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  1. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Those'll be my 5 dozen alt accounts that rep me.
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    Re: The Stormy Skies (Updated 14/04)

    Oddly enough, having a guy like Carson be arrested and executed would have been lame and all two of my loyal fans would have sent me angry letters.

    Also, I added a list of the various ships that...
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    Re: The Stormy Skies (Updated 12/04) WARNING: recent chapter contains mild 12A violence. If you even care.

    Grant, Melissa, Stephens and two other men skirted around the nearby schooners, as the battle above raged. The Tyrannous’ higher decks were proving to be an advantage, as the crew had the height...
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    Re: The Stormy Skies (Updated 10/04)

    It worries me how much I enjoy writing Carson, though to be fair I love writing all the characters in this. But Carson in particular. Cheers for all the wonderful feedback so far. Pirates seems to be...
  5. Re: Amarican cops killing black men? -(please be polite)

    ggsimmonds has it right here. Lets have a look at the Walter Scott incident. I'll not post the video here because it may be against the ToS. I don't believe the incident is racially motivated for...
  6. Poll: Re: UK 2015 General Election - Campaigning has begun!

    Agree with Dante, the Scottish referendum proved one thing, that in a debate like this facts get swept away under a tide of emotive language and accusations of scaremongering. The debate ultimately...
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    Re: The Stormy Skies (Updated 9/04)

    I thought I'd add one more chapter as a little tease and then continue sometime next week, just to keep you all hooked. In any case, enjoy this prelude to violence.

    The Sickle passed through the...
  8. Re: Empire and Republic (Updated Chapter 14) 21st March

    How did he find us? Seamus cautiously raised his hand to about waist height, ready in case there was a need to fight.

    As if echoing his thoughts, Maurice quickly collected himself and asked,
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    Re: The Stormy Skies

    A talky sort of chapter, give it another 2 and I'll fit in some more violence.

    “Port ahead Captain!” came the shout from the rigging and Grant responded with a hearty wave up at the man in...
  10. Re: UKIP would axe "much of" law that prevents racial discrimination in work place

    I was answering Dracula, apologies if it appeared I was answering you.
  11. Re: UKIP would axe "much of" law that prevents racial discrimination in work place

    If we ignore Ferrits hostile attitude (I'm sorry, but you really do come across as hostile) let me get this straight. You are saying that one of the things that make you qualified to drive a taxi is...
  12. Re: UKIP would axe "much of" law that prevents racial discrimination in work place

    Mr Dracula, (Can I call you Vlad?) think about it this way. If you were rejected following an interview at a job and you were informed that you were not given the job because you were black or...
  13. Re: UKIP would axe "much of" law that prevents racial discrimination in work place

    I fail to see how the 'lefties' are talking bollocks about a man full of hot air talking about repealing laws that protect everyone from being discriminated against because of race and ethnicity. I...
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    Re: ToTW 238 - Leonard Nimoy

    I'm quite pleased with this, a reference filled piece that will hopefully impress the voters.

    Leonard Nimoy-How Star Trek probably should have ended.

    "Is the Enterprise crew on standby, Spock?"...
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    Re: ToTW 237: The Lost Tales - Winner!

    Mhaedros wins with a North Korean style margin I see. Still, well done Mhaedros, but beware, I have something particularly cunning planned for this current TotW
  16. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2014 - Results!

    Congrats to all who won, I'll try my best to get on this list next time though!
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    The Stormy Skies (Updated 14/04)

    Before any of you ask, no, I have not gotten bored of Empire and Republic (I do not speak for my audience on this, but hey, I hope people like it!). I actually have written a few chapters ahead, but...
  18. Re: Work hard, Farm harder: Ordona Province LP

    Sorry for not updating this thread, but here you all go for fun.
  19. Re: Why are the Silvan Elves considered one of the easiest factions?

    Arachir, that reminds me of so many dwarf campaigns. I hate you.
  20. Re: Empire and Republic (Updated front page with links and character descriptions) 17th March

    Phew, I've actually got 3 more chapters complete after this, with two more in editing. Should be fun, please enjoy this chapter.

