kommit in i riksdagen så hade deras politik kommit till ytan och då...
  9. Re: Skandinaviske/Skandinaviska Språk/Språken (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian)

    Jag tror inte det kommer bli nyval.
    Sossarna kommer göra vad som helst för att slippa det för dom kommer förlora stort på det och dom väljarna dom förlorar kommer att hoppa över till V för sympati...
  10. Re: Skandinaviske/Skandinaviska Språk/Språken (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian)

    Vet inte vad han tänkte.
    Jag tror många som röstade på sossarna gjorde nog det med tanken om att dom skulle skapa en regering med MP och V. Om dessa 4 åren åker ner i toan så kan sossarna garantera...
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    Re: Malaysian Airlines

    The OP doesn't provide suffient basis for discussion.
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    Re: Who is Jesus

    People take the skin color debate over to the Athenaeum if you want to continue with it.
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    Re: E3 2014 Commentary

    I hope they stay away from story and missions.
    Your mission should be exploration, that's it. The rest is a story that you write yourself.
  14. Re: Playstation 4 benefits and online store?

    Well pretty much all games available for PS4 is available in the online store as well.
    Often more expensive then certain stores but with PS+ membership chances are that some of those games will be...
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    Re: E3 2014 Commentary

    It will, it was announced on PC first.
    No Man's Sky stole E3 for me. Looks amazing and can't wait.
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    Re: Prostitution

    I have always been for and always will be for legalization of prostitution.
    Main reason since this would provide security and improve the health of the women that decides to do it which is always...
  17. Re: Sharia Law In The USA to.Not only in Europe.

    Youtube videos don't count as valid source.
    PM me if you got better sources, closed until then
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    Re: Destiny - Bungie

    I don't care if it's on consoles or not, I got a PS4 so I would be set had the game looked good but it looks generic as hell.

    And it's no conspiracy theory that publishers spend alot of money on...
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    Re: Destiny - Bungie

    Well they will break even and into profit.
    It's Bungie, the name alone will make the game sell. Add this to a insane marketing campaign and bribing reviewers, they will turn this to a profit without...
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    Re: Destiny - Bungie

    Looks meh to me.
    But it's the most expensive game ever made(like that makes a difference) so you can be sure that Activision is paying off every single mainstream reviewer to ensure 10/10 reviews.
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    Re: Boobs and explosions

    Thread closed due to images that violate the obscene content rule.
  22. Re: MISERY mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

    Stop double posting, use the edit button.
    Will not tell you again.
  23. Re: Firaxis announces Civilization: Beyond Space for Fall 2014

    Excellent news.
    About time they returned to the concept from AC.
    Kinda a shame that you can only play human but I suppose that's what Expansion packs are for.
    Also the title of the game is Beyond...
  24. Re: Gay marriage legalised in England and Wales

    Get back on topic people
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    Re: Remastered Age of Mythology!

    I'm so there.
    The best "Age of" game IMO.
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    Re: Titanfall

    Oh they are jumping alright and doing parkour as well.
    But it is a fun game IMO even tho it's quite "shallow".
    Of course and when it works since the game is prone to crashes.
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    Re: Kiev in flames.Police moves to clear up protesters

    Knock it off with the personal remarks and other off-topic comments.
    Anymore of it and infractions will be handed out and this thread will be closed.
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    [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Amendment] Abolish CdeC

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    Re: Silent Hunter 5

    Silent Hunter 3 is better IMO.
    Mainly since I think being a german is more interesting then american.
  30. Re: Today is a Great day for Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

    Already a thread about it, please use that one instead.
  31. Poll: Re: Afrophobic hate crimes on the rise in Sweden

    This is not a issue about more welfare, it's already pushed to the limit of collapse.
    What we need is the ability to teach these people swedish, teach them our ways, provide their children with the...
  32. Poll: Re: Afrophobic hate crimes on the rise in Sweden

    Well he isn't incorrect. Many of them are poor and uneducated. While in the past a person with such a background could have made a living, these days there is only a slim chance. The state simply...
  33. Poll: Re: Afrophobic hate crimes on the rise in Sweden

    Well first of all, the guy and his son that was attacked at a bridge in Malmö. He was not attacked by native swedes. He lives in a part called Kroksbäck which is immigrant heavy. He was apperently...
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    Re: Warhammer Online

    No, the blame is entirely on EA in this case.
    GW only licence the name, EA screwed it up and didn't renew the licence so they could save some money.

    As for the game, it was good I thought. I had...
  35. Re: George Zimmerman to fight in celebrity boxing fight with Rapper DMX

    Not political.
  36. Re: Battlefield 3/Battlefield 4 clans?

    look at the stickies.
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    Re: The Satan of Oklahoma

    I really don't see the pedophilia in that statue.
  38. Re: Mark Druggan and his State execution

    The OP provides insuffienct basis for discussion.
    PM me if you want to improve it, closed until then
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    Re: The Satan of Oklahoma

    That's a pretty cool looking statue and in all fairness, they should erect it.
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    Re: DayZ

    As there is already a thread about it, I'm gonna close this.
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