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    Re: 'Star Wars' discussions

    Wow so much adieu all over the net over a half second clip of two people passing a light saber. hehe

    I initially thought it was Leia who was receiving it. Perhaps it was just the robe, but the...
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    Re: Superhero movies: How many is too many?

    Merged two threads together. I didn't realize there was a similar topic on this already.

    The thread I merged in started here.
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    Re: Marvel's Ant-Man (July 17th)

    Gentlemen, I've moved a few posts revolving around the broader market saturation topic to its own thread. It can be found here.

    Let's keep the topic of this thread to Ant-Man. Thanks guys.
  4. Re: Music, Music, Music - what do you listen to? Share with us and relish in the knowledge you will always have a better taste in music then me!

    Wow, Against all odds still gets me. I love that song.

    I'd like to follow that up with Madonna's Crazy for you.



    Cover songs. Some love'm, other's hate. I'm...
  5. Re: what songs enhance your focus and pump your blood in your car

    AC/DC - Who made who

    Molly Hatchet - Flirtin with disaster.

    ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin'

    The Cult - She sells sanctuary

    Rob Zombie - Dragula
  6. Re: Which actress is the sexiest but also the most talented at the same time?

    My personal favorite is Kate Beckinsale.

    Though Cate Blachett and Scar-Jo are excellent too. Rachel Weisz as well.
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    Re: Tournament Signup and Trash-talk thread

    Congratulations to the winners and I've updated the awards today.
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    Re: Total War Rome; Can't install (steam)

    Yeah Rome - Alexander is an expansion for Rome I, so you'd need to install Rome I first then try and install this one. I believe, or I may be misunderstanding the question.

    Also moved from the...
  9. Re: Plautus - the best total war player in the world

    Thread moved out of the Rome II historical discussion to the TW multiplayer forum.
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    Re: Medieval III total war Faction list

    This thread doesn't relate to Med I so I moved from Medieval I general discussion to TW general discussion.
  11. Re: Music, Music, Music - what do you listen to? Share with us and relish in the knowledge you will always have a better taste in music then me!

    I've been on a Reverend Horton Heat kick lately.

    Spend a night in the box

    Big D boogie woogie

    The girl in blue
  12. Re: Its very good to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia right now, cash bonues are raining all over the place!!..

    Closed. A link to an article and a one liner does not make a discussion, sorry. If you want to add to it, pm one of us with the revised content and we'll edit it in and re-open. Thanks.
  13. Poll: Re: [20/JAN/15]The Reunited Kingdom submod for MOS 1.62 v1.4 RELEASED!

    Just bumping this post for Axehel, it got caught by the spam filter and was hidden.
  14. Re: Mod Summit 2015- Assembly Kit for Total War: ATTILA

    Please do not call people liars, threaten to call people liars at a later date or call other's an ass. It doesn't jive with our insulting others clause. Thank you.
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    Re: Star Wars the Old Republic - Official Thread

    Jung-Ma, east coast RP-PVP server. It is an open world pvp server, so there is the possibility that you can get attacked while questing but I have to say their community is by far the best community...
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    [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] StealthFox for Novus

    Stealthfox continues to actively participate in the den, be it advise or taking care of something directly, even after his promotion to an admin and all of his content duties.

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    Re: Star Wars the Old Republic - Official Thread

    The cartel market tab is a round gold and brown disk..err coin I suppose would be more appropriate...somewhere on your interface. I think it was on the top part of the screen by default.

    Spend a...
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    Re: Star Wars the Old Republic - Official Thread

    Yes, each and every vendor has a "repair" button It's on the very bottom of their tab on the left, it's a small rectangle that says repair. Click that, then it will prompt another click when it...
  19. Poll: Re: Which in your opinion, is the best made Antagonist?

    Palpatine/Emperor/Sidious would be my top pick. Favorite troll ever.


    Honorable mentions to:

    Agent Smith, The Matrix
    John Doe, Se7en
    King Edward, Braveheart
    Col. Tavington, The...
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    Re: Victoria 2 - ethnic cleansing mods?

    Thread closed.
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    Re: Star Wars the Old Republic - Official Thread

    Yeah, looks like he's the main antagonist in 3.0 for both sides. I just wish they would just make Revan go away once and for all already. For the trailer no new music, they regurgitated the Alderaan...
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    Re: Cultural Marxism, what are your thoughts?

    Moved from the mudpit (current events) to the Academy (political theory).
  23. Re: We Hungarians are Caucasian. Huns / Attila are Mongoloid and so were the original Turks

    This thread is on thin ice. Now that it's here in the VV, I would like to point out the debate forum rules that we expect to be followed. Also any hint of hate speech, this thread will be closed and...
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Feedback Thread

    ^Way too much trouble and effort just for one referral. Then the defendant also has to wait for a debate thread and a vote, pushing his case back a bit further.

    Are assistant curator's used...
  25. Re: Minor Proposal: Reduce the number of provinces in the British Isles

    Oops he actually tried to post that here twice. Sorry about that Brennus, looks like you got trapped by the spam filter for some reason. It should be sorted now, if you have any more of these...
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    Sticky: Re: Screenshots of the new UI

    And done.
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    Re: Iraqi civil war(Updated)

    I'm going to close this and re-direct you guys to this thread.

    Feel free to quote a post from here and take it to the other thread if you still had responses to make.
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