    Seamus grunted as the one legged Grubtrum rechecked his...
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    Re: Tolkien General Discussion II

    Well, Ar-Pharzon's ship was called the 'Castle of the Sea' so maybe it was literally the size of a castle? Which would be seriously impressive and suggest that smaller ships would be able to carry at...
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    Poll: Re: TotW 236: The New Shadow - The Vote!

    Hmmm, one guy only voted once I see. Maybe he liked one story so much he couldn't bear to vote for another one?
  23. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Waiting for blood and gore would probably be worth the wait (Cough cough, though it should have been included with the game for free, Cough cough)
  24. Re: The Tale of that Ingenious Numenorean Ar-Khalabkhor of Anfalas ( Chapter 1 11th March)

    Chapter 2: The Unfortunate meeting between Ar-Khalabkhor and Haladin Took.
  25. Re: Empire and Republic (Updated Chapter 12 11th March)

    Right, new chapter, new PoV, more fun.

    Iro Krannol was sitting at his desk. The Emperor had been kind enough to give him and Kiro a decent room within the Crown itself, a great honour for...
  26. Re: The Tale of that Ingenious Numenorean Ar-Kalabkhor of Anfalas

    Tome 1: The First Great Adventure

    Chapter 1: A brief history of Ar-Khalabkhor and of the start of his First Great Adventure.

    In a little town in Anfalas, whose name is lost to the depths of...
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    Re: [Idea] Open Co-op Writing

    Callagh, by the standards of, not knowing anything still puts you above 50% of them.

    Top quality banter aside, the Danes are just viking forefathers, right? Therefore, think...
  28. Re: Empire and Republic (Updated Chapter 11 17th February)

    I must confess that I spent a while working on this chapter. Because hey, a few chapters in...somebody has to suffer :). I must say, I do enjoy writing about the Blackgulls...

    Rolan was in quite...
  29. The Tale of that Ingenious Numenorean Ar-Khalabkhor of Anfalas ( Chapter 2 15th March)

    (Warning, this story contains butchered use of Elvish and Adûnaic. Such use is to be taken with several bags of salt. Viewer discretion is advised.)

    So, long, long story short, I decided to get...
  30. Sticky: Re: CA Business Practice Complaint and Discussion Thread

    You see, this is the issue. I have no issue with DLC, as long as it's worth the price and adds something. If it adds a new campaign, I could go with it and buy it (See Paradox and their expansions,...
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    Re: TotW 237 - The Lost Tales

    460 words. let's see how it goes.


    I climbed the gangway of the ship, my book tucked under my arm. I saw the captain on the deck, shouting at some men who were busy loading the...
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    Re: MCWC VIII Winners!!!!

    Be frank Merchant, I got lucky this year, my Uncle sent me a card merely a day late. However, he also packaged my brother's birthday card with it, and his birthday was a month earlier.

    Well done...
  33. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Just to make Hitai smile a little, I went ahead and set up a library for my (limited) work. So all of two at the moment.
  34. Poll: Re: UK 2015 General Election (not too early I hope?...)

    Those guys need to run for Parliament, just to get this thread mildly back on track! (No pun intended)
  35. Lortano's library of pretentious awesomeness.

    My original idea was to call it 'Lortanos Fan Club: Population:1' but I felt that it would be slightly depressing. :)

    Anyways, here you can find any of my work on these forums, though there is...
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    Sticky: Re: MCWC X Submissions

    Well, I missed out last month, so I might as well have a go.

    Empire and Republic
    by Lortano

    It has been 23 years since the Great Revolution that nearly tore the Amortan Empire apart. Now,...
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    Re: TotW 236 - The New Shadow

    497 words, it was a tight one (My first draft was over 600 words.)

    The New Shadow

    I awoke, my eyes fly open as I gazed into the dark. Who was I? Why was I here? I had no time to think of...
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    Lortano's impression: Majora's Mask 3D

    So yes, being the young bastard I am, I never actually got to play Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time when they first came out. At the...
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    Re: Nephy Rambles #2: The Perfect Cast

    John Hurt as the voice of the Deku tree would probably be a tad more awesome.
  40. Sticky: Re: Advertising Board - Subscribe to get the latest updates.

    Empire and Republic
    "The degenerate Emperor truly thinks he can clip the Blackgull's wings with yet more taxes?" Silus Blackgull, founder of the Republic of Kaprea.

    Chapter 11: Available to read...
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